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"Buckle up, kid."

Rogue sank into the chair and started strapping herself in as Wolverine warmed up the X-jet. It was a relief to get out of the mansion for a bit and not have any thing to do but tag along. Going to Japan to see Wolverine's dismember some crime lord on the anniversary of his fiancée's death didn't exactly sound like a typical vacation, but the time off from the responsibility would be good for her.

"What was Mariko like, Wolverine?"

Logan shifted the cigar in his mouth from one side to the other. "A real hellion. Her dad was a Yakuza. He turned the Yashida clan into the criminal empire in Tokyo."

"How'd you meet?"

"We met after that fiasco in Savage Land. Charles asked us to go to Japan and help out when Moses was blackmailing the country. We became close, and then her dad pulled some stupid shit that eventually ended up with me having to kill him. We were going to get married, but then Mastermind got involved and took over her mind before we could jump the broom."


"Yeah. It started with her father forcing Mariko to marry some criminal boss fuck even though he knew we were an item. The bastard nearly beat her nearly to death. I found out about it and confronted her dad, but the fucker poisoned me. He challenged me to a duel with wooden swords in front of her. This guy was one of the best swordsman I've ever seen, and between the poison and his knowledge of anatomy, he nearly killed me."

"Even with your healing factor?" She asked.

"Even with my healing factor. He the toxin he used completely fucked up my healing factor, and he used it as an opportunity to inflict some serious pain by attacking my nerve endings. Her dad wanted to humiliate me in front of Mariko, and I ended up having to use my claws to save my own life. She thought I cheated, and I ended up being disgraced."

"So how'd you work it out?"

"I got revenge. I completely destroyed the Yashida criminal empire. Then I gutted him. Mariko was being controlled by the Mastermind, though. She ended up taking over for her father after we managed to break his control over her. We never got a chance to plan a marriage before she died, though."

"What did she look like?" asked Rogue.

"Cute – short, Japanese, with long black hair." Logan dug around in his jacket pocket and pulled out his wallet. "Photo's in there, behind the credit cards."

Rogue pulled it out and looked. "She was cute."

Logan grimaced. "Yeah."

"How did she die?"

"She was assassinated. Blowfish poison." He raised one hand and a claw extended out from between his second and third knuckle. "This year, I'm taking the foot off the bastard that did it."

Conversation died after that as Wolverine fired up the jet and the whine of the engines made talking difficult. Rogue became lost in her own thoughts, day dreaming about having a fiancé of her own, of being able to touch someone and not absorb their memories and abilities. She was so wrapped up in her daydream that takeoff failed to shake her out of her thoughts. Wolverine wasn't wasting any time and opened up the throttle full bore. Since she didn't feel like competing with the sound of the engines the whole way to Tokyo, Rogue put her head back and drifted off. Even with the advanced technology Forge incorporated into the jet, it was still a long flight from New York to Tokyo.


Ranma Saotome, heir to the Saotome School of Indiscriminate Grappling, had been trained in the martial arts his whole life, sacrificing life and limb to be the best in the world. He feared nothing (except cats), and thanks to his training could survive and thrive in ordeals lesser beings would consider impossible. There was little doubt that he was an incredibly powerful martial artist; he'd taken on gods and demons and always won.

But he had a number of problems. First, he was best there was, which meant he was bored. Being the best meant that there were few challenges you couldn't overcome. The constant stream of super-powered challengers he had faced in high school had dried up once he had graduated and gone to college. Partly, it was because they realized they couldn't beat him, and partly because the crew had been dispersed around the country pursing their own education.

College was not nearly as exciting as he had hoped, and he feared that he was losing his edge. For an adrenaline junkie whose life had been nothing but an unending stream of chaos, battle, and competition, to suddenly be relatively stable and normal was hard. Without someone stronger, faster, and better than you threatening to hurt someone you loved, it became hard to maintain your edge. As a result, he had to work twice as hard to stay focused and to keep boredom away, but he'd not had any real breakthroughs in a long time.

The second problem was his gender curse. In an effort to make him the best martial artist of his generation, Ranma's father, Genma Saotome, had taken him on a ten-year training journey across Asia to learn esoteric techniques and skills. That journey instilled a life-long fear of cats due to a flawed but unbeatable martial arts technique he had been forced to learn, and had also taken him to the legendary Chinese martial arts training ground in the valley of Jusenkyo.

The Jusenkyo training ground was simple hundreds of small pools of water with bamboo poles sticking up out of the middle. As a martial arts test of skill, it required balance, strength, and dexterity to successfully fight atop the pools. However, the real power of the location was in the water below. Each pool was magically cursed to change whoever fell into it into the form of whatever beast or creature had drowned in the pool after its creation.

In Genma's case, Ranma had knocked him into the spring of the drowned panda, Shonmaoniichuan. Every time his dad was hit with cold water, he turned into a panda, reverting to his human form only with the application of hot water. Ranma had fallen into one of the cursed springs as well. Like his father, he switched forms with the application of hot and cold water. But unlike his father, he only switched gender, because he was knocked into the Nyaniichuan, or the spring of the drowned girl.

Switching gender had caused him no end of problems, of course. He'd hated it originally and had been focused on getting rid of the curse. After years of searching and numerous failed "cures," he'd finally realized the curse was permanent. He eventually learned to accept the curse over the years, and even was grateful for it on occasion. Ranma would be the first to admit he wasn't one of the most socially adept people in the world, and changing sex with the smallest splash of water certainly hadn't made it easier to make friends.

The people who weren't martial artists and hadn't gone through similar chaos in their lives tended to avoid him because they thought he was a "freak." Those who could understand his problem tended to be the source of the chaos that had ruled his life, and as a result, Ranma tried to avoid them when possible.

However, the biggest problem in his life was currently sitting across the table from him. It was his fiancée, Akane Tendo. Or, it would be more accurate to say that his fiancées were his biggest problem, and Akane was merely one of his fiancées. Engaged to multiple women by his father over the course of his life time, Ranma had come to view beautiful women as a source of never-ending frustration. In Akane's case, it was pain and frustration.

They had been engaged for almost six years and were no closer to getting married now than they had been at sixteen. Their fathers had forced them into an arranged marriage that was supposed to join the Tendo and Saotome schools of Indiscriminant Grappling. The problem was, Akane had initially been so jealous and wary of Ranma it had taken a long time for them to get to a point where a relationship had even been possible. She'd hated the fact that he was much better than her at martial arts. In addition, Ranma's father had engaged him to multiple other women as well, all of whom were better martial artists than Akane.

Akane was jealous, insecure in her own abilities, and traumatized by a horde of hormone addled boys for a year prior to Ranma's arrival at the Tendo dojo. It hadn't been the most fertile grounds for a relationship to blossom. Ranma's own social ineptitude hadn't helped either, and the teasing and name calling had only further exacerbated her insecurities. She'd responded by taking out her anger and frustration on Ranma by physically abusing him through repeated blunt trauma. By the time they actually got around to having a relationship that wasn't based on denial there was too much emotional baggage to work through.

They had graduated from high school and gone to the university in Tokyo, but not the same schools. Akane's entrance exam scores had been much, much better than Ranma's, so she had gotten into a more prestigious university. Ranma's lackluster results meant he was going to a lesser known university. It was surprising that he was even able to go, but Ranma was leapt at a chance to get out of the chaos that had been the Tendo Dojo. Their fathers had insisted that since they live together in an apartment and commute to school, rather than living in a dorm.

They had both agreed to the condition, but maintained the apartment had to be secret from everyone. They didn't tell Ranma's other fiancées where the apartment was, and managed to keep it a secret from their fathers as well. Removing the stress of living with their families actually helped them move forward in the relationship.

And they had moved forward. First it was just being able to be alone, and eventually exploring the physical aspects of their relationship. The sex had started out great, and they both believed that their strong physical desire for each other meant the relationship would work out. After the initial excitement about sex wore off, they discovered that making a relationship work required work. Attraction and lust could not stand up to the underlying problems in their relationship.

They both acknowledged that they loved each other. Time and maturity also made them realized that while the loved each other, their love was not one that could stand being married. They underlying problems began to manifest themselves after the newness of being physically intimate wore off. The shine of sex wore off pretty quickly once it became apparent Akane was more attracted to his female aspect than his male.

Ranma couldn't marry a lesbian.

In the end, Ranma had broken it off when it became apparent that continuing the relationship threatened to destroy their friendship. The initial hurt was great, but in time, Akane got over it and they became real friends. They'd both moved on and eventually Akane had made a "close friend" and moved out of the apartment, leaving him alone and unfettered for the first time in his life.

Even though they had stopped dating, they hadn't broken the engagement yet, or at least no publicly. The reason they were still engaged was mostly for his protection, however. If he made it known that they were no longer an item, some of his other suitors would show up and lay claim. Being engaged to Akane had been hard enough. He realized now he couldn't stomach the thought of being married to any of his other fiancées.

This is why he and Akane were currently sitting in an ice-cream parlor trying to decide on what they needed to do next.

Akane reached across the table and dug into his ice cream sundae with a spoon. "Well?" she asked, putting the bite of stolen ice cream in her mouth. "Are you going to do it, or not?"

"Look, Akane." Ranma said. "You know as well as I do that if I go to your dad and tell him we're never going to get married all hell will break lose. Do you want to deal with that again?"

"We're going to have to tell him sometime. We can't hide this forever."

Ranma shrugged. "I know. But I don't know what to do. There's no way I'm marrying Xian Pu or Ukyo, and you know I'd have to if I don't marry you."

"My girlfriend would be pissed if we got married." Akane said.

Ranma smirked. "I could take her."

"That's what I'm afraid of." Akane dug into his sundae again. "You want the rest of that?" He rolled his eyes and pushed it towards her so she wouldn't have to reach so far.

The pair fell silent as Akane polished off the rest of the ice cream. Akane glanced at her watch. "I've got to go to class. We've got to tell him before we both graduate, because I know he's planning a wedding for the summer."

"Why do I have to be the one to tell him? He's your dad."

"Do you think he's going to listen to me? Look, I'm going to have to tell him about the fact that I like girls. If I had to deliver the news about the engagement as well, I think it would break him."

"Would serve him right after all the shit they put us through."

"I'm not saying I disagree, but he is my father."

Ranma didn't say anything in reply, concentrating rather on tearing his paper napkin into small pieces and rolling them into balls. He flicked the balls into the empty ice cream bowl.

"Would you just think about it, Ranma?" She asked.

"I will, but it doesn't get me out of my problem with my other fiancées."

Akane shrugged. "We'll think of something. Anyway, I've got to run. Lots of love, okay?" She stood up and leaned across the table to give him a peck on the cheek.

Ranma just frowned and waved her off as she left the booth to get to class.


With nothing better to do and no inclination to participate in Wolverine's bloody anniversary ritual, Rogue spent her time wandering in downtown Tokyo, window shopping. She had no particular destination in mind, content to flow with the crowd as she was dragged along from the crowded shopping streets to the narrower, less trafficked back allies that housed the more esoteric shops.

Turning down a street designed only for foot traffic, she paused in front of a lingerie shop. She debated for several seconds before finally deciding to go in. Even if she couldn't really touch anybody, that didn't mean somebody couldn't enjoy looking.

She stepped inside and started browsing. Even if she didn't understand Japanese, underwear was universal. She picked out several promising looking matched sets of bras and bottoms, doing some quick conversions in her head to make sure she had the right size. It actually took her a while to find things that matched her cup size, as she was better endowed than the average customer who came.


Happosai, the Grandmaster of both schools of the Indiscriminate Grappling fighting style, hummed to himself contentedly as he sorted through his collection of women's underwear. Things had been peaceful since Ranma and Akane had left for college years ago. It should be stated that things were peaceful for Happosai, at least, but not for the rest of the district. Ranma had been a force for good and balance against the perverted Grandmaster. Having left for college, the lack super powered martial artist failed to keep Happosai's perversions in check.

Happosai had free reign in Nerima. Women were afraid. Very afraid.

A jolt, like a small electric shock, ran through him. Somewhere in Tokyo a beautiful woman was about to undress to purchase underwear. Her presence was unknown to him. This merited investigation.

His collection forgotten, he stood up and whipped out a handkerchief and wrapped it over his head, tying it in place under his nose to disguise his face. He flung the door to his room open and marched resolutely to the front door.

Kasumi saw the diminutive martial arts master walking by the kitchen on his way out. "Oh, are you going out, Grandfather?"

Happosai nodded. "Yes. There's something of great importance I must do."

"Do you know when you will be back?" Kasumi asked. "I would like to know if I should include you in the dinner preparations tonight."

Happosai shook his head. "What I have to do is too important. Plan to eat without me. I may not come back until late."

Kasumi smiled brightly. "Okay then, Grandfather. I hope everything turns out alright!"

Happosai turned towards the heavens. "So do I," he prayed. "So do I."


Ranma was idly flipping through his textbook in the library, pretending he was studying. He was still turning the conversation with Akane over in his head, thinking about how he could break the news to his old man and her father without too much drama. Because he was so distracted, it took him a while to realize he was feeling a powerful aura approaching his general location at a high rate of speed.

Frowning, Ranma closed his textbook and shoved it in his backpack. That aura…

He heard the cry of "SWEEETOOO," followed by the distressed cries of young, female college students being groped by a perverted old man.

He banged his head on the table. Mentally cursing his rotten luck that Happosai was passing through his university, Ranma grabbed his books. He jumped out an open window and while falling, twisted enough to threw the backpack on top of the university library. He'd get it later, but for right now he needed to stop the old goat before anyone got seriously hurt. He landed lightly on his feet and honed in on the disturbance.

Following the receding cries of his father's martial arts master, Ranma waited until he was close enough to launch a jumping snap kick at the old man. Unfortunately, he was given the title of Grandmaster for a reason. The old man managed to dodge at the last second. Ranma at least was satisfied knowing that he came much closer to catching him than ever before.

"Ranma my boy! Fancy seeing you here!" Happosai's surprised act was a complete failure.

"Imagine that." Ranma took a ready stance as Happosai sat cross-legged on the ground and pulled out his pipe, looking relaxed and calm.

"I felt you coming. I thought I asked you not to come around here anymore."

Happosai scratched his chin. "That you did. But I like it here."

"Yeah, but you could get me kicked out."

"Bah," snorted Happosai. "Why do you need a college degree? You should just come and complete your training under me."

"Fat chance, you old goat."

"That's too bad." Happosai looked genuinely forlorn as he said this. In the next instant, he vanished from where he was sitting to appear in mid-air in front of Ranma.

"Here, hold this?"

Happosai shove a lit firecracker with a short fuse into his hands. Before it even registered what he held, it blew up, the smoke covering Happosai's escape.

Ranma wiped the soot of his face with his forearm and smiled grimly. He cracked his knuckles. At least he could count on Happosai to keep him from getting too bored.

With that, he leapt after the diminutive troll. The chase was on.


"Come back here, you old fart!" Ranma sped after Happosai, hot on his tail. He was intent on causing as much pain as possible to the old man when caught him.

"You must be slacking off in your training, Ranma. You've got to be faster than that if you want to catch me!" With that, Happosai sped up, pulling away.

Ranma bit back an oath, turning up the speed a notch to close the distance. He launched a quick knife hand strike aimed at the back of the neck, but Happosai jumped over it and lashed out with a foot, catching the over-extended Ranma in the chin. Even though he was small in stature, he packed a wicked amount of power in his kick.

Ranma went crashing through a concrete wall but immediately bounced back up, intent on not losing the pervert. He caught sight of the old man jumping away on the rooftops, heading for the shopping district.


Rogue held up a lacy white bra with black accents against her naked form and examined it in the mirror. Mostly transparent, it revealed tantalizing bits while hiding the important stuff. Oh yes, that one was quite nice. She looked at the price. While not cheap, it was certainly affordable and a good deal nicer than anything she currently owned. Due to the active nature of her "day job" and the size of her endowments, she tended to own a good collection of sports bras and other practical garments.

It was time for a little luxury. The white lace matched the color of the streak in her hair, and the black trim accentuated the creamy color of her skin. She could just imagine the look on Gambit's face if he ever saw her wearing that one. Rather than try it on, she hung it on a hook in the dressing room and decided instead to pick up a red number.

This was nice, too, but didn't flatter her figure as much. The color was too vamp, too vibrant for her skin tones. Shaking her head, she put it down and picked up a third set, a green satin number with cut outs. This one was nice, but the she wasn't crazy about the pattern.

"I think the first one looks best."

Rogue whipped her head around to the top of the training booth, where a small troll sat on the door jamb, sagely nodding his head as he watched her decide which set to try on.

She did the only thing she could think of, like a normal girl.

She screamed.


Happosai jumped forward, intent on fondling his prize.



Ranma instantly focused on the blast that rose from only a couple blocks away. Damn it, looked like he'd be too late. He watched in confusion as a small form was rocketed away from the blast sight, on fire and heading towards the horizon on a trajectory for low-earth orbit.

He reached the scene of the blast a scant nanosecond later, only to find a very naked, and very beautiful Caucasian woman with dark hair with a single white streak in it standing in the midst of the charred remains of a lingerie shop, her chest heaving as she covered her self as best she could with her arms.

The sound of his landing brought her attention to him. Ranma was too distracted by the motion of her body to do anything but blink as she pulled out one of the biggest Happodaikarin's he'd ever seen from some where and threw it at him.

He knew pain.


Happosai was just pulling himself out of the crater created by his landing when Ranma crashed landed on top of him.

It was some time later he was able to say, "That hurt."

Ranma sat up and cracked his neck back into alignment. It had been a while since he had been sent flying like that, and he wasn't as good at landing as he used to be. He reached down and pulled the flattened Happosai out from under him, throwing the troll up over the lip of the crater and leaping out himself.

"Well, at least your good for something, you old fart." Ranma began the process of dusting himself off as Happosai began collecting himself.

"Did you see that body? HOTCHA!" Happosai prepared to leap off in pursuit, but was stopped as Ranma reached out and grabbed the back of his gi, holding the old man off the ground.

"Not so fast." Ranma stood up and held Happosai at arms length. He knew the old man could get out of this easily. "Did you also notice she used the Happodaikarin?"


Ranma nodded. "Did you train someone how to use your technique and not tell me?"

"No." Happosai shook his head.

"Well, does anyone else know that move they could have taught her?"

"Hush, I'm thinking." Happosai folded his legs in the air, acting for all the world like he was sitting comfortably on the ground, rather than suspended from the back of his neck. He seemed to be thinking furiously. His eyes shot open. "Ah ha!" he exclaimed.


"Those had to be at least D cups. At least!" Happosai cocked his head. "Probably DD."

Ranma quickly rapped the old man on top of the head. "Forget her boobs, you moron."

"But how can I?" Whined Happosai. "Did you see how magnificent they were?"

Ranma smiled a bit dreamily. "Yeah, I did." He shook his head, angry at himself for getting distracted. It wasn't like he'd never seen a great rack before. "How did she learn your technique?"

Happosai shrugged. "I've got no idea." He looked up at the arm holding him off the ground. "Put me down."

"Or what?"

Ranma found out quickly as he was suddenly slammed face-first into the ground, pinned down by Happosai's foot on the back of his neck. He spat out a chunk of concrete and attempted to leg sweep the old man off him, which only earned him a swift kick to the ribs. "Hush, Ranma m'boy. I'm trying to think."

Ranma sat up nursing his bruised ribs. "You're not upset she used your technique?"

Happosai scoffed. "That technique is hardly unique. But what's interesting is she's some sort of vampire."

Ranma sprung to his feet. "What do you mean?"

"Like Hinako. She absorbed my ki when I fondled her. Right afterwards, she used my technique." Happosai scratched his head. "Ranma my boy, we're going to get to her bottom. I mean the bottom of her."

"We are?"

"Yes. Do you remember that technique you used on Hinako to stop her from draining people?" asked the old man.

"You mean the one with the five pressure points where it looks like you're coping a cheap feel?" Ranma said.

"That's the one," confirmed Happosai. "I need you to do it to that girl."

"I don't want to."

"You must," commanded Happosai.

"Why? You should do it. You're the one who wants to feel her up."

Happosai stood up to his full height and spread his arms as wide as possible. He only came up to Ranma's knee. "I would, but I can't reach all the necessary points!"

Ranma just palmed his face.

"Ranma m' boy. It's dangerous to let someone running around if they can just steal techniques like that. We've got to figure out what's going on."

Ranma let out a big sigh. "I guess your right. I just want you to know I think that this is a really bad idea."

Happosai jumped up on to Ranma's shoulder and patted his head. "Great. Now, get going. I can feel her about three kilometers that way. Move!"

Ranma grumbled and took to the rooftops. As much as he hated to admit it, he was curious about what was going on himself.


Rogue felt… unclean. Ruined. Despoiled. She wished she had the mental equivalent of a vomit reflex so she could purge the awful thoughts in her head she had absorbed from Happosai. Getting felt up was vile enough. Knowing what he was thinking when he did it made her want to bleach her grey matter or submit to a lobotomy.

She shuddered again just at the thought of him watching her in the dressing room. Mindful of her nakedness, Rogue looked around for her clothes. They unfortunately were incinerated with the rest of the shop, but at least her wallet was in passable condition. She grabbed her wallet and ran out of the rubble of the lingerie shop and into the clothing store across the street, trying her best to ignore the squawks of surprise from the other shoppers. She didn't have far to run. She ducked into the shop and grabbed a bunch of clothes off the racks and headed immediately for the changing room.

She ended up going through most of the clothes she brought into the room before she found some clothes that fit. Unfortunately, she did not manage to grab any underwear. The shopkeeper recovered from her shock and eventually inquired if Rogue needed any assistance. It was incredibly embarrassing, but at least she was able to ask the shopkeeper to find her some undergarments before her ability to speak Japanese faded. Luckily, the shop keeper was completely understanding of the situation; she let Rogue dress first before attempting to make a sale.

The clothing she was forced to wear was not nearly as covering as her uniform that got destroyed in the blast. She felt very exposed and vulnerable without gloves, but at least the long sleeved shirt and pants provided some coverage. Unfortunately, the shirt was never designed to contain a woman with such generous cleavage, and so she was practically bursting out of the top.

There was nothing to be done until she could get some real clothes again. Happosai's memories were starting to fade, mercifully. Unfortunately, it also meant her ability to speak Japanese would fade as well.

"Where's Logan when you need him?"


Ranma landed lightly on the roof next to the remains of the lingerie shop. "You sure she's still here, Happosai?"

Happosai nodded vigorously.

"How can you tell?" asked Ranma.

"I can… feel it."

"That's just creepy, you know that?"

Happosai shrugged. "Who cares? Now get down there and make your Master proud."

"You're not my Master."

"Feh. Whatever. Go stop that vampire before she strikes again!" With that, Happosai tossed Ranma off the roof and to the street below.

Ranma twisted in midair and landed on the street, glaring up at the current bane of his existence. He turned to go into the store, only to have the door open as he reached for the handle.

His target stood right in front of him. At least she was dressed. She stopped short as Ranma sheepishly scratched the back of his head.

"I'm Ranma. Sorry about this."

The girl looked properly confused. Ranma struck in that instant. Stepping forward before she could react, he cupped her right breast with his left hand to press the three pressure points on her chest while pressing the two points on her back with his right.


"I'm Ranma. Sorry about this."

Before Rogue could even react, the young man with a pigtail stepped up to her and grabbed her breast. The only problem was, the fingers of his left hand were touching her flesh.

She started to drain him.


Ranma immediately realized something was wrong and tried to pull away. Happosai was right. It was like when Hinako drained him, only much more intense. He felt like he was going to black out, but was saved by the woman in question, who delivered a savage uppercut to his jaw and knocked him across the street into the remains of the burnt out lingerie shop. He tried to stand but was indescribably weak.

Across the street, the woman stalked towards him. He managed to finally take his feet just as she reached him. She reached forward and grabbed his shirt and pulled him forward. He was inches taller than her, but right now he barely had the strength to stand.

She pulled Ranma until they were face to face. In strangely accented Japanese, she said, "Hi Ranma. Mah name's Rogue, and I'm not sorry about this."

Then she proceeded to deliver a beating worthy of Akane on a bad day.


End Chapter 1

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