Theme: Precious Treasure
Words: 362
Pairing: Booth/Brennan
Rating: K (It's been a while)
Disclaimer: This is a short one shot about a scene that I really love in Season one. It will probably take a while before I can write another one shot for these themes. We shall see. Thank you all who have been reviewing and thank you the ones that will still review. Your words inspire me to go on.

He had met her as an anthropologist in the first place; a woman of the world who's heart beat passionately about ancient cultures and her job.

Every day since he had laid eyes upon her for the first time, he had witnessed the different pieces that hung around her neck, pieces which sometimes made his eyes divert farther down her chest. The heat that always colored his cheek afterwards was a solid reminder to make that the last time, albeit a lie, that he would indulge in appreciating her necklaces or the appealing earrings hanging from her small lobes.

Past the embarrassment and the fear of being caught peeping at what he should not be, his mind would wonder. From which far land they had come, which tribe had neatly crafted such a beautiful piece of art to adorn that blue eyed, auburn haired, stubborn and self assured woman?

He had been so certain that it reflected her nature that he had been blind to the deeper truth. How far from the reality he had been, but how could he have known? His partner was a closed box of secrets he had yet to learn.

Something inside of him triggered the knowledge that it wouldn't be, for certain, the last time that he crossed lines because of this woman who became his partner not long ago. What scared him the most was not the act itself, but the intense driving force behind it. When he looked at her from across the narrow distance that separated their chairs and the vast infinity that isolated both from their friends in that room, he knew exactly what had motivated him. It was written all over her bruised face.

Far from being a cultural fashion statement, they were a desperate cry to keep the image of her mother with her, an apparent silent plea for protection and comfort to the maternal figure long gone.

And then he knew, as the cool metal of the single earring fell across his palm to dingle in the air, between his fingers, the look of astonishment and thankfulness swimming in her face was enough to redeem his soul from sin.