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WARNING: EXPLICIT MALFOYSEX! Read at your own enjoyment.

Chapter Eight: And So We Close


I unceremoniously dumped Harry on the bed of the hotel. We had gotten here far too late for my tastes (actually, I was going to crazy, I almost jumped him on the way- except that we were apparating and that would not have been a good idea). At the reception, everyone had detained Harry until I felt I could no longer stand it and yelled at a Weasley to get off my husband. It was at that point that he decided we should leave.

Pushing Harry back, I began to kiss his neck softly. It was amazing how supremely calm he was. I was all nerves at this point, but he seemed to be completely relaxed. Seemed to be. Then, I put my hand on his stomach. It was taut as a bowstring from his ribs to his hips, ready for … for what? Me?

"Harry?" I moved my mouth to his ear, feathering breath over the side of his face. "Are you comfortable?"




"That wasn't a reply."

"I'm fine, Draco." But it wasn't true. He was stiff as a board in places that he was supposed to be soft (get your mind out of the gutter!). And so, to surprise him, I calmly bit his neck.

Harry cried out and, instead of pushing back into the pillows, arched into my arms. I was caught off guard, but instantly smiled to myself and began to ghost kisses around his jaw. His strong hands clutched at my robes, nearly tearing them from my back as I ground my hips against his.

Through his robes, I could feel his erection pressing against my thigh and I moaned softly against his neck. This was perfect...

It was Harry who initiated the clothes removal by finally ripping off my robes, then shirt... I moved to his clothes. White shirts, black robes, and his stupid blue jeans all fell to the floor in an untidy heap. But I didn't care. Here was my love, my darling, splayed out before me on the bed, a tent between his legs.

Suddenly, I laughed. "Snitch boxers?"

"Catch the golden ball, Draco," murmured Harry, rubbing his bare foot against my thigh. I growled and pounced on him, pushing down the elastic waistband and claiming my lover for my own.


I felt my entire body centering around my penis as Draco sucked and lapped his way to the very core of my sensations. His tongue brushed over my tip and a gentle hand caressed a spot just behind my balls that made me arch into his mouth.

I remember blue spots... blue whispers... Ecstatic white bursts, and I cried out, coming forcefully into his mouth. Gently, he licked me clean, while I turned more and more red with embarrassment. After a moment, Draco looked up at me over my stomach. "Harry?"

"Yeah?" I replied, tentatively.

"Can I...."

"Yeah." I sighed, trying to relax.

Draco reached down and pulled his wand from his discarded robe. Muttering something under his breath, he pushed the tip of the wand inside me and murmured a spell that I didn't quite hear. I gasped as a slick, widening feeling took over my body.

"You okay?"

"Yeah..." I managed to smile at Draco without blushing more. "Love me."

"Always." And with that, he pushed down his own undergarments and slid easily into me.

It was heaven from there.

I cannot now describe how it felt that first time- rocking and thrusting on the white sheets. I know I must have said some idiotic things because I remember him laughing gently and then thrusting again. It was like a dream, almost- the most erotic dream I have ever had.

I bloom under his cold sun....

He was the one to cry out first, and came inside me. I remember the warmth spurting out, filling me to the core, and leaking out around his own stiff member. I came soon after, spraying jets of thick, hot cum across our bare stomachs. He had his thumb over the tip of my penis when I came, so it squirted everywhere. Neither of us cared.

He simply slumped over on my chest, murmuring that he loved me over... and over... and over...

I sighed and held him in my arms. This was the start of something very beautiful.

And quite possibly, very kinky.


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