There were only fourteen out of the two hundred soldiers that had worked under Timothy Crowe that were still fighting for their lives against the huge, hairy creature. Bullets seemed useless. The cold was overwhelming, and those that hadn't been killed by the creature had succumbed to the freezing conditions and were lying in the snow, quickly turning blue.

The building where the rift had been opened now sat in the middle of a vast flat area being buried in the vicious snowstorm. Half of it collapsed, but some of it still stood. Probably not for much longer though.

About half a mile from the war zone was a row of jagged, icy cliffs. In the base of one of them was a small cave that was faced away from the merciless arctic winds and offered a small amount of shelter from the cold. Inside orange light flickered on the walls.

Loah picked up another handful of dried brush he had been lucky enough to find growing at the back of the cave and tossed it onto the fire. He waved his hand over it, causing the flames to double. Once he was satisfied with the heat he moved back to a sitting position against the back wall. He grunted as he pulled the limp body of his daughter onto his knee and cuddled her for warmth.

She looked like her mother. Loah wasn't quite sure what her mother looked like anymore; the memory of her was very faint, but at the same time he was quite sure she looked just like her. And that red hair – she looked like a true Telkaline.

She was starting to wake up. She would be in pain – she had fallen a great distance. Bones were broken, but Loah would fix them. He would make her better. He would care for her. He would do his job as her father to protect her.

Her eyes flickered open and looked up at him. Loah smiled and ran a hand over her cheek.

The End.

A/N: Well there you go. End of series one. Hope no one is too aggravated at the crappily depressing ending lol! I know it's a lot like Rose's departure in Doomsday, what with falling into a rift and all that crap, but it didn't seem similar in my head when I thought of it, only when I wrote it. Then it was a bit too late to change lol! Like I said I wanted to post the end chapters altogether because I'll probably be out of action until the new year now (and if I'm honest, I think I need a bit of a break from writing, my brain is over-frying and my fingers hurt lol).

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