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A/N: Sorry for the false hope everyone. This is not a new chapter.. But when I read this again, I thought something was wrong. If you read the end, you might notice I changed a few lines, but maybe you won't, because it seems pretty normal. Anyways, not to worry though; I'll update the next chapter this Friday!

"Tanya, I don't know about this." I said to my best friend as I looked in the mirror. I was wearing a denim mini skirt and a satin blue halter top. That were the clothes my best friend suggested I'd wear because apparently they were so me. Personally, I thought I looked terrible.

"Listen Bella. You look amazing and incredibly sexy. If I were a boy, man I'd know what to do." Tanya winked at me as she said that.

It was sort of weird that Tanya and I had been best friends for years. We both lived in a stupid place in Alaska, that was true. But we had absolutely nothing in common. Still, we could laugh with each other, have the weirdest fun about stuff that, truth to be told, were not funny at all. But of course, there were downsides to being friends with Tanya. She was unbelievably gorgeous, smart, funny. The boys always liked her. Never me. Which wasn't a nightmare, I never really had any interest in a guy before. Never. But still, sometimes you could use a confident boost. Tanya had loads of that. Next to her, I was always shy, not spontaneous (Which Tanya, of course, was.) And I was pretty. I mean, I definitely wasn't ugly. I looked pretty good. But next to her, yeah, I looked pretty plain.

The summer holidays had just begun. It was the first weekend in ages that we didn't have to do work. She and I both worked in a restaurant. The most number 1 restaurant in Alaska, as said by multiple magazines and official lists. We both loved our job, but right now, we just wanted to party for one night.

Well, okay. She wanted to party for one night. I was just here to, I don't know, make sure she'd be home tomorrow morning.

"Not funny Tanya. Anyway, I'm still not sure about this.. Shouldn't I wear a longer skirt? This one is really short.." Tanya rolled her eyes. Her skirt was even shorter than mine. But hey, I wasn't like her. I didn't like the attention. It was a good thing I was friends with Tanya then, she always had everyone's attention. Nobody minded me. Yes!

"Look, Bella. Stop whining. Come on. We're both ready. We look gorgeous. We're gonna have some fun tonight, 'kay?" She asked me, both her eyebrows raised as she waited for my answer. I sighed, I didn't have a choice. I already agreed to go with her.

"Yes. I'm ready. Let's go." We walked outside, where a cab immediately came to a stop. Of course, Tanya.

I loved her a lot, she was a great friend. But sometimes I wished she wasn't that attractive.

"Hey there beautiful." The driver said as Tanya got in the cab. I was already in there.

Tanya sighed. "Just drive us please. Club DNA, if you will." The driver turned around, obviously disappointed. I looked at Tanya at exactly the right time, popped our lips and whipped our hair out of our faces. That was our secret sign. I don't exactly know what for actually. We just did it all the time. Mostly when guys were hitting on us, okay Tanya, and we just made them go away, again; Tanya. Or when we wanted to cheer each other up. But we also did it when we were just having fun. Anyway, it doesn't matter. The point is, we did our secret sign again. We both laughed quietly and made weird faces at each other until the car came to a stop. Finally. We're there.

Club DNA was our favourite club. I'm not really a clubbing person, but when I have to, I always want to go here. I knew people here. We made loads of friends, I knew a couple of DJ's and the place just.. well we both loved it. The music was always good, so Tanya could dance. I was on the side a lot, sitting at our table. There were a few friends we've made there. I had become friends with Jessica, Angela, Kate, Irina and Lauren. Though Lauren and I had our issues. This night, we walked in and immediately headed for our table. Jessica, Kate Irina and Angela were already there, but there were two other girls sitting there. Both breathtakingly gorgeous, though they were totally different.

"Hey girls." Tanya and I said at the same time, starting to hug everyone, except the two strangers.

"Girls! How's it going?" Kate shouted, the music was really loud.

"Well, what are these strangers doing here?" Tanya joked, smiling at the two girls. There was a short one, with short, black hair and another one. She was tall with beautiful blonde hair. She was even more beautiful than Tanya. I never knew that was possible.

The blonde one started to speak first. "Hey, I'm Rosalie. We're here with a group of friends on a holiday. Well, just visiting some old friends." She gave me and Tanya a huge smile. I liked her already.

"I'm Alice." The black-haired girl said. "You know, one of the friends she's talking about." Alice said and added a wink. Wow, a really nice girl too, I thought.

"Hi," Tanya started. "I'm Tanya. This is Bella. We actually live in this stupid place.." She said, though she kept smiling, making it clear it was a joke. "So who are you visiting?"

"Do you really want to make a huge conversation over here? Let's talk about this stuff later! It's time for partying now!" Rosalie shouted. We all lifted a glass and toasted.

"To the fun!" Kate shouted and we all shouted.

Like I said, clubbing wasn't really my thing, but I had to admit, if you only did it once in a while, you could have loads of fun. Rosalie, Tanya, Kate, Jessica and Irina went dancing. So basically, it was only me, Alice and Angela. Lauren didn't show up tonight. But hey, I didn't mind.

"So who are you visiting?" I asked Alice, because I was very curious now. It'd probably be someone we knew. Because Tanya and I are a waitress, we know a lot of people. Especially since we were awarded best restaurant of Alaska, there were a lot of people coming there. So we met loads. I loved my job. I was a very shy person, but I loved the fact that sometimes people would just come to me and start an entire conversation. I could be shy, but when someone came to me like that, I loved to talk to that person.

"Well, we're actually all visiting our step mom and dad. We say we're a group of friends, but actually, we're family."

"Your mom and dad?" I asked, just to check.

"Yeah, well.. Step mom and step dad." Alice winked.

"And you call that 'old friends'? Since when?" Alice laughed at my remark.

"Yeah, I know it sounds weird. They're not actually old friends. We just say that. We all live somewhere totally different now, but once in a while we all come together to visit them and we always have a blast. Like right now, I'm having so much fun." I nodded in agreement.

"I know. I don't even know you longer than an hour, but I feel like I've known you all my life." We both laughed and she said she agreed with me. "So how long are you staying here?" I asked her.

"We're planning on staying here the whole summer. I know there's not a lot of action out here, but hey, I'm sure we'll make the most of it." Alice started laughing a bit.

"So, I have to ask. With who did you all come? You, Rosalieā€¦ And..?"

"My brothers, Jasper, Emmett and Edward." She said.

"Oh, and where are they?" Angela asked. Alice and I both looked at Angela at the same time and started laughing. "What?!" Angela asked.

"Ang, you haven't said a word the whole night, but when Alice says she had brothers, you immediately start speaking and asking where they are!" She laughed now too.

"I'm sorry." She said.

"It doesn't matter." Alice answered her. "But they're here too. I'm sorry, I don't know where. They're probably just hanging out in this place somewhere." We all laughed.

"Alice!" A strange voice yelled. "Alice!" Someone yelled again.

"Well, speaking of the devil.." Alice told us, so that only we could hear her.

"Guys!" She yelled back, as three guys walked to her. "Angela, Bella, this is my boyfriend Jasper," She pointed at a cute blond guy. "And my brothers Emmett, " Now she made us look at a big, teddybear-like guy. "And Edward." One word: Wow.

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