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"Edward, no! Don't!" Bella screamed. "Don't you dare, mister!" I smiled. She looked amazing in her bikini, splashing water at me with a huge grin on her face. How could I have gotten so lucky? It seemed a mystery. She looked like an angel. And I felt like the devil; attacking an angel. Sure, it was only water. But still, you shouldn't attack angels.

I could make an exception. I took a few steps back. Oh, she'll be sorry for all that splashing. Yes, indeed. I took one more step back, before running towards the pool. "CANNONBALL!" I yelled as loud as I could and jumped into the air. I saw Bella duck, Emmett looking proud and Jasper wondering if I'd lost my mind. I suppose I had.

When I was around Bella, I was this whole other person. And not in a bad way. She made me happy and when she was near, I was never depressed. When she left, that was an entirely different matter. I could sulk around for hours when she left. I guess it's not healthy, but it didn't change the fact that it happened. Fortunately, she hardly ever left me. Tanya and Bella still weren't speaking to each other – that didn't make me very happy at all. I didn't like breaking up two best friends, but I was selfish enough to let it happen anyway – and so Bella never went home to her own apartment. Alice made her stay with us, for the summer. Sometimes she slept in my room and then the nights were great – amazing, even. Unbelievable. Like a dream. Insanely fantastic. I could go on about that, but let's not – but most of the time, Alice made Bella sleep in her own room, because she wanted to have a sleepover with her new best friend.

Yes, Alice and Bella had gotten along great. They were inseparable. No one could drag them away from each other, except for me and Jasper, of course. Rose adored Bella as well. In fact, my entire family was in love with that girl. Though it was sometimes hard – you wouldn't believe the teasing Bella and I have to go through – it made me happy as well. No more drama. Finally.

Bella finally came up. "Oh, you're evil." She said, while glaring at me. I couldn't suppress a laugh.

"Oh yeah?" I said. "Why don't you come and punish me?" I winked at her and she smiled, telling me she certainly would. She put her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips. I smiled while her lips slowly reached mine. And then she pulled back.

"Hey!" I said in protest. "What was that for?"

"I had to punish you, now didn't I?" she said to me while swimming away from me. Oh, and punish me she did.

We had a great day in the pool. I liked to cool off a little; it was a hot summer. We only had a few days left until the summer ended. I had had so much fun with Bella. I truly had fallen in love with her. More than I've ever loved anyone. It was a strange feeling, but I wasn't planning on losing it in a few days. I hadn't discussed my plans with Bella, so I was sure she'd be surprised. I wondered what she would say if I asked her.

When we rode home in the car together – everyone had taken their own car, so that the couples could be together for half an hour – we were both silent, but we held hands. She was so adorable and her skin was so soft, so smooth. I just couldn't get enough of this girl.

"Edward?" She said, her voice barely more than a whisper. "Could you do me a favour?" I didn't answer the question; it was obvious I'd do anything for her. "I really want to go and see Tanya. I know it sounds weird, but I really miss her. I want to talk to her." I nodded. I'd been waiting for that to happen. Bella missed her former best friend. I didn't like Tanya, I despised her for the words she said to Bella. Those harsh words were the most untrue words I've ever heard in my life. Bella not being good enough for me, Pff. It was me who wasn't good enough for her! And somehow, I'd gotten lucky enough.

"Sure thing. Let's take a detour today." I looked at her and smiled to comfort her. She seemed at ease, but I knew she'd be a little nervous. She hadn't spoken to Tanya in weeks, now. I was sure there were going to be some issues, but I knew we had to try anyway. "Do you want me to go with you? Or do you want to talk to her alone?"

Bella thought about that for a moment. "I think you should go with me. After all, she had a problem with us dating, so she should know that nothing has changed. We're still together. And we love each other. Tanya should know that. Even if she's mad, maybe deep down she'll still be happy for me, like she would be if we hadn't been having a fight."

I smiled. Good, I wanted to come with her. I didn't like her facing Tanya all alone. She needed someone to protect her from the wrath of Tanya. Bella told me lots and lots – and lots and lots – of stories about Tanya and about how kind she had been to her. Still, I'd never seen that Tanya. I didn't think I ever would, though it would be nice to know Bella had a real friend.

I met Angela, though. Now she was a great girl. And I met her best friend at work, Jacob. He was an alright guy, nothing special though. I thought I had to worry about him, but Bella told me he was madly in love with some Nessie.

"Okay Bella, we'll go. We'll go see Tanya. Better yet: we'll do it right now." I took a left turn and we were on our way to Tanya's apartment. It was also Bella's apartment, but I never thought of it that way. I know that was strange, but she hardly ever spent time there anymore. She was always with me and that's the way I wanted it to be.

When we stood before the door to the apartment, I could see Bella's nervousness. She held the key in her hand, but couldn't open the door, I could tell. I put my arm around her waist and tried to calm her. It worked. She put the key in the lock and opened the door. "Tanya?" I heard Bella's voice say. "Are you there?" No answer. "Tanya!" Bella tried again. Still no answer. She turned to face me. "I guess she's not here." I knew she was disappointed. After she finally made up her mind to reconcile with Tanya, she couldn't find her. I knew it had taken her a lot of courage to come back here and now it was all for nothing. I really started to dislike her, even though I knew it was wrong of me. Tanya had been Bella's best friend for years and I knew she didn't do her any wrong. Until now. I hated that it was over me, but I was selfish enough to let it happen anyway.

I kissed Bella's forehead. "Let's go. We have no other reason to be here." I suggested. Bella nodded. I took her hand and she followed me towards the door.

"Bella?" Tanya. "Oh my god ! I can't believe you're here!" I couldn't believe what was happening here. Tanya didn't seem mad at all. She ran to Bella and hugged her. "Oh Bells, I missed you so much! I'm so, so, so, so sorry! I knew you liked Edward! I did! But I'm just a selfish, horrible person!"

Bella put her arms around Tanya. I could see her smile. "I missed you too, Tanya. I really did." I knew, right then, that everything was going to be okay. Yes, I still didn't like Tanya. But Bella did. And I knew Tanya wasn't a bad person. She just couldn't stand to lose. I think she learned a valuable lesson here.

I think Tanya knew that, too. "Look, Bella, I'm really sorry. I'll never be able to forgive myself. You were – no, you are! – my best friend in the whole world. When kissed this totally cute guy a few weeks ago, I realized that you're the one I wanted to talk to. Not Angela or Jessica or whatever. You! I'm sorry it took me so long for me to realize that I'm horrible, but I'll try to be a better friend from now on." I smiled, I knew Tanya meant it. "And I'm really happy for you and Edward. I am."

I could see how happy Bella was to hear this. "Thanks Tanya." She said. "You don't know how much that means to me. Because it really means a lot to hear you say that. As happy as I am with Edward, I could never be truly happy, knowing that you're mad at me. But I'm glad that is not the case here."

Tanya let go of Bella. "Oh Bells, of course not! I could never be mad at you! I know it seemed that way before, but I was just jealous. I experienced something that I had never experienced before. And I'm truly sorry."

"It's okay." Bella said. "I'm glad we finally started talking about this. Because I really need you in my life."

Bella and Tanya started rambling on about how much they needed each other. I stopped listening after a while. They kept repeating the same thing, they just worded it differently. I was just glad to see that things had finally worked out.

I knew there was another problem; summer was coming to an end. And even though I didn't know Bella long, I knew I couldn't be without here. My house was far away from here, but I knew that my home was right here. With Bella. So I made up my mind. I knew what to do.


We were all sitting in the living room. I had invited Edward's family to come over at my place for a change. Tanya was there, too. She and I really started to become great friends again. I know some people might think she's a horrible person, but she really isn't. She's been my best friend for years, she was there for me when I needed someone. What happened with Edward, was just jealousy. I knew she was over it now. I knew she was happy for me.

Summer was coming to an end, but that didn't matter. Edward and I were together. We had talked about this and Edward told me he made a decision; we was going to move here! He said that he wanted to be with me forever. That he could feel that I was the girl that he should marry. That he wanted to marry. I was thrilled. I would love having Edward here all the time. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. Though we weren't engaged yet, I knew it would only be a matter of time. We were soul mates.

"Anyone want a piece of bacon?" Tanya offered. Everybody declined. Only Tanya liked to have bacon at ten p.m. Strange girl.

I could see Edward trying to talk to Tanya. I really appreciated it. They tried to get along better as friends, because I persuaded him. I told him she wasn't that bad and that maybe he would like her one day.

Tanya told me that he was totally different than she thought he would be. She told me he was not at all her type. She made up this image of him in her mind and thought he was perfect, but he was completely different from her image. But that's okay. She saw the side of the handsome, mysterious stranger. But I got to see the other side of him. And that side was pretty dang good.

The end.

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