I think that the best work an author can do must be work that they have changed constantly. I would always come back a read this story, it was my favorite, and all I could see was the flaws in it.
So, I have rewritten every chapter. Some hold minor changes, some hold major. The most editing was done in the last five chapters.
When I was reading them, I realized how eager I must have been to publish them, and I didn't really make sure they were perfect before publishing. I have gone back to those chapters and rewritten a lot of the plot. The same end result occurs, but I come about it in a slightly different way.

I have also added a question and answer to the end.
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It took a lot of sneaking around to go to the mall without Alice finding out, but Renesmee really needed new clothes. Edward and I wanted so much to be like normal parents, and go out to buy our baby's clothes as husband and wife. I wanted to go to the mall, hold hands with Edward, and push a stroller as we drifted from store to store.

Edward caught onto this, and refused to let me miss out on the experience. So we talked to Jacob, he could block Alice's visions of the mall. He was going to go to the mall the same time we would (Billy needed a new jacket) and Edward, Renesmee and I would get to shop. Of course, with Renesmee with us, we didn't really need Jacob, but Edward said that Alice got a few visions of Renesmee, and he didn't want to risk it.

While Jasper took Alice and Emmett out hunting, Edward and I buckled Renesmee into her car seat and took off for Seattle. The residents of Forks, Washington thought that Edward and I were attending Dartmouth this semester, and we wanted to keep up the fa├žade. We arrived within an hour. Renesmee had chattered the whole way about various things. Airplanes, where trees came from, are we there yet, and the like. We proudly put Renesmee into her stroller; one Alice bought for oodles of money, and walked through the doors of the mall.

We lingered in Baby Gap, holding up shirt after shirt for Renesmee. She giggled and squealed at certain ones. She was under direct orders not to speak. After spending about an hour going from store to store, we started drifting aimlessly around the halls. I was walking past some chain-clothing store when I saw a friendly face I recognized.

Edward looked to me to see why I had stopped walking and traced my line of sight when he saw me staring.
"Bella, don't-" I heard Edward say before I took off into the store at a barely human pace.

"Angela! Ben!" I yelled while I ran. Edward followed quickly behind me with Renesmee fully alert in her stroller. He grabbed my arm.

"Bella, we need to go." Edward said at the same time Angela and Ben turned their heads to look at us.

"Bella?" Angela called, squinting. "Bella is that you?"

I laughed and nodded excitedly. I ran to hug her. I stopped myself before I let my deadly arms wrap around her. I halted awkwardly and smiled instead. "Of course it's me silly! How have the two of you been?"

"Oh! Goodness Bella! I'm so sorry! You just- look... so different." Angela said. She seemed like she didn't recognize me at all. "Your hair! It looks so different! And your eyes! They aren't brown anymore! Are you wearing contacts?" I hadn't realized that I wasn't wearing my brown contacts, or that they had faded away. My eyes very much showed a mix between red and gold. I gasped and looked away. "You've grown too!" Angela continued, commenting on my new, shapely body.

"Bella?" Ben spoke for the first time. "I thought you two were at Dartmouth?" He questioned.

"Why are you and Edward here? And who is this?" He asked, pointing to Renesmee.

I looked to Edward, my eyes wide. What was I supposed to say? Edward finally spoke up.

"We had to come home from college. My aunt and uncle died and we had to come home to take their daughter, my niece, Renesmee. We adopted her." Edward recovered for us.

"Oh my! That is so sweet of you! It must be very difficult! Renesmee is lucky to have you!" Angela said. She always was so sweet, but something seemed off. She kept looking at me, holding my eye contact. She never broke away, I did. She would tilt her head and squint her eyes at me, then smile shyly.

"Bella, it has been so long since I saw you. Can you break away from Edward and Renesmee for a little and just hang with me?" Angela asked enthusiastically.

I was thrilled that Angela still wanted to be my friend, but I was worried that she would ask to many questions. She was very observant. She saw my hesitance and spoke up.

"Please, Bella? I have missed you so very much." Angela pleaded.

"Oh, alright." I said, sounding sarcastic. Edward raised an eyebrow at me. I expanded my shield so Edward could read my mind. It took quite a bit of work still, but I was finally starting to get the hang of it. However, whenever I got upset or nervous, my shield popped up to protect everyone around me, much to Edward's dismay.

I just want to spend some time with the only real friend I had in high school, I thought.

Edward smiled, nodded, and spoke. "Go ahead, love. Ben can come with Renesmee and me while I shop for some presents for Valentines Day. I'm sure Ben wants to look, too." He winked at me. Angela blushed at the thought of Ben shopping for her gift.

Not too much, please, I thought again. Edward just smirked. The boys and my baby left the store.

Angela grabbed my hand to pull me out of the store. She gasped and dropped my hand. I knew it was because of the temperature change.

"Bella," Angela whispered once we were out of the store, "you have some serious explaining to do. I have so many questions."

I grimaced. "What do you mean, Angela?"

"Well for starters, when I look at Renesmee, I don't see Edward's niece. I see Edward's hair, and your eyes - well, your old eyes, I guess. I see some one related to you. I see your daughter."