Hey guys! So if you are reading this- I want you to know that I have redone a lot of the story. I really changed up the last few chapters. I was so excited to get them out the first time around, I didn't really take the time to develop the plot. So I rewrote chapters 10-15 and fixed or changed at least five things in every chapter. I think you might like to read the new ending!

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These were my most popular questions. :D

Why couldn't Alice see Edward and Bella at the mall? Why didn't she see them finding Angela?

Edward and Bella wanted to get away with their baby. They knew Alice would take it to far if she came shopping with them, and that she would never let them go alone. So they took Jacob to the mall, so Alice couldn't see them also had Renesmee in the mall, so it made it even more difficult for her to see. Also keep in mind that Edward and Bella left their phones at home so if Alice did find out where they were, she couldn't bug them.

Why didn't Edward "hear" Aro in his house? How could he let Angela walk in there?

Edward and Bella were terrified of Angela's suspicions. Bella told Edward to focus only on Angela's mind. He was.

Why did you have to torture us with chapter 11? Why couldn't we see it from Bella's perspective first, and then Edward's?"

For five minutes, before you rethought all of the clues I slipped into the authors notes, didn't you really think Angela was dead? You see, I had to convince you that Angela was dead so to story would be more realistic. If I could fool you into thinking she was dead, isn't it more believable that the Cullens and the Volturi could fall for the same trick?

When you see things from Edward's point of view; you see how easily one can assume Angela is dead.

Why did Angela have to stay human? Why couldn't she become a vampire?

Angela was not born to be a vampire, like Bella was. Unlike Bella, the love of Angela's life is human. Together, Angela and Ben can have human children. They can grow old together. Lead happy human lives together. Bella never had that option. She was going to grow old, but never with Edward. So she made the change. It was her best option. And, like Breaking Dawn says, it was Bella's destiny to be a vampire. That was never Angela's destiny. Apparently, her destiny was to have five children with Ben.

Why are all of your chapters named with an "s"?

The same reason Angela named all of her children with an 'M'. Similarity is comfortable. I just couldn't change the letter after two 'S' chapters in a row.

What do all of your chapter names mean?

Ch 1: Spotted: Obviously- this is the chapter where Angela spot Edward and Bella. She spots the relation between Bella and Nessie.

Ch 2: Shock-wave: Pretty much, the results of the earthquake. Bella is in shock that Angela could figure it out so quickly. She reacts quickly, much like a shock-wave.

Ch 3: Speak: This is a silent chapter. There is really no dialogue spoken to let Angela know she is in danger. She just knows. She doesn't need to speak.

Ch 4: Secrets: Angela doesn't figure out what Bella is, but she does find out that they are secret, and that they have secrets, too. Angela also has a secret, she's pregnant.

Ch 5: Situate: Angela gets situated in New York. She gets new clothes and such, and she decides to see a doctor to get her pregnancy situated.

Ch 6: Scrutiny: Angela gets her baby looked at by the best Dr. in NYC. Also, Alec and Jane are observant. With scrutiny, they find out Angela's location.

Ch 7: Seclusion: Bella and Angela have never been more alone. On the run, again. They have to seclude themselves yet again.

Ch 8: Shopping: Obviously- Bella and Angela are shopping.

Ch 9: Surrender: Bella and the Cullens have to surrender to the Volturi's will.

Ch 10: Strategy: Bella and Angela try to find a way out of Angela's fate. Bella begins coming up with strategies.

Ch 11: Sacrifice: Well, Angela thought she was sacrificing herself, Bella was sacrificing Angela, and I was sacrificing MYSELF by posting this chapter. I almost titled it "Sorry" instead, just because I was sorry for writing it that way, but it had to be done.

Ch 12: Show: This is another one with a double meaning. Bella and Edward literally 'show' the Voulturi what happened to Angela. Bella's eyes tell the whole story. But Bella is also putting on a show. One for Edward, the Cullens, and the Volturi.

Ch 13: Savior: Bella becomes Angela's savior in more than one way. She saves her from the Volturi, but she also saves Angela from becoming a vampire.

Ch 14: Satisfy: This chapter was to fill in several plot wholes. Like: "How did Bella become such a good actor?" and "Why was Bella acting so strange?" I was satisfying Edward's many questions.

Ch 15: Stories: This is an ironic title. It's all based on the end of the chapter. Bella looks around Angela's living room, seeing how much fun every one is having telling stories. She looks at Angela, and realizes the greatest story Angela has, she can't tell to anyone.

Epilogue: Service: Bella and the Cullens attend Angela's funeral service. Bella provides her services to Marie.