Chapter One

If you gazed around her school cafeteria you probably wouldn't pick her as the hero to this tale.

The popular table is in the middle. The many beautifully generic teens sit there, gossiping to different people or bragging about their conquests.

"You know she slept with…"

"Yeah I drank the whole…"

"No way"

"Oh my god!"

You know the usual boring conversations. Everybody loves to hate them and everybody wants to be them. However, our hero doesn't sit there.

The 'nerds' sit to the far right, playing on their game consoles and discussing their latest battle when they destroyed the goblin on level twenty, the awkward teens, the misfits, basically the unusually intelligent ones. Nobody hates them, nobody pays much attention to them, but everybody has made fun of at least one of them once. However our hero doesn't sit there either.

The 'punks' and 'metal heads' sit closest to the popular table, obviously in attempt to irritate them. Their harsh appearance and edgy attitude is a pained and desperate cry for help and acceptance. They proclaim themselves to be unique and individual, yet they all look the same. No, she doesn't sit there either.

She sits on a small table with a group of close friends. Their little clique is tightly knit and comfortable. Nobody bothers with them for they can inspire hate in no one, appearing to be completely average. People from different groups talk to them, they are invited out and are extremely adaptable but not particularly popular, in the obvious sense. A blonde, a brunette, a red head, a girl with back hair and a boy with light brown; all looking remarkably normal, yes definitely not the usual hero. She isn't the most classically beautiful, nor the smartest, nor the bravest or kindest from the group. Yet, she is still the hero, she is still special.

The blond bombshell Christine Dubois flicks her golden locks casually over one shoulder as she scans the room for 'talent', declaring every so often; 'he's hot!", "her hair is totally dyed" or "I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole", often with a girlish giggle added at the end. She's shallow, vain and often stupid but fiercely loyal to those she cares about and has a warm heart. She's by far the most beautiful out of the girls. Yes, you've guessed it, not out hero. Sitting beside her is the quite, plump brunette, Rachel Lee. She contently listens to her beautiful friends exclamations, enjoying the frivolity of the conversation. She's a remarkably fragile girl whose intelligence and kindness draws out her friends' protective natures and almost motherly instincts. No, she is not our hero.

The boy and the girl with black hair are having a heated argument about something ridiculously insignificant, as usual. Their apparent loathing for each other attempts to disguise their obvious attraction, he loves her best when she's angry. Thomas Moon, rugby player, and Tess Roberts, punk rocker; two very different people who love each other, they just haven't realised it yet, although it's painfully obvious to their friends, however the hero isn't one of these two either. These four previously mentioned may be heroes in other inconsequential tales, but not one as grand and important as this.

The hero in this tale's name is Aphrodite Clasina Jones. Her name is almost a paradox the unusual with the ordinary. Her mother had an obsession with Greek names and Myths. Aphrodite wasn't a big fan of her name, but however she knew it could have been worse, she could have been called Medusa. Due to this obsession her sister's name is Helena Aglaia and her brother's Jason Hector. Their fore names were relatively normal, which annoyed her to know end. She eventually shortened her name so it was no longer a mouth full, she now frequently spoke, "just call me Dite".

She was unusually tall for a girl, at least five foot nine, and her long limbs made her appear awkward, almost gangly, in her younger years. Due to this she is a shy and body conscious girl, and although she knows she is not particularly ugly accepts that she isn't beautiful either. Her wild, fiery, red hair bushes from her head making her face and body seem almost small and fragile. It's completely different from her siblings' sleek blonde hair, but she likes it the way it is. Her eyes are a most vivid green, often lively and playful with an obvious natural intelligence. Her chest is ample, she is neither busty nor has a flat chest and she has a slight flair of hip. She has now grown into her once awkwardly long limbs and seems to sport an unnatural grace and often looks as if she is merely gliding along the floor. This coupled with her oblivious and easily distracted nature makes her look queer to human folk. She seems to drift along life in a dream like state. She is known for her quirky nature, her sharp tongue and her artistic abilities and temperament.

Her long delicate fingers cup her chin as her elbow leans on the table. She is watching her two impassioned friends with obvious amusement, wondering when they would just shut up and kiss each other already. She is completely oblivious to how tonight will change her life, if she knew she wouldn't be as care free and content as she is, she doesn't like change. Whether this change is for the better or for the worst I cannot say, I am only the storyteller; it will be for you, my captive audience, to decide.

Anyway enough of the introductions, I have tarried too long on description, it's time for the tale. It is a tale of danger, a tale of love, of friendship and of course the cliché battle of good against evil; however most of all this is a tale of a girl who never knew herself, finally finding her destiny, whether she wanted to or not.

* * * * *

"Dite! Dite!" shouted an irritated Tess, her features scrunched slightly in annoyance.

"Huh?" Dite snapped out of her reverie, she had been thinking about an idea for a new painting.

"Don't you agree that red is a colour of love and not white?"

"No, red is the colour of lust and passion, white is the colour of love, it's pure" argued an equally annoyed Tom

"Yeah, sure" she replied absentmindedly, she returned to her daydream when she realised the topic of conversation was not important. Anyway, they were both wrong.

"Who are you saying yes to?" she glanced up again to see her friends glaring at her.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Dite, who is right? Who did you say yes to?"

"You can't expect me to answer that, you are both entitled to your own opinion" she was stepping into her usual role as peacemaker and pacifier, a role she shared with Rachel.

"Well, what do you think is the colour of love?" entreated Tom

"Love has many colours as there are many different types of love. Anyway this is an incredibly subjective and slightly cliché conversation you appear to be having" They didn't listen to her added comment, they both appeared to be too caught up in her answer.

The silence from the two didn't last long, as another argument erupted from nowhere between the two, which so often happens. Dite was abruptly snapped out of her wonderful daydream of magnificent colours and enchanting figures splashed onto a canvas, by a soft tap on her shoulder. She spun around, her hair accidentally whipping Rachel in the face, to see who interrupted her and found herself staring into the eyes of the school heart throb. Her already huge eyes widened in shock and her plump pink lips parted slightly as they beheld the glorious figure of Taylor Coal.

"Hey Dite" he smiled

"Uh… hey Taylor" she replied stupidly, in awe of the fact that he actually knew her name.

"A bunch of us are going 'round town tonight, do you want to come?" she was about to politely decline when she was interrupted by Christine.

"Of course she would!"

"Great, I'll see you at seven outside 'Season Three'" and with that he strolled away, back to the middle table, leaving a very shocked Dite in his wake. She spun around and glared at Christine.

"What do you think you're doing?" she seethed

"Oh come one! You were about to blow off the hottest guy in school, as your friend I can not let you do that!" She exclaimed as if it was one of the most obvious things in the world, "don't worry, I'll help you get ready and I promise you'll have fun." Dite sighed in defeat, knowing it was no use to argue with Christine once she had an idea in her head. She'd just have to paint the next night.

"Hey Aphrodite," oh fantastic, her brother Jason, the only person who refused to call her Dite, "Hey Christine" he purred at her friend. Another unrealised relationship. Her brother and her friend were both completely besotted by one another and both of them were too stubborn to admit it.

"Hey Jason, where's the Argonauts?" she smirked, obviously alluding to his sheep like friends that followed his everywhere. Dite chuckled slightly at her flustered brother, she still didn't understand why he always seemed shocked by Christine's playful teasing, he still seemed to expect her to simper and flutter, just like the rest of them.

"Very funny Christine"

"Any luck finding your Golden Fleece bro?" Dite asked casually, earning a wide grin from Christine.

"Oh, you two are hilarious, seriously my sides are splitting" they both snickered at his dead pan profession, "well Aphrodite, I was going to invite you out to 'Season Three' tonight, but with that attitude I don't think I will" he sneered slightly thinking his sister would now beg his forgiveness. He, of course, had an ulterior motive to inviting his sister out, if she went, so would the beautiful Christine. Christine grinned triumphantly.

"Well I'm afraid you're a bit late, Miss Goddess of Love has already been invited out tonight" his sneer was instantly wiped from his face.

"What? By whom?" his brow furrowed with annoyance, who was after his little sister?

"None other than Taylor coal" she replied smugly, Dite burying her head in her slender arms with embarrassment.

"You're not going" he stated immediately. That struck a nerve.

"You can't tell me what to do" she immediately snapped back

"I don't want you going out with him"

"Well it's too late now, I already am"

"No you're not, you're not going" she stood up, her hair appearing to sizzle as she glared into her brothers clear blue eyes. She hated it when he argued so calmly.

"You, dear brother, can't stop me" she spat back her fists clenched. His nostrils flared slightly and he stormed away, she turned back around to face Christine, "you have to come tonight!" she pleaded. Christine just laughed

"You don't think I'd let you have all the fun do you?"

* * * * *

She stared at herself in the mirror next to her stunning friend. Ugh, she could never compare with Christine. Christine had dressed her in a deep blue halter neck dress. It skimmed her slim figure and stopped mid way down her milk white thighs. The dress accentuated her breasts and, together with her matching heals, made her legs look a mile long. Her hair was in slinky curls down her back, her large emerald eyes were lined in black, her lips were glossed and her cheeks flushed with excitement. Her flawless complexion meant she never had to wear much makeup. Yet she still didn't look a patch on Christine, she miserably thought.

Christine was wearing a slinky little black dress with man killer heals. Her long blonde hair was stylishly up with a few sexy curls falling on her face. Her blue eyes shone with excitement.

"We look fabulous!" Dite nodded solemnly in agreement. However Christine didn't notice her friend's sombre mood and pushed her out the door so they could reach the club in time.

'Season Three' was a funky club that played new 'indie' type music which was so popular with the trendy kids at school. It wasn't far from Christine's house and they made it right on time. Dite gazed around the swarm of people outside trying to spot Taylor.

"Dite!" she spun around quickly and gracefully, like a ballet dancer, to see Taylor with a wide grin across his face and a hungry look in his eyes that she was not entirely comfortable with.

The three of them entered the club quickly, not needing to stay in the queue as Taylor knew one of the bouncers. Dite gazed in awe of her surroundings. She'd never been here before and was delighted by the surreal effect the strobe lighting had on the dancers, she wished she had her sketch pad.

"I'll just go get you a drink darling" he leered at her, his eyes not bothering to reach her face making her scowl. She watched him swagger over to the bar to order her drink and was horrified by what she saw. It was a monster she was sure.

The creature had the body of a human yet its skin was green, scaly and covered in strange black markings. It had its arms around to women, one of them giggling at what it hissed in her ear making her want to throw up. Why didn't they run away from the disgusting creature? It made no sense. Its head turned spotting her staring and it grinned arrogantly. She almost cried out in shock. Its features were snake like with two slits instead of a nose, purple eyes and sharp jagged teeth. Her legs began to shake.

"Wow, he's hot" her head snapped to her friend Christine who was staring at someone at the bar.

"Who?" she asked not wanting to believe that she meant that creature from hell

"The guy next to Taylor with the auburn hair, I know he has two girls with him but I bet I could get him, he looks like a pale Adonis don't you think?" she gushed. Dite just stared at her with wide eyes, could Christine not see what she could? Was she going crazy? She turned to find the man Christine had just described but the only thing she could see was that creature. What was going on?

"I need to go get some fresh air!" she squeaked and ran outside breathing deeply. 'I must be crazy!' She thought desperately, 'there's no way I could have seen what I saw!'

"Hello" she heard a smooth voice whisper. She spun around quickly and found herself falling into a pair of piercing blue eyes.