Chapter Six

Akemi wandered through the streets of Beachtown. She'd already asked some people about the family but had yet to find the house. She spotted an old woman coming towards her.

"Hello excuse me"

"Yes honey" the old woman's eyes widened as she saw the beautiful woman coming towards her.

"I'm sorry to bother you but I'm looking for Julie and Dave's house. I did have the address but I lost it" she laughed at herself before continuing, "I just remembered they lived in Beachtown. I'm an old friend, you see" she smiled invitingly at the decrepit little woman who smiled kindly back.

"Well you must mean the Jones', I know where they live but I'm terribly sorry to have to tell you this but… Julie died"

Akemi made her face look distraught, "Oh no! What about the children are they ok?"

"Yes they are still with Mr Jones, the youngest took it the hardest I'm afraid, little Aphrodite, but she's always been a little odd"

"Oh poor thing, I must see them can you please tell me where they live"

"Of course sweetie it's the last house on the left down that street there"

"Thank you very much, goodbye" she strode happily into the street, delighted that she was going to please her Queen.

However unluckily for her Duane was being rather vigilant about watching his little Aphrodite's house. He watched warily down the street and as he saw Akemi turn the corner he cursed under his breath before jumping through Aphrodite window. She was sleeping peacefully, she looked so innocent and he felt his heartache with how much she would have to deal with. He decided to wake her gently so he bent down and kissed her soft lips, watching her eyelids flutter open.

"So the fairytales were right after all"

"Duane?" her voice sounded rough with sleep and her hair looked even wilder than normal, she looked adorable.

"You have to get ready quickly, we have to go" he stood up off her bed and she sprang into sitting.

"What's going on? Why do we have to go?"

"There's something coming for you, you must hurry!" She jumped out of bed and he tried not to notice how short the shorts were that she was wearing and how amazing her legs looked in them. Just as she finished dressing there was a knock on the door and Aphrodite could only think of one thing.

"Duane, we must get my brother out too"

"Dite we are cutting it short as it is, I don't think you realise…"

"I realise perfectly how dangerous this is" she interrupted in a harsh whisper "everyone in his house will die and I don't want my brother left here. I'm not leaving without him"

He knew he could make her leave but he also knew the consequences of such an action, she would never forgive him. He growled lowly,

"Which room is his? And where does his window look out on?"

"The one opposite and it looks out on the back garden"

He grabbed her hand and they heard Dave shuffling towards the door timidly. Duane found himself smiling remembering the reason why he would be so timid. They ran to Jason's room and flew through the door. He was lying on his back snoring with his mouth wide open. Duane rolled his eyes before turning to Aphrodite.

"Well wake him up, we don't have all day and he wont have time to get dressed either I need to get you out"

Aphrodite started to shake her brother awake hushing as he woke.

"Dite what's going on? Who's he?" he looked confused between them

"There's no time to explain, he's a friend" Jason looked over to Duane who was smirking arrogantly at him while leaning on the door frame, he didn't like the look of him, "look we have to go, there's someone very dangerous coming for me, they are outside the door and if we don't get out we will die"

Duane heard Dave open the door, "Right times up she is in the house and you need to be out" He opened Jason's window before picking him up and chucking him out. He gave a startled gasp and they both heard a faint 'ouch' which made him snigger. He turned to his little goddess and took her face in his hands giving her a soft kiss, which Jason could see outside.

"Go to your friend's house and stay there, go to school in the morning and pretend to everyone around that there is nothing wrong. You might have to tell your idiot brother and your friend what you know but no one else, do you understand me?" she nodded quickly,

"What about you?"

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I'll come for you." he spoke softly as he gently helped her out of the window and she gracefully landed on her feet before grabbing Jason and them both running away.

He heard Akemi stalking up the stairs. He shut the window quietly and the lay himself on the bed with a small smile fixed on his face. When Akemi opened the door eagerly he grinned at her as she saw him. The anger that blazed on her face and in her eyes was extremely entertaining.

"Hello Akemi, fancy seeing you here" he spoke cheerfully

"Duane" she growled his name out, "where is she?"

"Where is who, darling?" he asked innocently

"You know who! Where is the girl?" He could see her left eye almost twitching with frustration and he grinned wider.

"Now what girl would that be?"

"The girl from the prophecy, don't act all innocent I know you know about her, well we do to now, we got it from the elf" well this was interesting, what prophecy could she mean? He was just planning on fighting his way out but it may be more to his advantage if he let himself get caught and just escaped later, maybe even with the elf that is giving them information.

"I have no idea who you're talking about"

"If that's the case" she began to smile slowly, "you won't mind coming to see the queen"

"No not at all" she looked slightly shocked but then recovered and grabbed his arm before they jumped out the window and ran towards Velna's layer.

* * * * *

Aphrodite had grabbed her brother's arm and began to run, dragging him along with her, in his boxers.

"Dite, where the hell are we going? And what's going on? And who was that guy?"

"Jas I don't have time to explain everything now, we must get to Christine's and then I'll tell you both" Jas huffed indignantly. He definitely didn't like the look of that guy, why the hell was he kissing his little sister? They made it to Christine's house and managed to climb up to her bedroom window and climb in. Aphrodite climbed onto her friend's bed and began to shake her awake"

"Christine!" she whispered. She watched her eyelids flutter open and her face become confused.

"Dite, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Yeah now tell us what's going on" he was impatient to find out what was troubling her and he was sure it centred on that guy.

"Jason! Why are you just in your boxers?" her face coloured but she couldn't help but admit to herself that she liked what she saw.

His cheeks turned slightly pink, "It's a long story he muttered, Dite tell us what's happening"

"I don't even know if you believe me, just… don't interrupt me" she paused collecting herself, "the guy at the house is called Duane"

"The one you met at the club?"

"You met him at a club!"

"Shut up! I told you not to interrupt!" they both looked apologetic so she proceeded to tell them about everything, what really happened at the club, her date with Taylor and then tonight. After she finished they were both just looking at her wide eyed and silent.

Eventually Jason cleared his throat, "Are you sure Devon-"


"Whatever, are you sure he's not just pulling your leg?"

"Jason have you been listening to anything I said, I saw that thing at the club! Duane isn't lying to me!"

"How do you know that we can trust him, if he's a v-vampire?"

"Well for one he just saved our lives tonight"

"We think he did"

"Jason please just trust me on this, Duane is on our side"

"Maybe you wouldn't be so trusting if you weren't kissing him"

Aphrodite's back stiffened and her face turned cold, "It's none of your business who I kiss, if you don't trust me you can always go home" she turned away furious.

"Look I'm sorry Dite but it's a lot to get my head around"

"I'll say" Christine finally spoke up, "I believe you Dite and if you say we can trust Duane then I'm sure we can. Jason you'll have to stop being an ass, now is no time to get your knickers in a twist about your sister growing up and kissing men"

"You're on her side!"

"Damn right I'm on her side, that's where I belong and you need to decide whether or not you are going to support your sister or lose her, now apologize"

He looked down guiltily at his feet as Dite held back a laugh.

"Sorry" he mumbled

"Good now we should all get some sleep and decide what we're going to do in the morning"

"Yes ma'am" Dite answered with a smirk which Christine responded by maturely sticking out her tongue. Then they began to sort out the sleeping arrangements.

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