(Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I probably ever, own 20th Century Fox's Anastasia or any of its characters. Again. For the billionth time. So there.)

This story was never intended to become real. It was just an idea I had in the middle of other plans, and I never saw myself doing something like this, but something about it just made me want to drop everything and see where it could go.

This story takes place in America in 2008, is about the great-granddaughter of Anya and Dimitri. She doesn't know about her royal roots, since her mother never told her about her great-grandparents. So, over the summer before college, she goes on a journey to discover the truth about her past. Twists and turns and complications ensue, yada yada yada.

The lineage of the characters may be a bit confusing, so I'll clear that up right now. Anya and Dimitri had Tasha and Mikhail. If you have no clue who they are, then read the first page of "Somewhere Down This Road" and the second page of "This Christmas," because I'm really getting tired of explaining them and when they were born and why and everything.

Anyway. Mikhail will not be used a whole lot in this story, so I didn't bother trying to figure out his children, how many, etc. You just need to know that, in 2008, he's 66.

Tasha will be more important to the story. She is 71. I didn't bother figuring out how many kids she had either, but who is important is her daughter, Alexandra. Alexandra (called Allie) is Anya and Dimitri's granddaughter, and she's 45.

Now we come to the main character. Allie's daughter, Lauren, is 17-18. She is A/D's GREAT-granddaughter. So the line goes, Anya, Tasha, Allie, Lauren. Which is not that hard.

But there's one little detail: Tasha and Mikhail always knew who their parents were. And they told their children (meaning Allie, too, knows that she's the Grand Duchess). But, for her protection, Allie was the one who chose NOT to tell her daughter, Lauren, about the past. That's why Lauren knows nothing---because Allie wanted no part of the royalty.

Okay! I think that's all you need to know, except that the month here is June. And if you are slightly depressed that this takes place...after Anya and Dimitri's time, so to speak, don't worry. It kinda depressed me too, but I had to write this. And I promise beyond PROMISE that you will LOVE the ending chapter, because I already know what it's gonna be. ;-) So anyway. Read it, please, and you know I LIVE for reviews, and I really hope you enjoy it, 'cause I'm going out on a limb here. Peace and love.




She looked up from the notebook in her lap, and sheilded her eyes to get a better view of the sun-framed silhouette that had adressed her.

The guy offered his hand. She took it, lifting herself from the grass at the base of the tree.

"You got a name?"

She smiled, batting a section of dark hair out of her eyes. "I'm Lauren."

"Tyler," the guy replied. "I haven't seen you around here before. You new or something?"

Lauren took in the sight of the massive college campus all around her. "Actually, I don't officially go here yet. I graduate next week---I'm just seeing how it fits, I guess. Or, how I fit."

That got him to smile. Something about the women in her family had no trouble in that department. "Well, you'll like it here," Tyler advised. "I can tell."

"Thanks." She meant it, too. After a moment, she indicated the tree behind her, her forgotten notebook lying on a rock. "I, uh, I need to get back to my...."

"Right." Tyler nodded. "So. Maybe I'll see you in September?"

"Maybe you will," Lauren smiled. "It's a definite possibility."

He turned and walked back across the common. Lauren slid back down the trunk of the tree and landed on the soft grass. A definite possibility, she thought. She liked that word.

Lifting the hand containing her early birthday present---a blue 4th generation iPod Nano---she turned the song back on. It was one of her favorites, and Lauren savored the sun on her face as she lost herself in the words.

Sing it again;

Lift up your hearts and sing me a song

That was a hit before your mother was born;

Though she was born a long long time ago,

Your mother should know;

Your mother should know....



'Kay. There's the first chapter. It's pretty short because it's just foreshadowing at this point. Oh, and I should mention that I do NOT own the song "Your Mother Should Know" or the Beatles, either. Or iPods. I just felt like the song went with it, and the iPod will provide a clue for her later, kinda. (After all, it IS 2008 here.) Anyway. Reviews would be nice please. I'll be working on the next chap.