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Summary: Edward takes Bella's bet of not being able to kiss her for a full day seriously, can Bella last a full day? Can Edward?

"An Eternity of kisses"

I sighed for what could have been the hundredth time that day, I didn't keep count anymore. I let out a frustrated puff of air, causing Edward to lightly chuckle against my neck. If only he knew the things he did to me...scratch that, he most certainly did know how each one of his seemingly small actions affected me.

"Edward..." I said in a warning tone as his lips lightly grazed my neck.

"Bella." He said simply, his mouth turning upwards into a crooked smile against my neck. I closed my eyes in frustration wishing he would stop his pointless little game. He'd been doing this all day, a bet really between the both of us. Well I didn't mean for it to be taken seriously, but apparently he thought otherwise.

"Please" My voice came out as a whisper causing Edward to stop momentarily from his attack on my neck, it had only lasted a few moments though before he resumed again, ignoring my plea with a small smile. I rolled my eyes, that almost always worked.

"Edward…I don't like this game anymore!" I huffed, crossing my arms in a childish manner. Edward chuckled, pulling away from my neck slightly to look into my eyes.

"It hasn't even been eight hours yet love, can't you live at least half a day without one?" He murmured quietly, kissing my cheek lightly.

"Technically you just broke your own rule, you just kissed me." I pointed out his mistake, hoping that now he would finally just kiss me on the mouth…this game, bet, whatever, it was stupid.

Edward let out a laugh, rolling over onto his back so that I was now lying on top of him. "Nice try, but that doesn't count." He stated as if it was a real rule.

I thought back to how this stupid bet thing started in the first place, I was just joking with him. We had been kissing on my bed…I wouldn't exactly call it 'making out' since he almost never let me go farther than running my fingers through his hair. And I had just jokingly bet that he couldn't go a day without kissing me, and of course since he's Edward, he took my bet as real.

Ugh, me and my stupid words trying to make myself sound sexy…thinking back now I don't even know why that sounded sexy in my head in the first place.

Suddenly an idea struck me; it was brilliant, well not really... I actually don't know why I hadn't thought of it earlier. I would just kiss him, easy as that.

But of course things are always easier said than done, especially when there's a vampire involved. I smiled and turned my gaze back to Edward, who looked as though he was trying not to laugh at what I could only imagine was my blank looking façade I had on for the last few minutes while I thought to myself.

"Alright, you win." I stated simply. Edward raised one eyebrow in amusement and what looked a little like confusion also.

"I win." He repeated.

"Yep." I fake yawned, as I rolled on top of him again, nuzzling my face against his cold neck.

"Now if you don't mind I would like to go to sleep now." I said as I closed my eyes.

"Bella, its two in the afternoon." I heard his muffled voice say, with what sounded like a hint of confusion added to it.

"Well sorry if someone kept me up all night." I said accusingly, lifting my face up from his chest to look at him. His brows furrowed worriedly as his eyes flashed with a hurt and guilty emotion.

"Bella, I'm sorry you should have tol—"I put a finger to his lips cutting him off. Now was my chance, when he was feeling bad. I knew it was kind of harsh, but I wanted to win at something against him for once, and playing dirty was a needed asset to complete that goal.

"I know how you can make it up to me." I whispered, removing my finger from his lips. His eyes lit up as he cupped my face gently with his hand.

"How?" He asked eagerly. I didn't answer; instead I just leaned forward very fast, even for me. I closed my eyes waiting to finally feel his lips on mine. Instead I just kept leaning further forward until my face hit something very soft and feathery, definitely not Edwards's chest. I opened my eyes to see all white, and let out a frustrated growl into the now recognized pillow.

"Nice try. You really are a conniving little woman Ms. Swan." Edward's voice came from behind me. I sat up, crossing my legs and arms as I stared at him with a scowl on my face.

"I'm older then you." I stuck my tongue out childishly. I cut him off as he opened his mouth to retort. "Physically" I added quickly.

He smiled lightly and before I knew what was going on my back was once again pressed back against the bed as he hovered over me.

"That you are…" He seemed to trail off, or I just didn't hear the rest of what he was saying. My mind was too clouded from the touch of his lips on my neck and slowly trailing upwards towards my cheek and finally to the very corner of my lips, but not enough to be actually touching them.

"Now you're just teasing me!" I complained, this was totally unfair.

Edward chuckled. "Am I now? And what were you doing just a few minutes ago?"

"That wasn't teasing, that was what you call strategy." I stated. Edward rolled his eyes at my theory.

"More like manipulating." He murmured under his breath, but loud enough for me to hear. I lightly pushed his arms away and sat up, turning my back towards him.

"Bella..?" His voice came from behind me, sounding slightly panicky. Probably thinking that what he said actually hurt my feelings.

I faked dramatic sigh before speaking. "I guess I'll just have to go find someone who is willing to kiss me then." I acted…horribly of course, but at least Edward would know that I didn't mean any of it. I heard a light growl from behind me and the next thing I knew I was being pulled back by two cold arms.

"Over my dead body." Edward growled softly into my ear, his lips pressing hard against the hollow of my neck. I giggled lightly before speaking again.

"Edward you can't die." I stated the obvious.

"Over the dead body of anyone who ever dares to even try to kiss you." He corrected for himself for me, his arms pulling me closer against his chest. I laughed quietly to myself, this was fun. I wonder if I could drive him over the edge, make him break and forget about the bet.

I sighed again. "I'm sure Eric would be willing if I asked him." I said to myself loud enough for him to hear.

Edward tightened his grip around me, but not tight enough to hurt me. "Not funny Bella." He growled lightly into my ear.

I huffed in agitation…this obviously wasn't working. I tried again anyway.

"Or Mike, I'm sure he'd would just lov—"

I didn't even have time to finish my sentence or even breathe since before I could even think I found myself lying down, again, with Edward on top of me. This time with his lips roughly against mine. I smiled into the kiss; obviously he did go for the bait.

I closed my eyes as I wrapped my arms around his neck, my fingers fisting his hair as I pulled him closer. He pulled away abruptly, I opened my eyes in disappointment, thinking he would say we were about to go too far again. Except that wasn't what he said.

"I will never let anyone kiss you ever again." He said menacingly, referring to the Jacob incident a few months ago. I cringed at the memory; never would I let anything like that ever happen again either.

"Your mine." His voice once again interrupted my thoughts as I looked up into his topaz eyes; I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by his voice again.

"I know it's selfish, I know that. I know that I don't deserve you…and, I know you don't actually belong to me. But I…I, belong to you Isabella Marie Swan. Even if you ever change your mind about me, leave me, hate me…"

I tried to open my mouth to tell him that I couldn't possibly ever hate him, but he silenced me with a finger to my lips.

"I am yours, more then you'll ever be mine…and that's all I need. I've told you before that I'd be happy with me just having even a part of you, and I meant it." He kissed me lightly on the lips again.

"Edward…" I whispered his name as I cupped his chin and turned him to look at me, this was not what I had expected.

"You silly vampire." I smiled before I continued.

"First of all, I could never hate you, no matter what so I don't know why you would even mention that." I sighed and continued before I he could speak.

"And I want to be yours, and only yours. Forever, eternity, till the end of time, whatever." I tried to explain…though not very well. What would I have to say to have him believe that I only wanted him and no one else?

"Edward…I am yours, I guess in a way I always was…I just didn't know it yet." I smiled…wow that sounded cheesy but oh well; I think I was getting my point across.

"And I can't believe you think I would ever even consider changing my mind or leaving you!" I poked his hard chest, hurting my finger more then I actually hurt him, if at all.


I cut him off again. "I agreed to marry you, change for you, and I'm never going to change my mind about any of that." I finished as I gave him a hard look, trying to get my point across of just how much I loved him.

He smiled and leaned in to kiss me, a lot more passionately this time. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and I gasped in surprise, he never let it go this far. I closed my eyes in bliss, slowly turning red…from embarrassment or lack of air, I wasn't completely sure nor did I care.

Edward seemed to sense that I needed to breathe and pulled away, kissing his way down my neck.

"Bella, Bella, Bella…" He murmured, almost so fast that I couldn't understand what he had said. He placed a kiss to my collar bone as I took another deep breath.

"You'll never know how much I love you…" he whispered just loud enough for me to hear. I sighed in frustration, like he could actually love me more than I did him, impossible is what it was.

"Not possible to love me more then I love you." I voiced my thought to him and felt him smile against my skin, choosing not to retort but instead place another cool kiss to my collar bone.

"So this means I win." I said after a few silent minutes passed he lifted his head from where it was resting on my chest. He leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips.

"This is a bet that I am happy to lose." He stated simply against my lips. I rolled my eyes at his answer.

"What? So you meant to lose?" He smiled at the question.

"Maybe I did." He answered. I huffed in annoyance; he was turning it around again!

"I think you're the conniving and manipulative one." I murmured to myself, causing him to laugh lightly against my lips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down closer. "Just promise me this." Edward looked at me, his eyes turning serious.

"Anything." He stated simply, staring at me with a confused look.

"Don't ever do a bet like this again. I don't want to waste one minute not kissing you." I said, bringing my lips to his again. He immediately responded, kissing me even harder than usual pushing the back of my head deeper into the pillow, but I didn't mind.

"We have an eternity of kisses ahead of us love, don't worry." Edward said after pulling away slightly, smiling that crooked smile I loved so.

"Eternity" I repeated staring at him. He leaned his forehead against mine, pecking me quickly.

"Eternity, love." He assured me again before crashing his lips against mine once again.

An eternity of kisses like this…

I could get used to that.

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