Title: Burning With Questions

Pairing(s): IkeXPit, MarthXPit, LinkXPit

Rating: T-M

Full Story: Pit has descended from the skies, bringing with him an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about the new world. Being one of the special few to enroll in the Super Smash Brothers competitions he's given the golden opportunity to discover the Earth's treasures, meet new acquaintances and make friends.

He has found many things that he's liked about his new surroundings, and later down the road, a certain person that he heavily admires and looks up to: the mercenary Ike. But… soon the brunet realizes that the tall, masculine man is a special case. Only his voice made him weak in the knees, only his crystal blue hues cause him to stop and stare… Could this innocent admiration possibly mean something much, much more complex for Pit to understand?

Prince Marth Lowell is among the sweet angel's circle of friends, having an almost deadly desire to become Pit's one and only bubbling within him. With his charms, petty kisses and many gifts he tries to draw Pit near him… Sadly, he only see's the young prince as a good friend. Will Marth take the time to win over Pit's heart? Or will he take it by force?

Confused Link has broken up with his longtime girlfriend Princess Zelda… The reason? His feelings towards her aren't as strong as they were in the past. Could this have something to do with the sudden arrival of Pit?

Warning: Rape in later chapters.

A/N: Ahh, second fic. I was inspired to make an IkeXPit/MarthXPit/LinkXPit fic because… well… those are some of the rarest pairings (along with IkeXLink, which is horribly rare and my most favorite SSB yaoi couple of all time). So that brings it down to this…

Hokage's "Burning with Questions".

Chapter One—we are "GO"~!

"Great job today, Pit. You're getting a lot stronger."

Ike rustled through the angel's silky, chocolate brown locks. He had no idea—not the teeniest, tiniest clue—how that seemingly simple touch affected Pit. Emotionally, mentally… and physically, almost. Molten lava pumped from his immortal heart as it circulated throughout his petite, heavenly body, warming him to the very tips of his toes. He's always getting these types of reactions whenever he and the mercenary made physical contact. Pit really didn't understand why… Multiple times did he search for the answer, but much to his disappointment, found nothing, and was left to deal with his puzzling emotions.

"Th-Thank you, Ike."

"Just keep training; you'll get beeeeh…" a deep yawn interrupted his statement. He stretched, rising his arms in the air, revealing much of his toned muscle, "…Ahh, I apologize. 'M a little tired."

"Am I keeping you up?!"

"No no… I really wanted to congratulate you on improving your strength… for I've been keeping a special eye on you, Pit."

Pit's eyes widened. Those soft, enchanting words… what did they mean, exactly?

'Special Eye'…?

"When you first arrived, you could barely lay a finger on Jigglypuff of all peop—err—pokèmon. Now King Dee Dee Dee is no match for you! I enjoy watching you grow... Keep it up."

There was that burning inferno in his chest again which acted as a furnace of a train… Ike's smooth voice was like thick, onyx coal shoveled right into its greedy, open mouth.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning for training?"


Ike daintily chuckled at the rather pitchy reply.



One final, hunky smile, and the tall swordsman disappeared into this dorm, the angel left breathless with jelly in his knees.

This was one for The Notebook.


It wasn't long before Pit ran for his dorm, eager to scribble down the new information that would hopefully get him one step closer to discovering why the mercenary made him feel like none other… The Notebook was Pit's personal journal where he recorded numerous, random things that he liked and disliked about Earth, the friends that he's met, and occasionally days that were, in his eyes, very special to him. Like when he tasted chocolate for the first time… his taste buds practically exploded with flavor. He wrote that feeling down. When he won his first brawl match… that was recorded, also. But the majority of his paragraph entries were, of course, about Ike. There probably wasn't a page in there that did not mention the mercenary's name at least once.

"…for I've been keeping a special eye on you, Pit."

Special eye… he had to write that down. He'd already conjured up some ideas on what he meant by that, one fresh on his mind, but was soon side-tracked by one of his many… extreme admirers.

"Pit! There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!"

The angel turned on his heel.

"Prince Marth! Hello! Good evening!"

The story of Prince Marth Lowell… it was love at first sight for the young man. He was one among the many Smashers who became seduced, stricken, immobilized by Pit's celestial beauty, developing such strong feelings for him… an obsession, if you will.

But this was no ordinary obsession, and he didn't have a problem expressing it. He publicized kisses to the boy's cheeks, wrists and forehead simply for all to see, sending the subtle message for those who were interested in his angel "He's mine". Pit—too naïve to understand Marth's painfully obvious come-ons—thought of the prince as nothing more than a charming, polite and generous man. His ulterior motives were ignored; that didn't stop his pursuit of the angel's heart.

"Are you okay? How are you feeling now?"

Earlier that day, Pit found himself stuck in an intense one-on-one battle with King Dee Dee Dee for three minutes. Three long, dreadful minutes. Everyone gave him less than one to make it; Pit gave himself less than twenty seconds… That huge hammer was what made him shake in hit boots. But the little brunet knew that size didn't matter… strength was what truly counted. He kicked the royal penguin's ass up and down the stage, empowered by the cheers of his thousands of fans… and his goddess watching over him. Thirty seconds left in the match; the King had been horrifically beaten into a crippled pulp. The angel, thinking it was all over and he had won, waved to the energetic crowd. Almost instantly, he pinpointed Ike out of the vibrant mass, wearing that infectious smile… azure irises twinkling in his direction. Pit's face flourished with a healthy pink… He couldn't move… those pair of eyes paralyzed him.

Ike was the last person he saw before his once colorful world turned tar black. With one swing of King Dee Dee Dee's mallet, the angel was knocked out cold.

"My head hurts a little... but I am fine."

"Oh, thank the heavens! You had given me quite a fright!"

"I am sorry… I was being very foolish. I will be more cautious next time!"

"Please do…" Marth branched out and pulled the angel into his arms, "not just for your sake, but for mine as well. I can't imagine losing you."

The prince's hands freely roamed the small of Pit's slim backside, secretly lusting after the temptingly sweet skin he knew lay concealed beneath the thin, billowing toga… His paws moved northwards for his lovely spine, slowly dragging two fingers along the slight crease, pressing the smaller male even closer. Pit wrapped his arms about the prince, too, his hands weren't as antsy. Marth slowly inhaled his unique, toothsome scent…

"Mmm... Yes. Can't imagine..."

There were three things he loved about Pit:

One, the sweet aroma wafting from his body so strongly like a freshly baked pie set upon a window sill, attracting passer-bys. He was one of those passers, and became hooked onto the pie—Pit's aroma—desperately craving a good-sized slice.

Two, his personality. Always open to new things… gentle and pure… forgiving and accepting without question. He never grew angry, and the fact that he lacked sexual knowledge was such a turn on for the young bluenette. And lastly, no matter how "holy" of a symbol he was, the angel possessed a delectably sinful body. Yes… that scrumptiously lean figure roused an aphrodisiac fire in the pit of the prince's stomach… touching his frame fed it more wood. Gawking at Pit and blessing his shapeliness from afar wasn't going to cut it. He had to hold the untainted flesh in his hands… Kiss it.

Taste it.

Own it...

That was his greatest ambition.

His lust for his flesh began when they first met. The noble prince formally introduced himself, taking the angel's hand and kissing his fore palm. That's when he tasted it… the saccharine softness, the tender, white skin. From that moment on, Pit had to become his... and no one else's.

"I am sorry, Marth."

"It's alright, dear. Just be more careful. You look awfully tired—hmmm, it is eleven o' clock. I'll stop chatting you up so you can get some shut eye. You're going to need it for tomorrow morning!"

"Oh… Uhhm… I am training with Ike tomorrow morning. Would you like to join us?!"

Marth's friendly, sparkling eyes morphed into pitch black; the smile he wore falling, falling, falling… If there was one person he hated most in this entire world… it was Ike. That damned mercenary. He knew that Pit had some underlying feelings for him. The way he would get so shaken up in his presence, blurt random things that had absolutely nothing to do about the subject on which they were discussing about… It was obvious. Too obvious. And Marth did not like the other bluenette around what was clearly his.

"Yes… Yes, I would very much like to join you two."

The corners of Pit's amethyst eyes crinkled as his lips formed a luminescent smile.

Tomorrow I will not make any mistakes!

"Goodnight, Prince Marth."

The monarch chuckled huskily—strange, he had a rather dainty voice. He loosened his thin, mesmerizing lips and ghosted them against the base of his brow…

"Goodnight, darling…" he muttered, drawing his petals to wear Pit's hairline met his forehead… That's where he sowed his gentle, lingering kiss. The winged male smiled, receiving his ritual peck.

I am very fortunate to have good friends that care about me, Palutena…

"Ugghh Will you two get a room?!"

A pair of heads turned.

Link, Hero of Hyrule, waved at his two comrades as he strode down the corridor in green pajamas.


"Good evening, Lin—" Pit gasped, "—Ahh! There is a red bruise on your face!"

Marth folded his arms, "I'm guessing the break up went well?"

Link scratched his blonde head…

"Yeeeaaahhh… sorta. Zelda didn't take it too well, as I expected, but she'll soon get over it... At least I hope she will."

She slapped me.

"…There is great sadness in your voice," stated Pit, feeling a heap of sympathy for the Twilight Princess. Link slowly looked to the white marble floor… remembering her tear-streaked face…

Crumbly voice…

…Her folded body as she bent over and cried.

"The first couple months of our relationship were great… fantastic. I truly loved her... truly, truly. But, somewhere down the line I… I changed…" he swiftly glanced at the angel, who was listening intently, "…I don't know how, and I don't know when. But I did, and so did my feelings towards her. We started arguing and bickering over the smallest of things… It was all just… just too much. It hurts to know that I'm now the reason for her heartache… but I think it's for the best."

Marth noted the cut of the eyes…

Pit frowned, "I am sorry, Link."

"Nahh… S'okay," the blonde entered into his cheery persona, "I'll deal with all that later. What I'm concerned about is you, Pitto!" Link's soft hand skimmed the angel's noggin, "the last time I saw you, men in white suits were carrying you away on a sick bed! Doctor Mario must've done a good job… I don't see any bandages!"

Pit flashed his special, angelic smile; the prince glared at the blonde's hand.

"I am fine now! All I needed was some rest..."

"That's right, you heal faster than others… I forgot… Well that's good! So you'll be able to fight tomorrow?!"

He nodded.

"Yes!" Link did a little happy dance; it amused the little brunet who giggled innocently. Marth, unfortunately, didn't see anything funny. "You're going to need your energy then, Pit! You should hurry off to bed!"

"Oh! Yes, I should! I will see you two in the morning!"

"G'night, Pit!" yelled the Hylian, as the angel ran for his dorm, again. Marth waited a while before having a much-needed private discussion with Link about his… shattered relationship.

"So… You 'changed', huh?"

Link gulped. He knew where the prince was going with this. First, he avoided eye contact. Second, he prepared himself for the smart, tricky questions that he was sure the clever monarch was going to stone him with…


"You know—and I might be terribly wrong; forgive me if I am—I wonder if Pit, my precious, precious Pit, has something to do with your… 'change'. Am I right about that?"

The blonde man didn't answer him; the answer would have been "Mind your fucking business". Marth simpered deeply in his throat… it was dangerously... sexy. He parked his pert lips next to Link's left, pointed ear, speaking in a hushed tone.

"You don't have to tell me… I know by going with the look on your face. He's beautiful, isn't he? His graceful walk, the sweetness oozing from his pouted, pink lips… You, too, wish to get a taste of what it's like to have that succulent body withering beneath youDon't you?"

Link didn't answer to that, either.

I'm not as sick and twisted as you are, Marth…

The prince moved away, setting a firm hand upon his right shoulder.

"Sorry pal," he started, smiling, "Pit's mine. You know the rules...! Breaking that poor, poor princess's heart as if you had a chance… Very funny, Link!"

"…As if you've got more of a chance than I. You know perfectly well that Pit only has eyes for Ike, or are you that defiant?"

Marth dropped the fakeness in his voice. That name… that wretched name. What the Hylian said was true. Painfully true. That's what made him tick…

…He had to face reality.

The young monarch glowered at Link, the blonde returning the favor for what seemed like forever. He walked past him, slowly, but stopped.

"You just make sure that you remember what I said… Pit belongs to me. And Ike? I'll deal with him when the time is necessary."

The archer shook his head as Marth strutted with down the empty hall with his nose high in the air, probably going back to his dorm.

"…You know perfectly well that Pit only has eyes for Ike…"

…Talk about taking your own advice.

"…Breaking that poor, poor princess's heart as if you had a chance…"

Those words were already starting to haunt him. Did he honestly think he had a chance with the majestic, young boy knowing that Ike was obviously the only one that made him blush and slur words together? But Link's been doing some observing. Pit's feelings seemed to go unseen by the mercenary… did he not like him? Was he really that blind? Did he only see him as a friend? Did he not fall victim to the angel's spell like the rest of the Smashers had? If all of these questions turned up to be true, then there was a chance—a very slim chance—that Pit would fall in love with him.


Pit took a warm, refreshing shower, clothed his body in comfortable pajamas, and leaped onto his bed… notebook and pen in hand. He flipped to the page titled "Mortal: Ike (friend)", in lacy cursive. Underneath the text was a list of things the angel's jotted down about him, like his hair color, eye color, height, age, battle style, the type of weapon he used in combat, weak spots, etcetera. Adjacent to that lengthy list was the "Special Abilities" section…

5. Capable of……
6. Able to rise one's body temperature.
7. Able to increase one's heart rate.
8. Wields the power to put color in one's cheeks.
9. Eyes capable of paralyzation, hypnosis…

He wrote a new one…

10. Uses words as spells.

The angel looked over his list. One thing he noticed right off the bat: not all of these ablities affected his other comrades. Princess Peach didn't blush when Ike spoke. Sonic didn't become paralyzed when their eyes met. Why was he the only one affected?

A sharp gasp…

I got it! Ike is a mage!

Pit's pen flew across the paper as he scribbled down his new theory.

This would explain the use of bewitching words and hypnosis!! Of course the previously written abilities would not support this conclusion as well as the new ones would… but at least I am getting closer to solving this mystery!

He shut his notebook and held it out in front of him, grinning contently.

Tomorrow I shall confront him with my new information and clarify this riddle once and for all! I will figure you out, Ike, along with the rest of this world!

...Did he ever stop to think that he was—Oh, I don't know—totally in love? Did he ever take the time to realize that perhaps the reason why his heart sped up was because Ike was near? And he didn't stare continuously into the mercenary's eyes because he was secretly holding him in a mystical trance. But because he had a very handsome smile and kind, gentle aquamarine orbs…

When he's befuddled by Ike's confusing words, it most definitely was not because he was a mage.

But poor, misinformed Pit would have to learn all of this for himself.

Haaah, done with Chapter One. Hope I didn't make Marth too horny.

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