[A/N: I do not own Twilight or the movie The Swan Princess. The prologue is actually almost exactly like the prologue in the movie with me adding a few things here and there, but otherwise it is the same. I do not take credit for the prologue, but the rest of the story will be my own work. The prologue is just there for people who may have not seen the movie. Anyways, thanks and enjoy the story.]


Once upon a time, there was a King named Charlie who ruled a large and mighty kingdom. And yet, he was sad for he was growing old and had no child to inherit the throne. Then, happily as daughter was born…a princess and she was given the name Isabella. However, a week after Isabella was born his queen, Renee, disappeared from the kingdom, never to be seen again.

Despite the disappearance of the queen, kings and queens came from all around to offer their gifts to the child. Among them were King Carlisle, Queen Esme and their son, Prince Edward who was four years old. Forced by his mother, Edward gave the new born princess his family's present. It was a silver heart shaped locket with a swan on the front. It was then that the two kings and one queen all happened to come up with the same idea. Edward and Isabella would be brought together each summer in hopes that they would fall in love and join their kingdoms forever.

But unknown to all was another plan that of the evil enchanter, James, Isabella's birth was of little concern to him, for he was preparing to take King Charlie by the means of the Forbidden Arts. On the eve of his assault Charlie attacked and James' powers were plunged into the darkness. Despite calls for his death, the enchanter was only banished. James swore that he wasn't finished and would someday get his revenge. Many feared that King Charlie was too kind, but all hopes turned to that not so distant summer, when Edward and Isabella would meet.