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Ch. 10


It was difficult to follow Jacob because he was so much faster than I was. There were all these wind currents that would cause me to lose my balance and almost fall, but somehow I managed to stay up in the sky. Staying higher in the sky did have its advantages and it's down falls as well. I kept trying to ask him how he knew where he was going, but I could never hear his answer. It was hard to hear what Jacob was saying even though he could always hear what I said. He was a wolf and I just assumed that it was for that reason he could hear me from the sky. Sometimes I couldn't find him the forest of trees, but he always made sure to make enough noise to startle the birds in the trees which gave away his location.

I watched as the sun threatened to get closer and closer to the horizon. James would be returning soon to check on me like he did every night and if I wasn't there he'd get angry. I hoped it was one of the nights when he returned later than usual and also hoped that Victoria wasn't back from her trip yet either. It was then that I realized that we would never make it back in time because if the day was almost up then it would take that long to get back.

"Jacob!" I yelled knowing I didn't need to, "We need to head back. You might have to carry me back because I don't know if I can fly fast enough to make it back in time." I glided down closer to the trees so I could hear his answer, but I didn't hear one. I started to panic thinking that I lost him, but I didn't. He was standing still looking at something. I carefully flew down close to the trees to see what he was looking at.

It was Edward. A few rays of sun hit his perfect white skin and it sparkled like a bunch of little diamonds. So that's what he had meant when the sunlight didn't hurt him, but he still couldn't go into it. I was so focused on Edward that I didn't realize how close I was getting to the trees and had to pull up at the last second. In doing so I scrapped my left leg on a branch causing it to bleed. That I knew was not a good thing to I flew high into the sky and back the way I had just come.

It wasn't just because I was bleeding but because I didn't want Edward to have to see me like this. I wanted to be in my human form when we finally met again. I wanted to be able to run into his arms the moment after I transformed back, to feel his cold skin against mine, to see his beautiful smile when we were finally back together, to smell the beautiful scent of him, to taste the cold air he brought with him, and of course, to hear his beautiful voice.

I flew with such speed that it surprised me when I made it back to the lake right as the moon's reflection appeared on the lake. I was amazed that I could fly that fast and know my way back to this place that I dreaded so much. I glided slowly down onto the surface of the lake to the center of the full moon's reflection. The water swirled around me like it did every night transforming me back into my human form. Before the water even had a chance to completely fall back into the lake I was already in Edwards arms. We embraced each other there in the light of the moon as if there was not a force in the world that could ever separate us again.

"Bella," his voice saying my name made my heart race, "I'm sorry…"

I shook my head tightening my grip on him, "There's nothing to be sorry for. We're together again, that's all that matters." I knew that it wouldn't last long though because I was under James' spell and I would turn back into a swan the moment the moonlight left the lake. There had to be some way to break this spell. I remembered one night when James said that the only way to break the spell was for him to vow his everlasting love and prove it to the world.

I pushed myself back so I could see his face, "Edward, you can't stay here. James will be coming back soon. I don't want you to have to fight…I don't want you to get hurt."

He smiled and touched my cheek gently wiping away a tear before it could run down my cheek. "There's no need to worry Bella." He tried to comfort me, "I will free you from the spell he has on you."

"No," I shook my head, "He's powerful and there's Victoria as well. You can't stay and fight by yourself."

He smiled, "but I'm not alone Bella. You're werewolf friend wishes to fight to free you as well." We both looked over at Jacob pacing back and forth.

I looked back at Edward, "No," I said again, "All you have to do is…"

He placed his icy finger against my lips to keep me from talking, "I know Bella, Jacob explained everything, but even if I prove to the world my love for you he'll still try to hurt you and I can't allow that."

No, I didn't want it to be like this. There had to be some way to keep him and Jacob from fighting James and Victoria…at least not without help. James wasn't just any vampire; he was a very powerful and dangerous one because of his magical powers. No, I had to keep them from fighting at all costs, but what? I struggled to think of something fast enough, but nothing was coming to mind.

"Please Edward," I begged, "at least try my way first. Jacob is here and as long as they don't know you came I'll be safe. Besides, I'll just turn back into a swan once the moonlight is no longer on this lake."

Edward locked his jaw as he thought about it and obviously not liking it. I knew that he could understand why I was so concerned because if Jacob had told him everything then he must know about the terrifying powers that James possessed. I looked up at Edward with pleading eyes hoping he would listen to me. The irony of it, all these months I wanted him to rescue me, but now that he could I told him not to.

"Tomorrow night," Edward said putting his hands on my shoulders, "Have Jacob bring you to ball and there I will announce to everyone my love for you."

I nodded, "Okay,"

He kissed my forehead gently, "Be careful Bella, I can't stand the thought of losing you forever." As if he was only part of my imagination he disappeared. I looked at Jacob as he came to stand next to me growling in the direction behind me. I turned around to see nothing, but I knew that someone was coming. I wrapped my arms around Jacob's neck trying to calm him down a little. We were almost out of the nightmare, we just needed to wait one more day.