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"It is beautiful tonight," a hooded figure said thoughtfully as she gazed at the moon. She sat down and let her feet dangle from the large cliff she was sitting on top of. She tilted her head back to breathe the crisp air of the night. The cliff stood high above the clouds, as if cutting her off from the rest of the world. Yet, this was one of her favorite spots.

It was a peaceful place to where she could come and rest and just reminisce on anything she wanted to. She felt absolutely free here, only…she knew she could never be free…yet, neither could she. Whoever she was, she was the reason why she was into this whole mess to begin with. She was the reason why she could never truly be free. She was the reason why the world was so full of death, pain, destruction…chaos. It was all her fault, and she needed to be punished.

The figure shook her head slowly. "It's not only her fault though…not like she knew that it was her fault…" The figure's hands clenched themselves into tight fists. Her voice began to grow cold, her anger rising. "Then again…if she hadn't done what she did, none of us would have to suffer." The hooded figure brought a hand up and removed her hood, revealing a beautiful lavender hedgehog. Her waist-length quills fell out of the hood and began drift with the wind. The hedgehog's emerald eyes grew cold as she looked at the moon.

It was shining ever so brightly than before. The hedgehog scowled at this. "The end is near," the hedgehog noted to herself as she raised her head to the moon above her. Emerald eyes glistened in the moon's beautiful reflection. Her lips pressed together in a line.

She turned away from the moon's longing gaze and walked to a small shrine on the center of the cliff. She knelt before the shrine and bowed her head in respect. She lifted her gaze to a photo next to a small jar. The photo was of a handsome white hedgehog, standing there, smiling proudly…almost as if smiling at the girl. The female hedgehog lowered her head to the photo.

"Father, do you really expect me to do this? After all it never was recorded in the ancient writings that we would know who or where she is. So…I have to travel around to find her? And it's her fault that this happened...it's all her fault!"

Tears came to her eyes as she lifted her eyes to the photo.

"Father…I will end this dreadful curse…and you will be avenged. I will find whoever the Neveian Angel of Death is and I will make her pay for she has done! I will pay whatever debt must be paid. I will do what I must do for you. And to save this world, whatever it is I will do it!"

Her cries of sorrow and loneliness echoed into the dark sky. After a moment of letting the tears fall, the hedgehog lifted her hands to wipe the tears away. A sad smile spread across her lips. "I will do what I must, father."

She slowly reached into the shrine and slowly withdrew the photo from its holder. She held the photo for a minute; gazing into the hedgehog's dark cerulean eyes before tucking it away into her cloak. She turned towards the moon for a moment. Her eyes softened for a moment.

"You know…I wonder how sis is doing…"


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