A/N: I love Ghost in the Shell. Awesome show and I'm looking forward to the Steven Spielberg version.

Something I don't get though is why the movies are different from the show…? Explain please!


"I know you're our there Major!!!" No answer. He clenched his fists. "You promised you'd be here and I believe you. Now come here so I can talk to you!"

"What do you want Batou?" a familiar voice behind him asks. He doesn't dare turn, for fear she will disappear if he does. "I do not exist anymore. I don't want to interfere with matters that have nothing to do with me."

"Come home to us."

"Home?" she asks as if she's forgot the meaning of the word. "Where is home exactly?"

"Where it's always been Motoko; Section 9. We need you back."

"So that's it? Am I a dog to be called upon by the government should they have use of me?"

"Look I couldn't give a rat's ass what the government wants, neither do any of the others." He grunted, "Like it or not we've been through some serious shit Major, and…well, we all care about you. Just come home cause we need you there as you, not as a machine. As a human."

Batou finally summoned the resolve to turn around. What he saw made him want to smile; she looked exactly as she always had.

His face fell at her expression. It was cold and calculating. She was staring at her right hand. She moved her fingers mechanically, stiffly. They folded together unnaturally as all genetically modified hands did. "Human huh?" she laughed, "I can't remember the last time I felt human. So many years have gone by; I don't think I even remember what its like to be human. What does it mean?" she asked, shifting her gaze to the sky. "Does it mean that a human is something that has values? Something who lives and breathes? Who is completely natural? Or do they just need a soul? What does being human mean?"

Batou looked at her, lost; he didn't know how he was supposed to answer that.

"I don't know what it means to be human Batou, but I sure as hell am not it."

"Well I do." he approached her and laid a hand on her shoulder. "You got values, you feel and you think. There you go. You're human."

Batou always wondered why Motoko Kusanagi had to complicate everything. To him everything was simple. If something's broke, you fix it. If you lose a limb you replace it with prosthetics. If you want to be somewhere than go.

And if someone loves you, and you love them, even if it is platonic, even if its not, you work it out.