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Drake Mallard slept uneasily under his powder blue blanket, he was dreaming and unfortunately for his peace of mind this wasn't the first time his brain had come up with a vision about this situation in the last few weeks.

The first few times he'd had this sort of dream, he just shaken off the feelings of apprehension that he'd awakened with and continued on with his busy schedule. This time might have been a repeat of this same scenario except for the fact that Drake was beginning to feel as though he was running out of time.

Even though he didn't have a deadline per se', he had been trying to face this for almost three months now and his subconscious was becoming a nag of epic proportions. Ever since the end of February or so, he had been much more serious in the pursuit of his love interest Morgana Macabre.

As a result of their trying to move to the next level in their relationship Dark was spending a lot more time and effort trying to learn about her culture and she was really making a lot of effort to blend some Normal elements into the time they spent together.

They had fallen into the habit of spending at least three days or nights a week together and much to his amazement and delight in the past month or so he had only had a couple of disagreements or weird incidents with her that had given him a case of the willies. Unfortunately the most recent of these had happened last night.

Even though they disagreed sometimes, their arguments were almost always resolved fairly quickly and almost never involved Morgana's lashing out with her magic anymore. The Spell chain they both wore tended to glow when they argued though and last nights episode had definitely been a low point, at least from Drake's point of view.

He had been trying to comfort Squeek, Morgana's injured familiar; and while coaxing the bat to work his wings, Morgana had been overcome by a surge of pain and Drake had panicked. He had finally left her house, but Drake had to admit the incident had shaken him badly and he had spent several hours in the tower lair afterwards before calming himself enough to come home.

As much as he hated to admit it, the possibility of her lashing out with her magic when she was upset still scared him a lot. He knew that after what happened to him at Castle Macabre he had issues with the whole transformative magic thing but…unless he was willing to trust Morgana and accept her Mage abilities; their relationship was going nowhere.

If only he could get over his jitters, her being a Mage HAD fascinated him from the start. He had always been attracted to the unusual, the different the mysterious…and the friendly cover of darkness had always touched something deep inside his mind and heart.

Having found a female that embodied those things and accepted his fascination with them was more than he'd ever expected. Of course it didn't hurt that her magnificent figure, gorgeous eyes, dainty beak and slender ladylike limbs had enthralled him from the first second he'd seen her either.

As he moved slightly and twitched in his sleep, the light purple sleep shirt he habitually wore to bed shifted revealing a ring on a braided gold chain that he wore looped several times around his neck. It had become a constant accessory ever since Gosalyn's tenth birthday. He and Morgana had exchanged promise rings that day and each wore the others promise in hopes of becoming official someday.

Drake was walking along in his dream and suddenly he was dressed in his Darkwing Duck outfit instead of his sleep shirt. In his dream the mindscape had gone from an innocuous soft blue sky with fluffy white clouds to the familiar cityscape of St. Canard.

It was daytime and Darkwing was walking along the sidewalk of the downtown business district. He had just gotten off the Ratcatcher; and his best friend and loyal sidekick Launchpad McQuack had stayed in the sidecar to finish his hippo burger while Darkwing investigated the store that had caught his interest.

He peered into the window, careful not to touch the glass; inside nestled on the black velvet cloth in the display were several modest diamond rings. Also in the window were a very expensive necklace and earring set and several bracelets.

As he looked at the display, Darkwing felt his heart plummet down toward his toes. From the price tags in the window, even the modest rings were well beyond the price range he had hoped would be enough. He had been saving for nearly three months, but even though he shared the house bills with Launchpad; raising Gosalyn was expensive.

Gos had been remarkably good lately and had only broken two windows and a vase since her birthday, but even so he felt very discouraged. He hated to admit it, but at this rate; even IF he managed to get up the intestinal fortitude to ask his love to marry him; it would be at least another month, more like three; before he could afford even a modest engagement ring.

Sighing he forced himself to move briskly back to the motorcycle. Mounting the custom machine with the ease and panache that came with of lots of practice, Darkwing started the powerful engine and with a roar they pulled out into the light afternoon traffic.

Keeping an eye out for criminal activity just out of habit; he pretended that he didn't see Launchpad's curious glance. As they moved down the street Launchpad cleared his throat and started to ask about the unscheduled stop but he was interrupted by a series of loud banging noises.

Drake woke from his dream with a start as he realized someone was knocking loudly on his bedroom door.

Launchpad's good-natured voice sounded through the door. "Heh, sorry DW but you said last night that you wanted to be up by no later than eight o clock…."

He glanced at his alarm clock and sure enough, Launchpad had let him sleep until eight am. For just a few seconds Drake thought about the dream he'd been in the middle of; but then Drake moaned as he realized that this was the weekend he was expected to endure the company of the Muddlefoots. There would be no time off either once they all got to the National Park.

Launchpad cautiously opened the door and seeing that Drake was awake and sitting up gave his best friend a thumbs up gesture and offered, " I'll go start the coffee maker for you DW, When I was having my before breakfast snack earlier; I realized that no one set the timer last night.

Drake looked up at his best friend and smiled, "Thanks LP, I really appreciate the help."

Giving in to the inevitable Drake sighed and slowly got up. He put extra effort into moving as he recalled that it was the end of June and Gosalyn hadn't awakened him at dawn with any of her usual shenanigans.

School had been out for almost a month and Gosalyn had finished the latest Wiffle Boy game just last week so by Drake's calculations she should have been a minor engine of destruction this morning.

Just as a side effect of her being unoccupied by the mesmerizing electronic gizmos that had occupied her; along with pick up games of baseball, soccer team tryouts, their trip to Duckburg and the Jr. Woodchuck's campground jamboree, gymnastics training and Quack Fu lessons since the end of the formal school year she should have been up and at him since daylight.

He paused for a moment in the middle of tying the belt to his robe as he realized that it was raining. Really concerned now he hurried to the hallway and peered out to see if the coast was clear, if Gosalyn was stuck inside, there was no telling where she'd be or what kinds of mayhem would ensue. Much to his shock he looked cautiously into the open doorway of her bedroom and saw that his darling daughter was CLEANING her room!

Suspicious Drake cleared his throat and asked carefully, "Hi Gos is the world coming to and end today?"

She was busy stuffing trash into a large plastic bag half full of Koo Coo cola cans, papers and what looked like a small broken kite and absently replied, "Hi Dad, not that I know of. My end of the world e mail said that wouldn't happen until after the fireworks display downtown this weekend."

She looked up at him and asked worriedly, "You DO remember about the HUGE fourth of July fireworks display RIGHT? You said we could watch the whole thing and then spend the weekend with the Jr. Woodchuck's, Honker and the Muddlefoots right?!"

Drake sighed and nodded, "Don't worry Gos, I remember, you and Honker brought it up just after school let out for the summer and you two signed up to be in St. Canard's newest chapter of the Jr. Woodchucks. Since you have circled it on EVERY calendar and put electronic countdown widgets on all the computers…." He raised his eyebrows expressively and added, "Even the ones at the lair. I got the hint okay?"

Leaning against the door frame he dodged the now full bag of trash as it landed by the doorframe. Then he asked as she squirmed under her bed and began shoving toys and sports equipment out from under the furniture. "So, if this isn't an attempt to bribe the four horsemen of the apocalypse into letting you call shotgun on their ride, then what IS the momentous occasion?"

Just then he heard her squeal of triumph. Gosalyn's voice went up a few decibels as she crowed, "Here it IS I knew it was here somewhere!"

She crawled back out from under her bed shedding several musty looking socks and held up a pretty toy. It was a fairly large snow globe of St. Canard and wound around the base of the six inch clear globe was a shiny twist of chain that looked similar to the one wrapped several times around her left wrist.

These were her favorite presents from her tenth birthday, that had been this past April; and since she had yet to lose or break the seemingly fragile globe Drake figured that the enchantment on it must be particularly sturdy. Her custom cell phone was a close third and he hid a smile as he saw she had tied the phone in it's carrier above her ankle in her sock.

Gosalyn stole a peek at her dad and asked cautiously, "I want to see if I can find Morgana's house this time Dad, will you help me look?"

He grinned and shook off his twinge of apprehension at the thought of the magical nature of the toy. Picking up one of her basketball jerseys he handed it to her saying, "I'll tell you what Gos," he offered, "I'll help you look after I shower and get dressed. That should give you just enough time to put all that stuff where it's supposed to be and put those socks and the jersey in the laundry."

She started to protest until he sweetened the deal by giving her a quick hug. "No excuses young lady, we made a deal remember? If you keep your stuff where it belongs and make your bed and put your clean clothes away you get to do the extra Quack Fu lessons and the crime fighting training all summer as well as be a Jr. Woodchuck. I AM glad LP has agreed to be the troop leader, he's used to you and Honker, anyone else would be on medication in a month."

Blushing she groaned and objected, "Come on Dad, I'm not that bad. Am I? Can we have waffles for breakfast?"

Drake smiled a little, unable to be upset since she HAD started cleaning her room; this time all on her own. Granted it was a side benefit of her looking for her toy but still Drake was willing to look on this as progress none the less. "Sure Gosalyn, and No, you aren't BAD; not at all."

He hugged her gently and touched the top of her bill with a gentle finger continuing, " It's just… people see your beautiful eyes, and adorable pouty little bill and don't even realize you have a working pact with trouble; it finds you no matter where you are."

Launchpad grinned from his place by the upstairs bathroom where he just put clean towels by the shower and offered "Oh Boy…I'll get the waffle iron out and start the bacon. Don't worry DW, When Huey, Dewy, Louie and the other Woodchucks come for the campout we'll already be at the campground so there won't be any conflicts there."

Gosalyn and Drake both grinned at each other and Drake went to get ready for what was shaping up to be a challenging day since it was looking as though the rain was going to be an all day affair. As he got in the shower he determinedly shook off a feeling of foreboding and forced himself to whistle a cheery tune.

He was busily rubbing a cleaning emulsion into his feathers and using one of the preening combs on his plumage when he noticed the water from the showerhead was avoiding the ring on its chain around his neck. Startled he turned off the light for a moment and saw that sure enough the ring was glowing very faintly.

Concerned for a moment he focused his thoughts on Morgana and her familiars. Over the past few weeks he had become a little more familiar with how the occasional strange extra sensations he had to interpret now worked. He didn't sense anything unusual just now though. Unless Morgana or her familiars were actively seeking him out or in dire peril though this was normal.

Drake had discovered he was much more likely to have input from this new odd side of his senses if he was actively involved with Morgana or near her physically. Although he had also noticed a hyper sense of alertness and attention to detail if he was excited or in a dangerous situation like on a patrol that wasn't turning out to be routine.

He HAD also observed that the promise ring he wore tended to be a barometer of her moods, energy levels and needs. He tended to notice the ring's reactions when she was emotional or in some kind of distress, especially if there was a need he could fulfill directly.

Unlike when the Spell Chain around his neck activated, he seldom felt overwhelmed by the ring. Instead he tended to react in a much more nurturing mode and so did Morgana although he hadn't realized that until they had had their difficulties last night and she had taken him in hand.

He shuddered a little with hormones and blushed, remembering her incredibly sensuous and sexy tail. Most of the time she hid her tail with an illusion and her legs under her various outfits but last night she'd changed into a much lighter robe than she usually wore and he hadn't been able to ignore how the sight of her pert feathered tail peeking out from the back of the robe and her legs silhouetted under the silken cloth had affected him.

He'd managed to keep from drooling thank goodness, but he hadn't been able to refuse her when she'd asked to groom his feathers. It had been one of the most sensual and kindest physical experiences he could remember and it had been all he could do to leave afterwards and not beg her to keep him always.

He was also the only one, aside from Morgana, who could see their rings or the Spell Chains glow evidently; which was a good thing if his happened to be on the outside of his clothes. For some strange reason no one ever seemed to notice that they wore the Spell Chain either.

Gosalyn HAD been a little disappointed when none of the children at school had commented on her bracelet, but Drake had been truly relieved when only Honker and LP seemed able to see the Chains or the rings, Explaining something like a magically empowered Chain or a glowing ring to the Muddlefoots would be a headache. Most likely Herb and Binkie would laugh it off as a movie souvenir and ignore anything that didn't fit in with that, but having a magically glowing artifact give him away on a patrol could be fatal.

Worried still in spite of himself, Drake dried off and wrapped a towel around himself so he could make a quick phone call before cooking the waffles for breakfast. From the smell of frying bacon and the faint undertones of smoke LP was already handling the preliminary prep work so he'd have to hurry if he wanted to find some piece of mind without Gosalyn or LP getting upset as well.


Archie, Morgana Macabre's spider shaped familiar; was humming to himself as he artistically draped his webbing over the curtain rail that shaded the bay window in the living room. Morgana was busy working on her potions and unguents in the kitchen with Eek and Squeek so Archie felt justified in indulging his artistic side for a few minutes.

Besides last night had been particularly trying for all of them and he really wanted to relax. After Morgana and Drake had fought, it had been difficult to get through to Morgana with words at all.

It had taken several hours before the threesome of familiars could calm Dark and Morgana enough for them to realize WHY they had become so upset. Drake's fear had triggered a feedback loop that had kept them off balance emotionally and had crippled their physical energy flows as well as caused Squeek major pain when their Magical power had flashed unevenly unexpectedly surging into both him and Drake. That had been what had shaken Dark out of his panic and broken the loop.

Squeek's agony had penetrated Drake's fear and his instinct to help those who needed it had responded to Squeek's need. Morgana had also been prompted by Drake's promise ring around her neck and that had helped her to understand what was happening and how to help him.

The night had ended on a much better note since they had all ended up cuddling for several hours and Drake had allowed Morgana to groom his plumage. He'd even responded enough to groom her back although he'd been very tentative and cautious. That kind of physical intimacy was something Dark seldom allowed himself.

None of the familiars had yet figured out WHY Drake deliberately held himself back from physically surrendering to at least some of the passion that he and Morgana both felt so strongly, especially since they were promised now and had become bonded magically.

Morgana was particularly frustrated by this but she respected Drake's convictions enough that she didn't want to force him before he was ready. Unfortunately that meant that there was only so much they could do to encourage the situation. Archie hummed a little louder in satisfaction as he recalled how well Drake had responded to seeing Morgana's tail. Morgana HAD renewed the illusion that usually hid her tail but Archie, Eek and Squeek had convinced her to give Drake a peek as a way to encourage him, and she had agreed in spite of her understandable insecurities about her tail.

Archie sighed to himself but he nodded in a satisfied way as he surveyed the effect of his orb shaped web in the upper reaches of the window. As the morning sun sent rays of light to temporarily illuminate the bay window, Archie had to admit that Darkwing DID have a small point or two in his favor as far as the quote Normal side of life was concerned unquote.

There were good things in the daytime as well as the night and since Morgana had begun taking more of a balanced interest in both sides of the coin they had all broadened their perspectives including Drake.

He and Gosalyn actually liked hearing about the history and culture of the Monster realm and both of them ate Monster inspired foods several times a week now. Drake had even admitted that he looked forward to some of Morgana's meals now; most of the time anyway.

Morgana had been consulting with her Aunt Lucidia and the library Bookworm at Castle Macabre for ways to cook healthy Monster style foods that Drake could eat without struggling physically, since a few of the more unusual ingredients in Monster cooking really didn't agree with his digestion; not yet anyway.

If Squeek had his way of course, Drake and his little family would be much more acclimated to magic by the time Yule came; and Archie had to admit that that WAS likely. One of the few really good things that were happening because of Squeek's injury was that all three of the Normals were progressing a lot faster in that area than either Eek or Archie had anticipated.

Morgana came in with Eek and Squeek and moved to glance out the window. A line of dark clouds was moving swiftly in shore from Audubon Bay rapidly graying out the sky and causing an Easterly breeze to whip its way toward the city center. Morgana smiled as she saw the line of dark clouds pouring a steady stream of rain down to cover the cityscape.

The combination of warm pavement and earth that had been baking in the summer heat blended with the rain and the cool breeze coming off the bay at dawn to cause a lovely thick fog to form and sweep its way over the city skyline.

A slight frown touched her delicate beak as she watched the fog obscure the mighty landmark of the suspension bridge that connected downtown St. Canard with its outlying suburbs. It was also one of the major highways that led to Duckburg and its various environs.

Ordinarily fog and its accompanying damp and gloom were a welcome taste of home for Morgana and her familiars. Her frown stemmed from a fact she knew that only a handful of others did. The bridge was not only a vital traffic artery for the city; it was also the secret lair and headquarters of the masked crime fighter Darkwing Duck.

The bridge had been badly damaged a little over two months ago and was still being repaired but Dark had begun refurbishing his lair and clandestinely reinstalling his equipment and supplies as soon as the first tower had been certified as structurally sound. Only two of the four towers were badly damaged now but the second was nowhere near ready yet and it would be at least another month or two before regular traffic would move over the bridge again.

Those same few people that knew about Darkwing's secret headquarters, also knew him as the leader of the government sponsored team of crime fighters called the Justice Ducks that she too was a part of; thanks in no small way to Darkwing. Most people automatically assumed that Gizmoduck was in charge simply because of his greater degree of fame and wider reputation even though he was based in nearby Duckburg and not here in St. Canard.

Outside her homeland, the Monster realm; even fewer people knew of their much more personal connection. In the last year or so they had gone from being outright antagonists to being far more than just teammates.

In fact in the last two or three moons Morgana had to admit that Darkwing had in fact become even more than just her boyfriend. If she wanted to be honest he had in fact become the other half of her heart.

He held a vital piece of her soul even if he didn't seem to know it and watching the bridge disappear into the fog bank caused a shiver of discomfort to make its way down her spine and a chill to whisper uncomfortable secrets into her heart. As the many construction barges and cranes that were being used to repair the bridge disappeared into the fogbank with the bridge, she felt as though she was somehow cut off from an important piece of herself all of a sudden; and she stirred uncomfortably as this sensation recalled their recent troubles.

Squeek whimpered a little from his place tucked securely in a sling of soft, spell imbued cloth wrapped around Morgana's torso. Her Aunt Lucidia had specially prepared the healing potion that the thread was soaked in to make the sling.

Lucidia's mate Elder council member Mintaka had woven the sling himself to facilitate Squeek's recovery. He was a master craft mage and even though he and Lucidia didn't live together most of the time, he had always acknowledged his connections to the Macabre's through Lucidia and he had taken Squeek's injury as a personal insult.

Since Squeek's wounds had happened at the hands of her former high school beau Lafayette Plasimeaux, and Mintaka had been charged with healing and compensating his victims ; even those he discovered from all the way back in high school; Morgana hadn't objected to their help.

In fact Morgana got a great deal of comfort out of knowing they were trying to help both her and Squeek. Morgana honestly didn't feel as though her memories from her senior year were nearly as painful anymore and her Aunt and Elder Mintaka had completely cleansed her Magic to make sure Lafayette hadn't left any other lingering unpleasant surprises in her mind or Power.

That cleansing and the close sensual Power exchange she had with Dark were two of the good things that had resulted from that horrible experience. Deliberate injuries like Squeek's were almost unheard of as far as Morgana knew, and his still being hurt after all this time frightened her very much. She was careful to be encouraging to Squeek, Eek and Archie and she steadfastly refused to consider that he might not fully recover; but she had noticed that his condition didn't really improve unless Dark held him for at least a little while every few days. He didn't get worse thank the Creator but Squeek didn't get better either.

No matter how much of her energy she channeled into Squeek or how long he was held next to her body in the sling, it was Dark who soothed his pain so he could heal. Morgana had been flabbergasted and a little hurt when she had realized this but Archie and Eek had both explained that it was a side effect of the power channels that had been formed between herself, the familiars and Dark back at Castle Macabre in Second month.

Morgana had never heard of a Normal being connected with a bonded Mage's familiars before, but then again what Archie, Eek and Squeek had helped her do to save Dark from her father's machinations had been most unusual from start to finish and they were all still figuring out the ramifications. Also Dark tended to be injured a lot and so understood working through pain better than she did. Since Gosalyn was his daughter, and she was so very like him in spirit; it stood to reason she had inherited his Magical flexibility and was no more a Magical Null than her father was. Squeek felt less guilt sharing his pain with Darkwing than he did when he shared it with his beloved Morgana.

Squeek also tended to heal faster when Dark and little Gosalyn were encouraging him, particularly if the encouragement included massaging his injured wings or giving him treats. This lesser emotional turmoil and close physical contact also meant that more of Squeek's energy was devoted to recovering when he was with Darkwing and Gosalyn than there was if he became discouraged or upset as he sometimes did when his injuries affected Morgana adversely the way they had last night.

Eek fluttered to hang beside the web on the curtain rail as it disappeared in the newly made gloom and sent to Morgana reassuringly. 'Don't worry Morgana, Drake loves you and accepts us all, he really IS trying to get over being afraid that you will lose your temper and turn him into something horrible. He trusts you with Gosalyn and you know if he didn't trust us explicitly at least on some level he'd be keeping her far away from us all. He doesn't expect his thoughts and feelings to cause us to react. After all, we have all been together since you called us and he's just not used to it yet he just needs a little more time.'

Squeek's mental voice sounded tired and worn but it held a note of hope as he added, 'Give us all a little more time mistress, instead of doing anything like keeping Gosalyn away; Drake's brought her with him when he's come over. She's been here at least once or twice a week, sometimes more; since the Normal's have stopped tutoring her for the summer.'

Squeek drooped noticeably as his energy flagged and Archie sent his thoughts encouragingly to Squeek, 'I know the rain makes you ache, but it also means that Drake will probably run out of things to amuse Gosalyn with so he might come over tonight; unless his responsibilities as Darkwing kick in again.'

Opening his connection entirely to Morgana Archie crooned as he sent,' Morgana dearest, don't fret; Dark isn't the only part of him that loves you, Darkwing and Drake are yours too. Just as much as you are his, he's …'

Just then the phone rang and Morgana felt her heart give a now familiar jump as she answered and Drake's voice came out of the receiver.

Sounding a little uncertain her Dark asked, "Morgana, Umm…I was just wondering are you doing alright? I didn't wake you did I?"

Morgana suppressed a yawn and stated firmly, "No Dark darling, I haven't gone to bed yet. I was just finishing a potion for Squeek."

Drake could tell somehow that even though she was telling the truth, there was more to it than that. Archie, Eek and Squeek all glowed a little as they felt Morgana's emotional stress and channeled it towards her Mage reserves so she could use the energy positively later.

Moved by a sudden impulse Drake asked, "Do you think you will be able to rest now Morg? Gosalyn will be busy destroying the house for a while since it's raining and I really don't want to have to shovel mud out of the carpet; but if you want to, you can come over to the house and…"

Just then he was interrupted by a strident shrill tone that sounded throughout the hall. "Oops! I have to go Morg LP has set off the smoke alarm again, call me after you wake up. Iloveyou…."

Surprised, Morgana hung up the phone and shook her head with a smile as she pictured the delightful chaos that her Honey Wompus tended to live in. She suddenly found herself in the midst of a delightful daydream in which she was making healthy nutritious meals for Drake, Gosalyn and Launchpad. And for just a few minutes she even entertained a wild pipe dream of showing little Gosalyn how to make and empower potions. this was of course just a fancy of hers since a Normal born duckling wouldn't be able to make an empowered potion without some kind of Magical help.

Archie, Squeek and Eek had evidently empowered the love potion Gosalyn had convinced them to make back in February and it HAD worked (at least a little), but without more than the touch of sensitivity she seemed to have it wasn't right to raise her hopes about any formal Magical teaching. Especially since she'd been duped and used when she'd visited the Eldritch Academy before, still it made Morgana's heart warm for a little while at the thought of sharing her knowledge with the duckling she had grown to love as a daughter.

She fought off a shiver of delight as she imagined herself creating a safe haven for her beloved Drake to come home to since he spent most of his nights fighting criminals. Morgana trembled a little, remembering how instead of reacting badly to her duck tail and the plain white plumage that covered all of her feathered parts, Drake had been totally attracted to her last night.

It had been the first time she'd dared to let him see her tail, after all the Monster boys and Mage born had always considered her plain at best and the girls in high school had been even more blunt than that. Drake's honest and open reaction of attraction had been even more than she'd hoped for.

After all, it was one thing to beguile someone just to gain a temporary advantage, as she had when she'd first started out as a villainess; it was another thing entirely to open herself to the emotional hurt of rejection from the one Male she'd really wanted and given part of her heart, mind and soul to.

Archie moved onto the neckline of Morgana's dress and sent tentatively to Morgana, 'What has you so thoughtful Morgana dearest?'

All three familiars knew that Drake's phone call and invitation to join him later at his house had calmed Morgana and the emotional energy they tended to exchange just by speaking was enough to relax her a little.

She was still anxious though so Eek chimed in, 'The three of us are doing better at helping him understand Morgana. Drake is letting you in a lot more and it HAS helped us all.'

Squeek added quietly as he snuggled into the crook of her elbow to try and rest, 'We will be fine; Drake, Dark and Darkwing all help me when he is around Morgana. Gosalyn's spirit is so bright and clean in spite of her losses that when she is near it's like being touched by a Power well.'

Really startled by this observation Morgana stroked Squeek gently and coaxed him into flexing his left wing a little so she could rub some ointment into the joints while she asked her familiars, 'Do any of you know why I am getting so emotional around Dark and little Gosalyn? I know I need him so badly I ache. Last night was wonderful. Dark's scent on my feathers is something I have dreamed of for weeks. But…WHY am I having so much trouble controlling my reactions?'

As it happened, Archie, Eek and Squeek DID in fact have a few ideas as to what Morgana was going through and why; their problem was how to explain the situation to her in a way that would help and not hurt her feelings.

Taking a deep breath Archie started to try and explain what they thought was going on, but just before he began Morgana spun in place and said decisively. "I think I will go to Drake's this evening, if I am going to do that though we'd better get some sleep. Dark might even let me help him cook dinner."

Smiling a little at the thought of cooking Normal foods with him she scooped up Archie and kissed him before placing both him and Squeek gently in the soft bed she had made in her night stand drawer.

Eek sighed and sent to his brothers very quietly, 'Maybe its better we don't say anything to Morgana about our theories just yet. Drake IS responding honestly to her and last night I got a flash from him that showed him dreaming about looking for an engagement ring.'

Encouraged Squeek chimed in excitedly, 'I don't think that's from anything magical. It's that he want's to commit to her and us officially. His culture really frowns on relationships that are consummated before formal vows are witnessed. And you both know that Monoculo will totally lose it if he thinks Drake even touches Morgana regardless of what she needs or wants.'

Archie actually flinched at that and grumbled a little to cover up his reaction as Morgana looked at him in surprise. She had been brushing out her long hair, it was actually very wavy and unless she spelled into the severe up do she usually kept it in, her hair tended to bounce and sway all over itself.

Morgana for her part had noticed how much Drake had stroked and touched her hair when it had fallen into its usual messy tangles last night. He had reacted so positively to her hair being down before, she almost regretted having put it back up after he'd left, but maybe tonight she'd leave it down just to see if he'd run his fingers through it again.


Drake for his part was busily cleaning up the remains of breakfast. This time he had a little more help than usual since he'd dragooned Gosalyn into helping with the dishes while LP went to the hardware store to get a drain tube to fix the dishwasher. She hadn't objected that much to his suggestion and with Launchpad gone it was a good time to talk to Gos about what was going on between him and Morgana.

Honestly after last night Drake knew that he couldn't put this off much longer anyway, his heart and hormones together were too much to ignore. His feelings were getting stronger and it wasn't fair to keep Morgana waiting, no matter how scared he was; especially since she loved Gosalyn and accepted Launchpad as his brother too.

Taking a deep breath Drake decided that this was the best chance he was going to get and started tentatively, "Gos sweetie, how do you feel about Morgana?"

Surprised at this question, Gosalyn dropped the plate she had been drying but both she and Drake moved to catch it. Unfortunately that meant that they both missed when they bumped their heads together. Fortunately the plate was a sturdy plastic covered one and didn't break although it did spin on the floor until Drake picked it up and dumped it back into the soapy water.

Rubbing her head Gosalyn replied," Ouch, what do you mean Dad? Morgana's totally cool. You know I love all the creepy stuff she has at her house. Archie and Eek and Squeek are the best and since schools been out…."

Gosalyn's eye's lit up as her keen mind kicked in. Her voice went up a few decibels as she enthused, "KEEN GEAR! I think you should ask her Dad."

Thoroughly startled by the unexpected bump to the head and the quantum jump the conversation had just taken, Drake stopped rubbing his head and blushed.

Pulling himself together he asked carefully. "Are you sure you want to include Morgana in our lives always Gos? She'll be your Mom if she marries me you know. You will have to share me, and obey her; even if she tells you parent stuff you don't want to hear."

To his surprise Gosalyn laughed and Drake felt his heart give a joyous thump…, thump at the happiness he heard in her voice.

Still giggling she offered," We have been over there so much lately that Launchpad and I figured you MUST be getting ready to do SOMETHING. Um…We were right weren't we?"

She glanced at him and saw his beak was hanging open. Sighing she reached up to nudge his beak closed and offered, "Oh come on DAD! You didn't really think that how you feel about Morgana is a secret…did you? Launchpad and I are smarter than that, after all, I am your daughter and I have been learning detective stuff for weeks. It would be pretty silly of us NOT to notice, especially with all the changes you have been going through."

Getting a hold of himself Drake stuttered, "Changes? What changes are you talking about Gos?"

Launchpad spoke up from the doorway that led into the kitchen from the garage and offered as he came in to get his keys, "How about the one where you eat most of Morgana's cooking without making the grossed out faces before you even taste it anymore?"

He and Gosalyn exchanged smug grins as he continued, "Or the one where you mostly stopped panicking over how the Muddlefoots were going to react even when Morgana's cousins Blobby AND Clyde came with her to Herb's BBQ the last weekend of school?"

Gosalyn chimed in with a grin, "Or how about the one where you almost went to Morgana's instead of on patrol last week? If the police radio hadn't gone off just then with the report about Megavolt holding the hospital's backup generator hostage you KNOW we'd have gone straight to Morgana's for the fourth night in a row."

Drake by now was bright red and stuttering but Gosalyn hugged him and Launchpad nudged him on the shoulder and added, "It's okay Drake, you have been totally in love with her for over a year now, it's about time you and she decide just how far you are going with this."


Here is the first part, I am really trying to be more succinct with this story than I was with Hexes & Vexes and make it so it is easy to read by making the chapters shorter. I hope everyone is in character and people enjoy it please read and review if you can, your friend Irual