Hey Readers,

Just some ages if you get confused. Maxis roughly 16, Angel is round about 2, Nudge is 8, Fang is 17, Iggy is 11 and Gazzy is 5.

People come in at different points in the story.

Please read and Enjoy

Heart of Diamond


Angel love

Chapter 1: Hiding


I was running. Yeah, I was running for the first time. It was fantastic, I must have been going as fast as one of those human vehicles, what do they call them, oh Yeah, a...car? I was never thought of speaking human words. They call it reading and writing, whatever that means. Naturally, the secret bird language came to me as soon as I was born. Born isn't the right word, more like...created.

Yes I was running from humans. Mean humans that do bad stuff to me. I can't really tell you what they do, because I don't actually know. I have been with these bad humans for many bird years. They make...things and put them in...Ah, I don't want to think about it. I never, ever want to go there again.

I hugged the little me to me, as I ran. I don't know who I am or what I am, so I call the little me, child. I knew it wasn't a real name in human language, but the birds say it means young or little or something like that. So, until I find a better name, the small, white, sick, hungry little me, is child.

I turned the corner of the so called... street. I noticed that the street was bare, just enough room to fly. I started to fold out my wings from under my shoulders, running faster. I bet them in time with my chest. Soon enough my feet lifted off the ground. A single quick sound echoed through the street.

I screamed. Something happened to my wings. A feeling I felt many times before, where the humans kept me. I hated the feeling. I couldn't fly anymore, I fell to the ground, and had just enough time to protect child's head before it hit the ground. I turned my head to see the...cars, racing towards me. Humans in the cars were shouting.

I jumped to my feet quicker than an normal human ever could and continued to run down the street dodging and jumping over cars and these big two story cars (A/N Buses). The cars made weird noises I didn't like they reminded me too much of the place the humans kept me. I run through the maze of streets, until I came to a street that was deserted.

I slowed down my running until I fully stoped. I was... what's the word, oh out of breath. I could hardly breathe. I checked up on Child, who was wide awake and looking into my eyes. She was just as intelligent as I and knew she had to keep quiet if she wanted to stay free. I smiled, and hugged her close. Intelligently, Child hugged back. We held there for a while before hearing the loud noises of the cars.

I looked around desperately for a place to hide. A tree tall enough? While I was looking around I noticed the most peculiar thing.

There was a house in a tree. It looked like it was at the back of the house, but who would put a house in a tree. Maybe they had put it there for us to hide in? Maybe it was there just for me and Child? Well I couldn't stand here, I just had to check if it could keep us hidden for a few suns (A/N days), but still how wacky can humans get; I mean a house in a tree. The next thing I will see is a boat in the desert.

I ran over to the house's side gate, and swiftly jumped over it. I landed lightly and froze, letting my ears scan my surroundings for any movement. Nothing, I breathed out. I ran around to the back of the house into a beautiful garden.

With my super mutant bird night vision, I saw all the colours of the beautiful garden. Many flowers were in bloom. I didn't know the names of them, but I wish I did. I wish I knew the names of everything. I wish I knew the true name of me.

I shook my head to try and clear it from my mind. Dream to be like humans, to walk with them, to talk to them. Sadly the way I was going there was no way my dreams would come true. Dam those stupid wings.

I walked over to the tree and looked up. The "house" was higher than I thought. I could still jump up to it even if my wings were resisting me fly. I bent my legs and counted to three. One...Two...THREE! That was easy. I landed lightly, wincing with pain, onto the entrance of the...Tree house? I ducked under the low door roof, and stepped into my surroundings.

The house was small (A/N 2 meters by 2 meters), but it looked comfortable enough for both Child and I to sleep. I knew she must be as hungry as I was, but I was too weak and tired to do anything.

I sat down on the floor of the tree house. It was actually quite comfortable to sleep on. I pulled of my jacket and made a sleeping spot (A/N nest) for Child. I placed Child down onto my jacket I had set for her. I stood up and walked painfully to the opening of the house, watching out for any unwanted humans.

I heard a small whimpered, I turned to see Child reaching for me. I smiled before walking back to her sleeping spot. I picked her up and cradled her in my arms. Child smiled and relaxed into my bruised arms. I didn't take long before she fell asleep. I continued to hold her, until I started to feel tired myself.

I gently laid Child onto the jacket as she stirred in her sleep I adjusted the jacket to make it more comfortable. Sighed and lay down next to her. I brushed her hair out of her face before closing my eyes.

In the distance, I could hear rain coming. I didn't mind. Maybe If I had a water holder I could catch the rain, but I was too tired to do anything. I just let sleep take over me, physically and mentally. I had been a long time since I had had a decent night sleep.

Little did I know, that two teenagers who slept in the giant house below, would change my life and make my dreams come true.