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Edward POV (29 Weeks Along)

"Well, proud parents, you two are having.." Carlisle's voice trailed off to a pause, taunting us.

He had a big, goofy smile on his face and his mind was closed off so I couldn't read it.

So not fair, Carlisle. I thought, becoming extremely frustrated and flustered at the same time.

Carlisle sighed then laughed as if at his own private joke.

"Well Bella, Edward, congratulations you are adding another boy and another girl to your family."

I heard a small gasp and then a cry escape from Bella's gaping mouth. I looked over and she quickly covered her face with both of her hands.

Was her sheepishness do to the fact that she was embarrassed to be crying?

Or did she want two boys or two girls?

"What's wrong, Bella?" I asked, tugging her hands away from her face.

Should I let you two alone? The question formed in Carlisle's head.

I nodded, never letting my eyes trail away from Bella as he left.

"Love, what's wrong? Are you upset because you wanted a specific gender?"

She just shook her head as her cries turned into hiccups.

"I'm just so happy!" She squeaked out.

"A boy and a girl, I can't wait to tell Masen and Eli. Masen always wanted a little brother." A smile crept onto her face, soon stretching so wide it covered her whole face.

I felt my non beating heart pinch up in my chest. I loved the twins as my own children, but the fact was that they were part wolf. They weren't one hundred percent human. I could just hope that Bella loved our children as much as Eli and Masen.

"I know, lovely. They are going to be so ecstatic." Just talking about them made me smile too.

Bella slowly sat up, letting out a shaky breath, then a sigh.

"I guess we should let my family in. Then maybe telling Charlie. Jake, too, if you'd like."

At the mention of all those people, Bella flopped back down on the bed; the ugly, gray protective paper crinkling under her body.

As if on cue, the door flung open and the Cullen Clan ran in.

"Tell us! Tell us!" Alice yelled, jumping up and down, her tiny ballerina body bouncing off the walls.

"Alice, calm down before you knock over all of the equipment and break it. Plus, don't you already know? Now tell us Bella." Rosalie barked out.

Bella was about to tell everyone our news, but Alice cut her off.

"I didn't look; I want to be surprised too you know, Rose. So just pipe down so Bella can tell us!"

I rolled my eyes.

"Everyone pipe down, Bella and I have something to tell you."

I looked over at Bella and grabbed her hand. I soothingly squeezed it, giving her reassurance.

Awkward silence stretched between all of us. I looked over at Bella again she had a sly grin on her face. I let out an uncomfortable and unneeded cough.

"A boy and a girl!" She shouted, letting my hand go and setting them on her round belly.

Everyone pounced on her, giving her hugs and kisses and congratulating her. Rose and Alice grabbed her hands and started chattering about names, clothes, toys and other baby related things.

Esme walked over and kissed me on the cheek before her petite arms reached around my chest, pulling me into her.

"I'm so proud of you, Edward. My son, I love you and I'm so happy for you." Esme whispered into my ear.

She squeezed me one more time, let go and walked over to the door and into Carlisle's welcoming arms. I didn't even see him standing there.

I looked at them, with their graying wigs, specially made for them so they would look older, the less-than chic clothes, aging them ever so slightly.

Two thoughts popped into my mind.

The first was how much they've sacrificed for me. After the whole nightmare on Bella's eighteenth birthday, we all met up in Alaska to live with the Denali Clan until we figured out what to do.

Carlisle and Esme began living a new life, starting over as twenty some-things, madly in love, for the first time without us. They were pretending to be newly-weds; Carlisle as a pediatric doctor, Esme a home maker; just two people blissfully in love.

Emmett and Rose were traveling around the world, honey-mooning for six straight years. A week after Bella's birthday they got married (again) and left for Europe. Every place they went a postcard would follow: London, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, even Budapest. Next there was Jamaica, Mexico, Australia and Africa. They bounced around from country to country, taking flights to arrive when it was dark and lived the high life. Well the high night life, anyway.

As for Alice and Jasper, well, they had been living a normal life in Alaska; very un-Alice.

She was, however, ordering designer clothes from Paris, Milan and New York, wearing them once then selling them cheap on eBay or donating them to charity.

I was bouncing around, hunting Victoria. I lived out of suitcase, in dark, dingy, cheap hotels. Yeah, I had millions of dollars that I could have spent on ritzy hotels, Gucci suits or a private investigator to hunt down her for me with no questions asked. But I was miserable and felt like I needed to be miserable, because the love of my life was out there living her life.

In my mind it was yin and yang. I had to live this pitiful and wretched life, so she could live an exhilarating and whole life.

Basically we were all taking a break from the 'new kids in school', orphans living with our aunt and uncle, dating in the family, silent weird teenager routine. When we all managed to met up again, I had a stacks of post cards and letters, each giving details about the bevy of exotic countries, some that I haven't yet been to.

The second thought that crossed my mind was how happy they looked, how old and happy they looked. Secretly I think they liked looking like that, because they knew that it would never really be that way for them. They would never be old, happy grandparents. Yes, we are all over one hundred years old but we would never get wrinkles, liver spots, or gray hairs.

Not unless we paid for them.

My thoughts were cut off, when I heard Emmett's booming voice.

"I still can't believe this! Our little Eddie is going to be a pops!"

I frowned, "Don't call me Eddie. And I'm older then you, so stop calling me little."

His massive hands landed on my shoulder, "Oh come on, Eddie, you are smaller than me. Are you going to name the boy Eddie Junior?"

He smirked. There's nothing more annoying to me than being called Eddie.

"Yes Edward do you have a name for them yet?" Jasper joined our conversation.

I turned toward Bella and raised an eyebrow. The room grew completely silent.

"No, no names yet, I guess. Parent names are sort of already taken." Bella blushed. She did already name the Eli and Masen after my parents and Charlie.

"Well if you carry the little beans the full thirty seven weeks, we still have two months to decide." I smiled at Bella, giving her reassurance.

"Well get up, Bella. Edward, go buy her a baby book so she can pick a name for them!" Rose barked out her order to me.

I rolled my eyes. She was so gentle with Bella now, which sort of scared me. Yes, Rose was envious but I had a feeling she was using Bella. To be honest, I was half afraid Rose would take the newborns and make a run for it.

Yes, I think she is that crazy.

As Alice slid over to Jasper and grabbed his hand, I watched as Rose put her hands under Bella's armpits and pulled her up.

I could tell by Bella's expression that she was slightly peeved. She didn't need help and if she did, it should be from me. I am the boyfriend and the father of the babies.

Bella gave a polite 'thank you' and walked over to me, smiling.

"I guess we can go now. I'm tired, can we please go home and nap?"

"Anything you want, love." I pulled Bella into my arms and kissed the top of her head.

"Anything we need to know before we head home, Carlisle?" I called out.

Carlisle walked over to our little circle.

"As we discussed before Bella, the fetuses will grow hungry, craving a substance besides human food. I know you hate the sight of blood, but I think tonight you should experiment a little. We can meet later in the week and discuss how you are doing, if it's helping or not. My advice would be to put some blood into an opaque cup, hold your nose and just drink!"

Bella and I both cringed.

Edward, it needs to be done, it will give strength to your children. It's just an experiment, purely trial and error.

I nodded my head, letting him know that I understood. "Also, we never really discussed it, but since you noted taking a nap I thought I'd bring it up. Supine hypotensive syndrome is a very serious condition."

Bella nodded her head so I assumed she knew what it was but I didn't.

"What is supine hypotensive syndrome?" I asked.

"Supine hypotensive syndrome is caused when the inferior vena cava is compacted by the weight of Bella's fetuses, placenta and amniotic fluids while laying in the supine position-"

What the hell is he talking about? I heard Rose whisper in her head and without missing a beat she interrupted.

"Ok Carlisle, Bella might now what's happening and Edward is a doctor so he understands these things…and of course I understand because, well, I'm just that smart, but can you please dumb it down for the others," she shifted her quickly head to the right, laying the blame on Emmett. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh yes, of course. As Bella lay on her back, the weight of the fetuses will press down on the inferior vena cava, also known as the large vein that carries de-oxygenated blood from the lower half of her body and into her heart. It's the equivalent to going into shock."

Carlisle paused, pondered how best to dumb-down the lecture then continued.

"If the blood flow is constricted, Bella's blood pressure will plummet, thus causing stress to the fetuses, cutting off their blood and oxygen supply. In Bella's case I'm not sure how much that would affect the fetuses, but I'd rather not test it."

I made a mental note to look up more information on this. Bella must have sensed my distress.

"It's ok, Edward. I just have to sleep on my side, a pillow tucked under me so my lower half is slightly raised. A pillow tucked between my knees helps, too."

She smiled and squeezed my hand.

"Ok, good. Are we good to go? Anything else we should be informed of?" Bella turned to Carlisle and questioned.

"No, just normal stuff; get enough rest and nutrition. Pick baby names."

Carlisle gave his million-dollar smile, kissed Esme on the cheek and headed back to his office.

"Well, who wants to go hunting and give these two some alone time?" Alice asked as we all walked down the hall.

Everyone said 'sure' and kept walking. When we made it to my office, Bella and I bid everyone bye and slipped in.

"Sorry love, I just wanted to grab some things out of my desk."

I walked over to my desk and picked up some patient files that I needed to review. I reached down to the bottom drawer, pulled it open and pulled out a baby book.

"Ok, love, we can go home now."

I slowly (well, slow to me) drove home, trying to keep the car under 60 mph. Bella was carrying my little boy and my little girl so I had to keep them safe.

When we got back to the house, I carried a giggling Bella upstairs before placing her feet on the floor.

"I'm just going to change and go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." She smiled, walked over to her dresser, yanked some clothes out, walked to the bathroom and shut the door.

To distract myself from Bella's disappearance, I kicked off my shoes and clothes, quickly changing. I had started to sort through my case files, when Bella walked in and flopped down onto the bed. Her body sunk down and she was engulfed within all the golden fabric.

"Help please!" She squealed reaching for me.

I carelessly tossed my folders on the dresser, crawled onto the bed, careful to hover over her body and support my own weight.

"You're so beautiful." I whispered, dipping my head and kissing her on the lips.

I felt goose bumps break out along her exposed skin.

"No I'm not. I'm fat. I have cankles, my fingers are the size of sausages and I feel like the ugliest person in this whole town. I don't even know how you can stand to be seen with me."

Bella turned her head away from me.

Is that how Bella saw herself? Some ugly, fat, oompa-loompa? No way in hell could I let the woman that I love, the woman carrying my children think that way.

Tenderly, I tugged her chin to look at me.

"Open your eyes and look at me, Bella," I demanded when I noticed her eyes were closed.

She slowly opened then, blinking rapidly so the moisture in them wouldn't escape.

"Beauty is not caused. It is." I kissed her on the forehead.

"Don't think quoting Emily Dickinson is going to make me feel better."

"Oh Bella, my Bella! You are so beautiful, how can you not see it?" I kissed one eye then the other. "You have never been more beautiful as you are right now."

I lowered my head, kissing her neck, then pushed her shirt aside and kissed her collar bones. I let my head dip even lower, scattering cold kisses on her stomach.

"That feels good." Bella seemed breathless.

I smiled against her stomach then boldly went just a little lower. My frozen lips grazed the skin right above her pants.

"Edward, stop please," She pleaded.

I raised my head; Bella's eyes were sealed shut, her bows curved down, and her mouth in a tight, thin line.

"Are stretchy maternity pants a turn on for you?" She questioned.

"Anything you wear is a turn on for me." I smiled, kissing her skin again.

She groaned. I wasn't sure if it was out of pleasure or agony so I pulled away, dragging my body off the bed and to my feet.

She groaned again, "It felt so good. Don't stop, please."

She was good enough to devour.

I edged back up the bed and up her body, tugging my shirt off along the way. It wasn't good enough though.

I wanted her to be naked with me.

"Lift your arms." I commanded, jerked her shirt up and over. She was left in a pink bra that clasped in the front. Perfect.

I managed to undo the bra and keep up with the kissing at the same time.

I grabbed her breast in each hand, softly kneading them.

"Take your pants off," she barked out, quickly adding, "and mine too."

With my vampire speed I rolled onto my back, flicked my jeans off then literally ripped hers down the sides.

My eyes were greeted with matching pink panties and the creamy white skin that I loved.

I went back to attacking her lips, neck and collarbone as her arm reached between our bodies, trying to make contact with for my swollen member through my boxers.

I wanted Bella like I'd never wanted her before. I wanted to show her that even if she was bigger in some areas, it didn't matter to me. I loved her; I always have and always will.

I thought about what Carlisle said about Bella being on her back for too long. I wasn't really sure how long I would be able to hold on to my sanity before I erupted, so I playfully ordered Bella on her hands and knees.

I positioned myself at her entrance, grabbing her beautiful, full hips.

"Love if I hurt you, please let me know."

I waited for her to nod her head before I pushed forward. Bella gasped as I entered the threshold to her warm, wet apex. I was slow at first, my motions slightly choppy. I was trying my damnedest to go easy on her body.

As the pleasure started to build and the friction of our lovemaking grew more intense, her hand reached down to the small bundle of nerves.

"It feels so good, Edward!" She choked out as I pushed myself harder, further.

I wasn't really sure how much longer I could last before sanity slipped away and I was lost to the monster. I felt my hands gripping her hips so hard that I knew I would leave bruises. I removed my hands and placed them on her ass cheeks. I squeezed them ever so slightly.

This wasn't a better placement for my hands.

I quickly pulled out. I needed a moment to clear my head. I needed a minute without watching my dick slide in and out of Bella. Just thinking about it was enough to push me over the edge.

Instead I watched Bella as she pleasured herself. Her hand moved so gracefully, the bliss written all over her face.

This wasn't much better. I couldn't watch for long or else I was surely to spontaneously combust.

"I'm going to cum soon Edward." Bella moaned out.

Me too. I thought. It was all I needed to get back to work.

With all the force that I could muster up, I thrust back into her, stretching her, hitting her just right.

It was all that was needed to push her over the cliff. Bella instantly climaxed, her walls squeezing around me, holding tight, never wanting to let go.

She was muttering my name, encouraging me to follow her into the haze of pleasure.

I couldn't last any longer and I felt myself slipping away.

My balls seized and spasm at the same time, causing hot seed to spurt into Bella, claiming her as my own.

Branding her in a way no one could take from me.

I let my body slump forward as I rode the waves of satisfaction, slowly thrusting while lights twinkled behind my eyelids. I was floating and for how long I'll never really know.

When I finally came down, I pulled out and collapsed onto my back.

I could have basked in this sensation forever. I looked over at Bella, lying on her side. Her soft curly hair had run wild, curling around her shoulders and face, tickling her skin. Her eyelids were at half mast, probably fighting sleep and she was chewing on her bottom lip.

I reached down to the bottom of the bed to where all the covers had been kicked off and tugged them over our bodies.

"Sleep Bella," I whispered into her ear.

She muttered something under her breath that I couldn't comprehend, before she crept into dreamland.

Oh, how I wished I could join her.

-:- -:- -:-

Bella POV

I awoke from my sex-drunk stupor to some mild toned chatter. Two people were fighting outside the door. I could tell right away that it was Edward and Alice. This couldn't be good.

I went to reach for my clothes that I wore to the appointment when I remembered that Edward had ripped them to shreds.

Instead, I walked over to my dresser and grabbed a pair of shorts and an old Forks High tee shirt.

I crept over to the door, just in case Edward and Alice shut their traps before I even got there. I managed to make it without them noticing me.

I cupped my ear up against the door.

"She'll never go for it, Alice." I heard Edward say. I could picture him gritting his teeth, nostrils flaring.

"Well, that's too bad because it's already done. I just haven't seen a vision yet because she doesn't know."

Now I could picture Alice stomping her feet.

"I guess we should tell her now." Edward's voice stopped then picked back up.

"Bella, I know you are standing at the door." Edward pushed open the door, almost smacking me in the face.

"What's going on?" I questioned, stepping back so they could come in.

"Bella, I have a surprise for you!" Alice squealed, jumping up and down, clapping her hands.

Oh no, an Alice surprise was never a good thing.

What was it going to be this time? Clothes? A new house? A hospital wing dedicated to me and the twins?

"We're having a baby shower!" She shouted, pulling a folded pale green envelope out of her pocket.

Was she serious? I hate parties, especially ones focused around me. Did she learn nothing from the last party? Plus baby showers are about receiving gifts and don't we already have everything we need?

"Alice-" I started.

"Take a look Bella, it's a cute invite!" Alice's eyes flickered to Edward. He scowled back at her.

I took the invite out of her hands, flipped open the envelope and pulled it out.

It was a cute invitation. The invitation was a diaper with blue, pink and yellow polka dots and a Velcro duck safety pin holding it together.

I tugged open the invite and skimmed the contents.

You're Invited!

(It's a Surprise Baby Shower)

Mom-to be: Bella Black

Hostess: The Cullens/Hales

Place: 234 Park Way, Forks

Time: 5:00 PM

Date: Saturday, July 10th

RSVP By: Saturday, June 26th (Ask for Alice, Rosalie or Esme)

My eyes scanned the information again. July 10th? That was two days away!

"Alice, when did you send these out?" I asked, trying to keep my temper down.

"Like a month ago." She sounded like nothing was wrong.

"A month ago?" I half shouted. Then I turned to Edward, "Did you know about this?"

"No." His voice sounded flat.

"I was hiding it from him. Rose, Esme and I have been planning it for a while now! I invited all of your friends from school, some people from high school, even some of the pack. Just trying to be nice and all."

I just stared at her in shock. How did she get any of the addresses?

"I told you Alice." Edward snarled out.

"It will be fun! Games and food! A cake!" Alice started jumping up and down.

"Alice, I don't know. The twins' birthday is in two weeks, we always have a party at the park. I really should focus on that first. Plus I don't really talk to any of those people anymore." I started to trail off.

I just did not want this party. Edward must have sensed my discomfort.

"We don't have to do this, Bella. We can cancel right now. You just got out of the hospital."

"Absolutely not, Edward! I'm not canceling this, even if I have to tie her to a wheel chair and lock the brakes."

Edward and I simultaneously gave her the stare of death.

"Ok, ok I'm leaving!" She said before dancing out the door.

After Alice disappeared I wilted down on to the bed, my head spinning. Edward sat down behind me, and rubbed my back.

"We don't have to do this, Bella. I'd feel better if we don't do this."

I looked back at him, "Why's that?"

Edward let out a long sigh which was never a good sign. "Alice can't see how the baby shower is going to go, which most likely means that there will be some mongrels there. No one wants those flea bags on our land, or in our house."

I thought about it for a minute. This war between them had to end. Especially since Eli and Masen are part of the wolves' world and these two little ones are going to be part of the vampire world. I refused to have my children pinned against each other in this pointless war.

I pulled away from Edward.

"Can you not call them that? Can your family stop calling them mutts or dogs?" I stood up on my shaky legs.

Edward just raised his eyebrows.

"I used to be married to one of those 'mutts'. I was friends with those 'dogs'. Those 'mongrels' welcomed me into their family even though they knew that I loved you," I stopped for a second gathering my emotions.

"Someday my own children might become those 'flea bags'. Do you guys not get that? You say that you love Eli and Masen, yet you make fun of their heritage!" My voice was getting higher.

I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some clothes. "I'm going to Charlie's. I guess I'll be back in time for the baby shower." I spat baby shower out in a mocking voice as if it was a dirty word.

I tried my hardest to hold in my tears as I slammed the bedroom door, walked past all the Cullens gathered in the unused dining room, and drove back to my old life.

-:- -:- -:-

"Come on Bella one more round of 'Dunking for Ducks'!" Alice cheered on as I stumbled back to my seat.

"No more Alice! I need to sit for just a second!" I couldn't help but laugh.

The baby shower actually turned out to be a good idea. Of course Alice and Rose wouldn't allow anything less.

All my friends from school came, along with some co- workers for the library I'd worked in and the café I used to waitress for after the twins were born.

Angela, Ben, Jessica and Mike (who opted to leave their new born at home) came and were beyond ecstatic that they finally got to venture into the infamous Cullen's house.

Sue even brought Charlie, Emily, Leah and the twins up.

The shower itself was Duck themed; yellow, white and blue flowers spilled out of upturned umbrellas, there were claw foot tubs filled with water and floating yellow, rub ducks.

In every corner there were stuffed ducks, and they even had cute little ducks waddling around the back yard.

Every inch of every tree, bush or potted plant had twinkling soft, white lights.

Even the table clothes, cups, and plates had little ducks on them splashing in puddle and the silverware was blue and yellow.

I walked over to the table that housed the food and drinks. A group of caterers stood behind the tables serving food.

Since it was past dinner time, the spread consisted of steaks made to order, ducks (yes actual ducks, which seemed a little gruesome to me, but it was so tasty) that were roasted over a fire pit, a salad bar, macaroni and cheese, 'quack'ers and cheese' platters, (Alice thought that was so witty) fruit platters and a blue punch with rubber ducks floating on top.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to drink much, because I was choking back blood. It seemed to be working too, because the babies were calm in my stomach.

On the dessert table was a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, graham crackers, different fruits, pretzels, cookies and a pound cake. Sitting next to them were duck shaped sugar cookies, different colored and flavored cupcakes and in the center sat a giant cake. Each tier was made to look like packs of diapers and on top sate two little ducks.

It was beautiful and every time I walked past it my mouth watered more and more. I just wanted to dive into it, but I resisted.

I trudged back to my table with my plate full of goodies while Alice set up another game.

"Ok, now it's time for 'Baby Item Memory!" Alice shouted as she passed around printed out sheets.

This was the seventh game we'd played. We'd bobbed for ducks, played 'Don't Say Baby or Mommy', 'Diaper Changing Races', 'Guess What's in the Diaper', 'Candy in the Bottle' and were currently waiting for someone's ice cube to finally melt, so their 'water would break'.

I groaned as Alice passed the table I was sitting at with Charlie, Emily, Leah and Sue. The twins alternated crawling on Charlie or chasing the ducks instead of sitting.

As Alice slapped the papers down on our table, Edward slipped into the chair next to me.

I swear I heard Leah hiss.

When I'd showed up at the house this morning, I'd still been a little heated about the fight we'd had. That all disappeared when Edward handed me a giant bouquet of yellow primroses , sat me down and went into great detail on how sorry he was.

"Just one more game and then it will be time to open gifts. How's the blood, by the way?" Edward whispered in my ear, before kissing right below it. I smacked him on the shoulder for his last comment.

He knew how much I hated blood. Even if now the taste of the coopery liquid was starting to taste pleasant.

I had to stop thinking about it! So instead I listened to my guest as they tried to remember what was all on the cart that was sitting covered in the middle of the tables.

Good thing I wasn't playing because the only thing I could remember was baby bottles, a rattle, a teething ring, some pins, and diaper rash cream.

Angela ended up winning because she remembered twenty three of the twenty seven items.

"Ok, everyone gather around Bella's table because it's time to open presents!" Alice excitedly announced.

Everyone grabbed their chairs and circle my table, with boxes, bags and envelopes. I felt a little uncomfortable with all the attention on me but Edward squeezed my hand and gave me his goofy, one sided smile.

"Ok." I said smiling back at him.

Angela handed me her gift first.

It was a giant, white bathing tub for the twins. It was filled with two sets of onsies, two terry cloth hooded robes, towels, washing clothes, bibs, burping towels, diapers, a brush and comb set, bottles, pacifiers, a teething set, shampoos and soaps, and two rubber ducks.

Next was Jess, not to be out done. Out of two colossal bags I pulled out two long pieces of clothing line. Each line had clothes pinned to them. Each set of clothes were themed to match the season or holidays. As the seasons changed so did the size of the clothes.

By the end, I'd received numerous packages of diapers and wipes (you can never have enough), cards with money (which Edward smirked at), gift cards, picture frames, books, clothes and even two cute little rain coats and pairs of rain boots.

"Hold on; Carlisle, Jasper, Charlie and I got this for Edward!" Emmett's voice boomed out as he shoved over to Edward.

He had three large boxes balanced in his hand.

"Ok this one first!" He said, handing over the top box.

Edward was hesitant at first, but finally opened it. His face was perplexed, as he pulled out a tool belt labeled 'Daddy's Tool Belt'.

Everyone ooo'd and aww'd as he pulled things out of the tool belt.

A pair of rubber gloves, a nose plug, a pair of goggles, Tylenol, ear plugs, hand sanitizer, a pair of tongs, baby powder, lotions, rolled up diapers, even rash cream.

Everyone laughed.

Next was a 'manly diaper bag' with a roaring tiger on the front. Inside was a gray shirt that said, 'I Rock' with two matching onesies that said, 'My Daddy Rocks.'

The last was a filled with 'Daddy and Me' books and a picture frame.

It was a funny, yet touching moment. I felt tears dance in my eyes as I squeezed Edward's hands.

"My water broke!" Someone in the crowd bellowed and giggled, severing the moment and winning the center piece in the middle of my table.

Before I knew it people were starting to trickle out, yawing and congratulating me before they made their exit.

I sat at my table as groups started to break off, starting mini conversations and catching up throughout the yard. Even Charlie and the La Push gang had to leave.

"Leaving so soon, Dad?" I asked, pulling him into a hug.

"Yeah, I have to head back to the station." His mouth drooped even further into a frown.

"What's wrong?" I tried not to sound too worried.

"It's nothing. Just some teenagers went missing from Seattle. We've had another family come down with a missing person's flyer."

My heart started to pick up speed. Charlie must have sensed my discomfort.

"It's nothing to worry about, just some teenagers running away."

I gave him one last hug, thanked the women, as they hissed at the Cullens and left. As they left, all the Cullens gathered around my table and started to pepper me with questions.

"So come up with any names yet?" Jasper asked, speaking probably for the first time tonight.

"I'm not really sure yet," I replied, shrugging my shoulders and glanced to Edward with questioning eyebrows.

"Well I was thinking Floyd for the boy and Gertrude for the girl?"

I cringed at the names. Nothing against them but they were just too old-fashioned.

Rose scuffed.

"What? Those were very popular names when I was alive!"

"Well those names are horrid. When I was alive I used to dream of naming my children Genève or Rosa, Kenneth or Anthony."

I was about to agree with liking those names, when Jasper spoke up.

"Rose, these are a new breed of vampires, they need names with character and strength. During the war I met a couple whose names were Harrison and Dahlia, they tricked and killed many of the Confederate's enemies. Now those are names with appeal!"

"Jasper, the last thing we want is violence in their lives. When I was human the popular names of the time were Prudence for females and Cornelius for males. Most names were religious."

Everyone laughed at each other's names, memories and stories from when they were human. They each took turns talking about names that were popular, and names they hated.

The laughter continued as Alice got up to help Mason and Eli chase around the ducks.

"Angela is getting ready to leave, love," Edward remarked as Angela made her way toward us.

I stood up and meet her half way so the rest of the Cullens could continue to joke about names.

"Ben is waiting outside for me. I had so much fun, though." Angela said as we embraced.

"Thank you so much, Angela, for coming," I paused for a second trying to keep my emotions in check.

"Thank you for everything." I whispered.

She gave me one last squeeze and disappeared through the kitchen door and back into the house.

"Angela was just reliving your friendship." I felt Edward's hand slip into mine.

"She is a very good friend." He murmured into my hair before leading me back to the table where more food awaited me.

Across the yard I heard Alice announce that we would be starting one more game in five minutes.

"Is this almost over? My feet are killing me and I'm so tired!" I groaned.

"It will be over whenever you want it to be over." Edward chuckled, before kissing me on the cheek.

I was just about to tell him it was over when Angela reappeared with an elegant, white box in her hands.

"Hey, Angela. I thought you were heading out?" Edward asked, getting up and gesturing to take his seat.

"This was sitting on your front step, so I figured I'd bring it in."

"Thanks, Angela." I grabbed the box out of her hands and motioned for Alice to join the rest of us.

"Don't open it here, Bella. Wait until everyone leaves," Esme suggested in a hushed voice.

I couldn't wait though, so in the nicest voice I had, I made an announcement that I was tired and thanked everyone for coming.

After the guests left, the catering staff was ushered out, and the twins were asleep, we assembled in the living room.

"What do you think it is?" Jasper inquired, rubbing Alice's shoulders. Her eyes were closed and her fingers were up to her temples.

"I don't know; the twins are blocking my visions. Just open it. Maybe it was Jake but he was too big of a coward to come in?"

Maybe it was, I thought as I pulled the ribbons off and popped the lid. Inside there were layers of tissue paper blocking whatever was in the box.

I lifted the final layer of paper and screamed.

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