A Wish that Spans the Ages

Track 01. introduction ~prelude~

Author's Notes: Final Fantasy X-2 is owned by Square-Enix, not me. This fic idea has probably been done a few hundred times already, but I decided to go ahead with the idea anyway. The ideas in here probably aren't 100% original considering the idea's probably been done to death already; that's fine with me, because I don't do fic-reading. I have to take some liberties with it, but whatever. If you're the type that's anal about that sort of thing, you probably shouldn't be reading fics anyway. The song "Prelude" is also owned by Uematsu Nobuo and Square-Enix.

Everything happened so quickly, and before she could register anything she was on the floor, sprawled on her back. Just moments ago the brown-eyed girl with the long hair was looking into the blue eyes of her blonde lover, and for the first time delivered a sincerely, happy smile.

The words she felt, the words she tried to convey… they couldn't reach him now.

The gunshots interrupted their embrace, ripping them apart from each other. Trying to ignore the searing pain present in her chest, it was only intensified with the combination of the gunshot wound as well as the heartbreak of the thought that this would be the very last time she'd see Shuyin.

To be able to tell him what she wanted to say, to bare her soul to him, to tell him the words in her heart… "Thank you" wasn't enough.

Looking over, as she saw Shuyin attempting with all of his strength to reach out to her, tears fell from her eyes. Quickly, the past two years were flashing before her eyes.

"This is my story..."