This is a FanFic. i wrote a while back and have been posting on DeviantArt adn have finally decied to upload.


i wrote this WAY before hte movie came out, and never read the book! so PLEASE dont. i really ticks me when people kept saying that =___=' *rant over*

Kari Banpaia


The beguining.

A mother and her small child were heading down the dark street. The woman was laughing at something, while the boy, who was on her back, buryed his face in her hair.

"hehe, mama's hair smells like roses!"

the woman smiled. "does it now?"

the boy nodded.

"yep! That's why when ever I see a rose, I think of mama!"

the boy reached over and plucked the mentioned flower from a bush.


he lend forward, and gently put the rose in her hair. The woman smiled.

"thank you hunny. Your so sweet"

the boy beamed and nuzzled her as they walked.

Suddenly, a scream pierced the air.

The boy looked up, then at his mother. She tightened her grip on the boy.

"hush dear, its nothing."

They heard footsteps ahead of them, then, from the allyway, someone fell backwords.

The boys eyes went wide when blood pooled around him.


the woman set the child down, and carefully pushed him behind some trashcans.

"shush ok dear? Be very quite"

the woman walked over to the man.

"sir, are you ok?"

he let out a groan and looked at her.

"r-run….h-he'll k-kill you"

the woman was going to ask who, but she heard a footstep.

She stood and turned to face the ally.

a hooded figure stepped out.

"my my, what do we have here"

the figure circled the woman.

"your in good heath, and young…you'll be very sweet"


suddenly and man was behind her, one hand pinned her arms to her side, the other tilted her head to the side, her neck exposed.

He loward his mouth and roughly bit the skin, causing her to cry out.

The boy watched in horror as the man bit his mother. A moment late,r her limp body fell to the floor. the man chuckled, then dissappered.

The boy stood, and ran over.


he kneeled next to the woman.

She looked up and gave him a faint smile.

"my beautiful little boy"

she reached and gently touched his face.

"b-be strong ok? Be strong for mama"

"i-I ill mama! I will!"

she smiled, and her hand fell from his face, her eyes gently closing.

The boys eyes went wide


at the orphanage, kids looked at the window when the scream pierced the air.

One of the workers came in and shut the window.

"don't worry kids, the adults are just watching a moive"

soon the children went back to playing.

One boy didn't though.

He was sitting on the ledge of another window, cracking it open a bit.

The womans scream filled the air, then the childs.

Only the boy sitting on the window ledge had heard it.

A dark smirk came across his face.

Some of the workers started talking, looking over at the lone boy.

"he never talks to anyone! I wonder if he's mute"

another shook her head.

"he's no mute, in fact when he talks, he quite polite."

A man walked over and lend against the doorway.

His gaze drifted from the worker to the lone boy.

He watched with amused eyes.

His tounge gently ran over his cracked lips.

Another man came up next to him.

"hm? You seem keen on that boy"

the first one looked at the new arrival.

"keep an eye on that one, he's very promising. I can tell"

the second man nodded.

"I would think so. He will be amazing when he's older. What age should he find out the truth?"
the first man seemed to ponder this.

"well, he's at a tender age now. Lets wait till he's at least beguining to mature. Once he's body starts changing"

"you mean once he hits puberty?"


they nodded at the same time, and walked away, but not before the first man stole once last look.

he saw the smirk. This made the man smirk.

yes, he is VERY promising

a young boy smirked as he heard his name shouted.

He walked down the stairs into the kitchen.

"what is THAT?"

the man was pointing to a large snake in the sink.

"your birthday present!"

"you little punk!"

the child smirked and ducked as a broom was swung at his head.

"too slow old man!"

before the father could stop him, the son was already up the stairs, locked in his room.


the boy sighed and fell back on his bed.

"man, this is soo boring! I cant wait till im old enough to get out of this house! Then I can have some fun!"

the boy jumped when something hit his door.

"go to bed!"

"go to hell!"

elsewhere, a child was having the same thoughts.

He sat on his balcony, staring at the moon

A soft sigh escaped the boy.

"I wish I could get away from this town"

"you wish to be free?"

the boy jumped and stood.

A hooded figure was sitting on the edge of the balcony.


even with the hood, he could see the smirk.

"then allow me…I can set you free"

the hooded figure held out a hand. It was pale and slender.

The boy blinked, unsure if he should take it or not.

"well? Do you wish t be free or not? I can easy give you a life that could fill your wildest dreams. Only it would be real"

the boy gulped. It was so tempting.

He took a breath and stepped forward, grabbing the hand.

The hood smirked and pulled the boy close.

"ill show you a side of life you never knew of my child"

the boy blinked, unsure of what he just got himself into

oh well

"those two them?"

the man looked at the pictures in his hand, then back at his partner who nodded.

They were two pictures. Of young children

Those two children were also in the room, which was filled with other kids.

Though they weren't near each other.

"they don't seem to have meet"

"oh well. It shall all work out in time. Trust me my boy, it shall all work out"

he smirked and watched as one of the boys shouted something, then got tackled by some of the child, then they all burst out laughing.

The other was off alone, reading a book.

The man's smirk grew.

"so, he's intelligent"

his gaze went to the one on the floor. he easly picked the two kids off him.

"and he is strong. Perfect"

the man sighed shaking his head at his partner.

"I don't get why we're keeping tabs on these kids"

the man chuckled,

"in a few years my boy, and you'll know why."

His gaze fell from the boys, to the window.

The full moon was high in the sky.

His eyes wetn wide slightly, the smirk going.

in good time, in all good time

Time goes on….