Right, so Toast Rox and I were emailing back and forth, when we came with an idea to write a story. Each of us could only write one sentence at a time, and we could write anything we wanted. There are some obvious mistakes (how could Emmett be treated by a gynaecologist?) but we made one rule: once something is written, we can't undo it. So, now we have some odd things in here, but just go with it ;D Everything I wrote is in italics and everything she wrote is bold. : )

My name is Edward Cullen. I make miracles happen. My adoptive father, Carlisle, is the reason I am what I am. You see, I, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, am a doctor.

I'm not like other doctors, what I do takes immense amounts of self-control. I must be around girls ALL day, checking them out (quite literally) for I am a gynaecologist.

However, because I can never physically sleep, I have taken on a night post at the American Eagle clothing store (I get a great discount). So you see that my problem is this: one of the patients at the hospital and her friends were in American Eagle (quite a few times, I might add) and noticed me... and things got confusing.

More than confusing, downright madness.

One day, at American Eagle, a short, pixie haired girl walked- well, more like bounced- over to the counter. She immediately began to pull out some poster that she was planning on asking me to hang in the window, but she recognized my face as soon as she was close enough.

"OhmiGAWD do I know you, because I swear I've seen you before..."

I put on a convincing smile, "I'm sure we haven't met before, I would remember a face such as yours."

But, deep down, I knew this one fact.
Mary Alice Brandon, (as the posters identified her) was a long term patient of mine, along with her brother, Emmett.

She smiled and said, "Oh, you're so flattering, but I'm not your grandmother..."

I couldn't help but be a little surprised; no girl had ever not been charmed by me. " I'd like to ask; what, pray tell, is a grandmother like yourself doing here, auyh?"

She laughed and flipped her hair, blowing the sweet scent of vanilla at my face.

"Shopping for my best friend, Bella." She explained, involuntarily giving me a mental image of a woman I could only assume to be Bella...

An image I could only assume to be an angel.

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