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Birth – Prologue


I hated her. Hated her with such a fierce hate that I felt as if I would die if I didn't act. How dare she keep hurting my Alpha Male! How dare she?! Every single day I felt his pain. Every day I felt his struggle to deal with what she had done to him. It had gone far enough. Today would be the end of it. She would leave him alone. I would make sure of it.

Jacob was the only thing I had left now, except for my brother. My annoyingly happy brother who couldn't understand what was going on with me. No, he didn't understand the pain I felt. The pain of loving someone, truly loving that person with all your heart, only to have them ripped away by some secret magic that shouldn't even exist. The legends were not supposed to be true. Sam wasn't supposed to be taken from me like that.

I smiled but I knew it was twisted to a snarl. He hadn't even had the guts to tell me why I was suddenly so unimportant. No, I didn't even deserve an explanation. I wasn't good enough for him. One day everything was fine. The next I saw him. His eyes going all soft as he looked at her scared face. Then he had kissed her. In front of me!! Blatantly dismissing me. I wasn't good enough for him. But she was. Oh I hated her too. Emily. I hated her more now that I finally understood why the loving looks that used to be directed solely at me were now irrevocably focused on his once ex. He had imprinted on her. He didn't care about me at all.

I had only realized that fact when I had suddenly fallen extremely ill. My body had felt like it was on fire all day. Then it had gotten worse. I had started shaking. It felt like I was shaking apart, my skin blazed. Then I felt like I exploded. A scream had tore trough my body and it exploded outward. My confusion lasted less than a minute before I realized there were voices in my head. Feelings that weren't mind now flooded my mind. In that second that seemed to last an eternity, I knew everything. Whatever self control I had was suddenly blinded away by the surge of emotions. Resentment. Hot consuming despair. Finally, searing anger. Hate. I hated those blood suckers who had not only stolen my love from me but had now made me this freak, and I hated that girl. The one Sam's life was now completely centered on.

I hated it. I wanted to escape. All that love that washed over me as I was changed. It was far too much for my broken heart to bear. I shouldn't have to bear it. I wasn't fair!!! I wanted nothing more to run away and break the connection that forced me to suffer. Jacob had offered that to me. The relief that came with separation for the pack was too immense for words. The undercurrent of love that all those imprinted males gave off had been only feeding my hate, my despair. But, my relief was so short I almost missed the bliss. Now Jacob's pain overshadowed everything else. The exact same pain as mine. It amplified mine tenfold to experience his as well. The stupid puppy wasn't even smart enough to run away. He had to stay and be a masochist. I wouldn't have cared if it didn't force me to do the same. The sooner he got over it, the sooner I could too.

That would start today. I had defiantly had enough of this nonsense. The bloodsuckers were too sweet to the little tramp. She deserved to know exactly what she was doing to Jacob. If she was even remotely worth him, she would finally release him from the sick prison he found himself in. I bounded quickly through the woods.

Jacob isn't going to want you to do that.

Shut it! Like you could stop me.

I felt his desire to fight me just for kicks.

You better rethink that. I wouldn't hold back.

I even felt his stupid grin through our connection. Murderous rage built in me.

Whoa, chill, sis. Edward won't let you in the house if you keep thinking that.

I took his advice and suppressed the rage that was continuing to build in me. It irked me that he still called the bloodsucker by his name.

I felt his mental shrug. I like Edward.

The growl that came through my lips shut his mental voice up. I came into the clearing where their house was. I had expected the stupid mind reader to be out here waiting for me. Strangely enough he wasn't. I made me apprehensive. I waited in the brush as I heard voices from in the house. One was Jacob's. I couldn't quite make out the words I was on the far side of the clearing, but I did realize he was upset. The slim control I had over my rage was quickly diminishing. What had she done now!!!!

I saw Jacob sprint out of the house, the mind reader was watching from the door with a slightly pained, slightly euphoric look on his face. What the Hell was wrong with him? Something in my gut told me that something had defiantly changed. As much as I hated the bloodsucker, he at least sided with us on the whole front to kill Edward junior. Somehow my instincts told me that had changed. It was the only thing apart from the tramp's death that might send Jacob so far over the edge.

I listened as a car quickly purred to life. It must have been one of the expensive ones. It shot out of the garage. Jacob sent me an apologetic look that didn't completely cover the shear pain he was feeling. My eyes shifted off his the next second. Now was the perfect time for little miss tramp to know exactly what I felt about her. She would pay for the pain he felt.

Mind reader's eyes finally met mine the second I looked toward the house.

I'm speaking with your little lover.

He frowned. "I don't know if you can behave."

I won't murder her. I know better.

He didn't seem to trust me at all. Good, because I didn't trust him either. Stupid sucker.

"I won't translate for you."

I understood what he meant. I would have to phase out. I would have to be human in the room. The hair on my body stood on end at the thought of being that vulnerable with the whole pack of bloodsuckers.

"We wouldn't attack you unless you attacked first." The stupid mind reader explained.

Stay out of my head! I yelled at him. He didn't even flinch from my words. I did feel Seth flinch though. I almost felt sorry for him. Not quite though. I was otherwise occupied. Namely staring down a blood sucker.


I didn't say a word. I just forced my body to phase out. The strange exploding feeling left me crouched on the forest floor completely naked. I quickly grabbed the huge T-shirt that Jacob usually wore. It covered all my private areas. I moved quickly across the clearing. When I was almost at the first step, I hesitated. It reeked so badly. My nose was burning. It was warning me to stay away from them. Mind reader waited patiently at the door. Gee, how considerate of him. I thought sarcastically. He ignored my taunt.

I pushed past my animal instincts and entered the enemy's lair. I noticed immediately that some of the vampires were missing. Good, less distractions. Must be off getting more blood for the half-breed and his sweet mother. He was due soon after all, only four days now. Couldn't let him be malnourished now could we?

Bella looked up from the couch that she was laying on. Her cup of blood always present in her hand. She was confused. Didn't take the mind reader to figure that out. I felt something strange as I looked into her eyes. I felt a pull to go to her. My eyes widened. What the HELL!? My rage grew. Now Jacob's insane reaction to her was affecting me too. Oh this had to stop now! Fury radiated off of me.

"Leah? Why are you here?"

She would pay for the pain that I had to endure. "You are one sick girl." I voiced in a low menacing voice.


"Is one man just not enough for you? You just aren't satisfied with having a bloodsucker all to yourself are you?!" She flinched at bloodsucker. "You have to bring Jacob through this too."

"I can explain-"

"Oh, I'm sure this will be a fantastic explanation. What do you love him too? Can't bear to be apart from him?"

She flinched. Good, she deserved this pain.

"What kind of girl are you?!" I snarled. "Your selfishness forces that stupid puppy to follow you around like a lapdog. How dare you do that to my Alpha! He deserves more that the pain you keep inflicting on him by dragging him through this with you."

She was about to argue. I smelt the salty tears gathering in her eyes.

"Don't you dare try and tell me you didn't mean to hurt him. I feel it! Every single time he phases, I feel the pain that cuts so deep it makes me want to howl! Let him go." My voice had turned to steal. She choked.

"By what little good there is in you, stop being such a selfish child and let him go. You've done enough damage to him. Quite making them deeper. Today was the last straw. I have no idea what happened. But I refuse to let you hurt him like that again. Make up your damn mind. Just leave us alone!"

I was breathing hard; the shaking had covered my entire body. I was fighting the phase with all I had. I couldn't even speak anymore. My teeth were grinding together with the force that would have crushed them if I had been normal.

I glared at her crying face once more. A sick sort of satisfaction went through me at the sight of those tears. HA! Feel some of the pain I have to feel, stupid girl. I felt the stone cold grip on my arm then. I tried to recoil from it, but couldn't. His grip was too hard for me to break in human form. He dragged me from the room and threw me out of the house. I phased in the air and landed in a crouch ready for an attack.

"I think you said enough." The silky smooth demon's voice commanded.

I was still panting, but I was satisfied. I had said my piece. With a sneer I realized it had been an added bonus that she had cried. His low guttural growl warned me away from such thoughts. I let out an amused bark as I moved back into the trees. I felt much better now.

Don't you think you were a little harsh?

You know she deserved what she got.

Bella's a nice girl, Leah. She just got herself in a bad spot.

Don't you ever talk about her like that in front of me! I snarled at him.

I herd him mentally sigh before continuing his monitoring.

Hours past and I noticed the fresh tracks of two of the vampires. They must have brought back some provisions for the half-breed. Oh goody. I continued on with my scouting. My mind kept going back to the moment when I had looked into Bella's eyes and experienced first hand what Jacob always felt when he looked at her. I felt my annoyance grew.

You felt it? Seth asked incredulously.

Shut up. I grumbled.

You know, that's really weird, Leah. Maybe you should talk to Jacob about it when he gets back.

Why would I do that?

You know he will eventually find out when he phases back. Besides, I don't feel that way when I look at her.

My irritation moved through the link we shared.

Just saying.

Yeah, yeah. Keep your thoughts to yourself next time.

Can't do that unless I joined Sam's pack.

The sear pain that his name caused in me forced a whimper of panic from me. It hurt so freaking much. Why couldn't it just go away?

I felt Seth's frustration with himself and his concern for me. He was charging through the forest to get to me. Idiot brother. He bounded to where I was and nuzzled against my neck. I hated how vulnerable I felt, but I didn't turn away from his offered affection.

I'm really sorry, sis. Really, really sorry. I won't say it again. Promise.

As much as I hated that he had said it, I couldn't hold onto my anger at him. I wasn't a complete bitch. And I needed his support right now. I nuzzled back against him in response. The moment of family bonding ended as we both picked up the hum of a well tuned sports car returning.

Jacob's back.

We should go to him. Something happened at the house.

Really, that bad huh?

Yeah, I haven't seen him that shook up since he found out she was pregnant.

We charged back through the trees and beat him to the meadow. He gave us a brief nod before parking in the garage.

Guess he will explain later.

Do you really think he's ok? Seth asked. His concern for Jacob was total. He was such a loyal puppy.


I snickered. He pushed me playfully before he whimpered and bounding over to see how Jacob was for himself.

"Hey, kid." I heard the total exhaustion in his voice. He as weary.

"S'all cool." He said in response to Seth's concerned look. I snorted. Yeah right. "I'll tell you about it later. Sorry to take off on you like that."

My brother being the gullible fool that he was completely trusted his Alpha's words. I however knew better. But I tried to keep my thoughts to myself. No need for my little brother to know the truth just yet.

"Hey, tell your sister to back off now, okay? Enough."

Seth nodded even as he thought. Here that, Leah? I told you he wouldn't want you to do that.

I rolled my eyes in my head. Whatever.

"Get back to work. I'll spell you in a bit." He said to Seth. I took that as my leave to go. I didn't want to be around that house anymore anyway even here the sickly sweet smell bothered me. Besides, now that I knew Jacob would be explaining what happened later, I felt no more desire to stay by that house. I ignored the residual pull to visit Bella. Jacob was defiantly going to hear about it.

I was already back at the normal surveillance path when I heard the bloodcurdling scream that came from back at the house. My hair stood up on end. The animal in me was instinctively frightened. Something extremely wrong had just happened. From the almost instantaneous recognition of the female voice, I knew it was Bella who was hurt. Somehow I doubted it was from anything other that the thing she carried inside of her. The hatred welled up in me again as my brother's frantic thought reverberated in my head.

BELLA! Leah, what happened? Where are you?

I didn't want my brother anywhere near that horrible place if something wrong had occurred.

I'm not a child, Leah.

Oh yes, you are. Stay on the path. Someone needs to make sure no one attacks right now. I'm going to help Jacob.


No. I refuse to let you in there.

I had been racing back to the house as I talked to Seth. He didn't approve. I felt him sulking across our link, but I paid it no mind. The only thoughts in my mind were for Jacob. I had no idea what had happened but I didn't want Jacob to be hurt worse by it. I couldn't deal with anymore pain from him.

I phased out when I got to the meadow. I cursed as I realized the shirt I normal wore had been ruined by the forced change that afternoon. I raced to the opposite side to take Seth's shirt instead. I was wasting precious seconds. Something was wrong. My instincts were going haywire. I finally located Seth's shirt. It was almost at the complete opposite end of the clearing. I growled under my breath in exasperation.

I yanked the cloth over my head and sprinted across the clearing. I focused my hearing. One heartbeat I recognized as Jacob's he was coming down the stairs. I heard another one coming from upstairs. It was so slow and faint I barely caught it. I realized it must be Bella's. The baby had come early. I grimaced. She sounded like she was an inch from death.

But just before I entered the house, third heartbeat caused me to skid to a stop. It was light and fluttering, but it was strong. The half-breed was alive. Fury blew through my system and I slammed the door open. My eyes widened as I focused on my Alpha. He was staring across the room. No he wasn't staring, I knew that look. Suddenly it wasn't Jacob standing in font of me. It was Sam. It was not my Sam. It was her Sam. The one who was suddenly completely lost to me.

The imprint.

My world crumbled apart as I looked at his face. It was full of adoration and wonder. He was gone. My last hope for any sense of peace had been shattered by that half-breed. That mini-demon had stolen it all. I forced my vicious glare to focus on her chocolate eyes. Just like her mother.

I snapped. It wasn't this little demon's fault. Not it was solely her mother's. I heard the beating upstairs growing faster. She was changing. She would live! Desperation changed to a fury I felt all through my shaking limps, everyone else would have a happy ending. They would all live happily ever after. Everyone except me. I lost all rational thought. Someone else would pay for my blinding pain. She would pay. Bella would die.

I raced up the stairs following the smell of human blood that was covering all the sickly sweet smell that burned against my noise. She will die. Fury pushed me past the door, I faltered as a glanced upon the gruesome scene. Bella's mangled corps was lying on some sort of hospital bed but her stomach was merely a gaping whole filled with her blood. I would have been sick if the pain I felt had not left me completely numb.

Edward glanced up at me and let out a warning growl. He quickly began biting her again. He had gone insane. My heart ached so much I couldn't stand. I would never be able to kill Bella before Edward killed me. I was the only one who would feel this grief. I was the only one who didn't have a happy ending.

I slid to the ground, my eyes unfocused on the floor just underneath Bella's bed.


My eyes widened. What the hell?

Ba-bump, ba-bump.

I recognized the same sort of flighty heart beat as the demon downstairs. There was another one?! Where the hell was it?! I would kill it!

I stared back down at the floor below Bella. There was nothing there. Nothing. Just her blood.

That was until I found myself staring into those same chocolate eyes. The exact same ones as the ones that had ensnared Jacob. The pull on my heart was harder. I felt my nerves fraying. My eyes widened as I realize what was happening to me.

"NO! NO! NO!" I said as more and more ties were broken.

I screamed as all those ties refocused on the demon in front of me. After all my fears, after all my pain. I finally did it. I imprinted. And it was on a demon. No, he wasn't a demon. He was mine. I was his. I felt all the pain in my heart clipped away was I continued to stare into his eyes. They were like an ocean of bliss. I was finally free of all my pain. He had erased the pain. I was free.

I heard Edward's cry of surprise and he finally turned from his corpse bride to look at where my eyes were focused.

"What on earth?"

"EdwardJacob" I murmured in complete awe at my savior.

The little half-child made a gurgling noise and reached his hand toward me. I moved to stand right before him and moved my hand to touch his. His bloody fingers rapped around mine. The heat of them surprised me. I felt an immense joy spread through my body as I smiled down at the little child.


He smiled back at me, and my whole world changed.