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Epilogue - At Last


I couldn't believe this. I honestly couldn't believe this. My shock gave way to numbness and finally to rage. I CAN'T BELIVE HER!!!! My eyes narrowed to slits as I contemplated ways to kill the mini fashion demon. She just smiled that oh so (NOT) innocent smile at me. She was going to die, slowly and painfully. Where was that damn Case when I needed him?

"What the hell is that, Alice?" I demanded the vampire in front of me.

"What do you mean, Leah?" She cocked her petite head to the side even as a sly knowing grin pushed the edge of one of her lips upwards. She was enjoying this torture. I screamed in my head not wishing to give her the satisfaction of knowing how pissed I really was. How had this happened?

"That is notthe dress I tried on at the final fitting last week." I said as I took in the scrap of fabric Alice was holding out for me. I felt I had been fairly reasonable today. After all Alice had done to me, this had taken it too far. She had to draw the line somewhere right? First, she had practically dragged me out of bed. Literally pulling me out of Amun arms. I had barely enough time to register that the clock was blinking 6:00 am up at me before I was out of the room and down the stairs. She had loaded me, Nessie, and a still half asleep Clara into the fastest car the Cullens owned. I was so out of it I don't even remember which one it was. All I know was that it was red and fully capable of breaking the speed limit probably three times over.

Why had Alice hijacked me at 6:00 in the morning? Oh that was the best part.

"Alice," I hissed. "You had better had a damn good reason for getting me up this early."

Alice's sparkling eyes looked back at me as the car began to drive far above the speed limit. I wondered if her physic cop detector worked with me and Nessie in the car. Apparently, since she would definitely be pulled over otherwise.

"We're going to on a road trip." She smiled.

I growled. It was just like her to answer questions without giving anything away. "Why are we going on a road trip?" I asked as Clara's head fell onto my shoulder. The poor girl wasn't even really awake when they forced her in the car. I wasn't surprised she was asleep again.

"We- well, you, Nessie, and Clara - have appointments at 7:15 sharp at Spa Noir. We can't have you be late."

"SPA!?!" Nessie looked like she would bounce out of the car. "No way! I've heard humans love them."

My unease was growing. She was taking me to a spa? This was going to be torture. All those people I didn't know touching me. The overwhelming scents that were supposed to relax us. I groaned. I hated Alice. It was then that I wondered what spa in Oregon would be up to Alice's high standards. Unease prickled harder against me. "Where exactly is Spa Noir?" Did I really even want to know?


Complete silence greeted this proclamation. Honestly, what did someone say to that?

Nessie's excited squeal (so that was what I was supposed to do?) could have broken the glass on the car. I grimaced. I should have expected something like that.

Seattle was (I knew) over three hours away from here. A quick glance at the clock told me it was now 6:10am. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised really. The way they drive, I'm surprised it would even take that long. I let out a long sigh as I resigned myself to Alice's antics for the day.

At least Clara and Nessie had enjoyed the spa. Though I would never admit it, the masseuse had done wonders for my back. Phasing always did leave a few kinks I could never seem to get out. But, the spa had just been the beginning. She hadn't trusted the Spa to do anything about our appearance save a rose nail and toe polish. It almost made me grin to remember her look of distain when one of the workers asked if we wanted our hair done. No, not even Spa Noir held up to all of Alice's expectations.

This meant that after almost four hours in the Spa and another hour in the car going back to the house I still had more work to do for the dance tonight. Not that I would be doing anything other than sitting still. Rose immediately began on my hair while Alice tended to Clara's makeup. Then they swapped. Then they descended on Nessie who had been busy talking excitedly to her mother about what had happened at the spa. Bella wasn't allowed near any of the equipment. Instead, she talked to us all. It's thanks to her that I didn't go insane during the (what seemed like hours) thirty minutes that it took both of them to finish us.

Now, Alice had the nerve to show me this pathetic excuse for a dress and claim I was going to wear it. I distinctly remember the one she had made me try on last week had contained much, much more fabric even if the front seemed decent. The amount of skin that the back left bare alone with the ridiculous excuse for a skirt more than made up for the modesty of the top of the thing. I turned my enraged eyes to focus back on Alice waiting for the answer that would doom her for all eternity.

"Oh!" As is she hadn't known exactly what I had been thinking. "Well, of course it isn't." She gave me a stern (completely fake) look. "Amun went with you, right?"

I nodded confused as to why his presence even mattered. He hadn't moved from the door the whole time we had been in that damn store leaving me to put up with the Terrible Two alone. He could have at least shadowed me for some of the time even if he was invisible.

Alice nodded. "Exactly, how can I trust that you didn't let him see the dress?"

"Alice," I began exasperatedly. Did she actually think I would disobey her orders when it came to clothes? Even I wasn't stupid enough to let Amun see the dress. "He didn't see it. I swear, so can I please wear it?"

"But how would I know if you're lying? Edward can't read Amun's mind." I opened my mouth to argue that he could read me expertly when she continued. Like she had already heard my complaints which I knew she couldn't have. "Amun could have peaked while you weren't looking." I rolled my eyes. There was no way that he could even sneak up on me. I always knew where he was.

Absentmindedly, I noted he was currently pacing his room. I wondered if he had been able to get back to sleep after I had left. He usually required about two more hours to rest his body (especially considering how late we actually made it to bed last night). He had worked out yesterday with Jasper too. My thoughts turned increasingly dark as I worried about him. He never seemed to rest enough when I wasn't beside him (not that I was ever going to complain about that).

When he had asked me to move my clothes over, I had felt like my heart would burst from my body. Was that type of joy even possible for me? After the way my life had worked, I had contented myself to the lot I had been given. I had never expected this much happiness ever come to me. If I hadn't had the cover of sarcasm, he would have probably thought someone else had taken over my body. The fact that I needed his touch every minute of the day didn't mean I could have him. He had just recently decided he wanted more from me than friendship. Hell, it hadn't even been three full weeks and I already wanted so, so much more. I couldn't take these small moments of affection. I had to have more. I was more than addicted. It wasn't something I could ever get over. Since the first moment I had seen him, my life had been changed.

It was better, so much better than the shell I had lived in before then – before him. When he had grown, I almost felt completely at peace. I could still remember having his tiny hands fisted in my fur as we moved through the forest. The contentment then had been so close to perfect. But it had changed. Gradually my role seemed to shift, or at least my instincts towards him did. Instead of protect they screamed at me to claim. I would never take more than he offered though. Then, it had only been friendship. I had never even expected for him to want more. I guess I should have, but I didn't. I was too afraid to hope for more. Too afraid that the bond between us was mostly one sided. It was foolish to worry like that.

I didn't anymore. He had claimed me that day. His 'I love you' had torn away any (admittedly weak) barriers I had tried to protect myself with. They had never lasted long anyway. I couldn't notcare for him. And now he cared for me too. Beyond any possible outcome I had ever imagined, Amun had wanted me back, exactly as I wanted him. There was no denying my imprint now. I didn't want too. I would never have been able to even if I had wanted too.

My instincts, grounded so firmly in animalist ways, were going crazy. They recognized him as my mate and wanted him now.They craved for the physical sign of his choice. As they craved, I equally craved for his body filling my own. Ever since he had pinned me to that tree, I felt empty. I knew it was stupid, but that didn't stop the thoughts. The feelings. It was like half of me was missing. Not that it hadn't seemed that way before, but I had been able to live with it. When I didn't know he felt the same way, I could push the emptiness back. Not anymore. Never could I ever again. Amun had made the choice that I had already made. His fate had been sealed. Surely, Edward understood the restraint I had been showing. I had yet to throw his cocky son on the floor and have my way with him no matter how many times I had imagined it.

So, the fact that I could have his touch through an entire night had been euphoric. But still I hadn't wanted to rush him. Those latent fears had shifted. I didn't want to scare him away. I didn't feel teenage love. I hadn't been truly teen age for such a long, long time. Fears pushed and said it could be a simple teenage infatuation for him. He was half human. I couldn't scare him away; it would kill me. After his acceptance, to have him push me away would truly be my end. I couldn't live without him.

The beginning of the week I had slept with him with clothes still on (how I had managed to pull that off I will never know) under the disguise of helping him recover from overusing his ability during the fight with the Egyptians, but by Tuesday that excuse void. He was completely better. Now, I was just being selfish. I didn't want to leave his warm embrace. I never wanted to sleep without him, but I couldn't loose him. I feared I would scare him away. Tuesday night I had spent the whole night looking up at the ceiling in my room. I couldn't sleep without him. I just hoped that he would be fine. Yet, the next morning, I had noticed the dark bruise like circles under his eyes. He hadn't slept well.

"Amun," I breathed as I took in his sight, breathing freely for the first time since I had said goodnight to him 8 hours and 37 minutes ago. It was as I took him in that I noticed his face. Tired. My eyes widened for a moment. What had made him so tired? Worry grew deep within me as I moved to him quickly. My fingers moved without consciousness command to brush against the evidence. The dark discoloration under his eyes. His eyelashes skimmed my hand as his eyes closed. In pleasure? In exhaustion? I didn't know. "You didn't sleep well."

His eyes opened. The brown depths sweeping away any and all of my thoughts for a moment. A smirk pulled onto his lips pulling my focus to them instead. Get a grip, Leah. Don't scare him off this early in the morning. "Neither did you." He remarked. "Can't sleep without me?" He teased. If only you knew…

I pulled a smirk to match his as I raised an eyebrow. "You wish."

His eyes darkened for a moment. My pulse seemed to slam through me. Damn he was sexy. My breathing hitched as he moved his lips to the shell of my ear. His breath caressed it, raising goose bumps on my body. The sensation sent an involuntary response in a wave of heat to my core. Damn, Edward's going to kill me. How is Amun so good at this? "Oh I do. I do wish." His deep, sensual voice confirmed. There was no way for me to be coherent with his body that close to me after yearning for him for a whole night. My fingers fisted in his shirt as I tried to come up with more than a strangled choking noise to answer him with. Anything.

"I suppose someone has to make sure you sleep." I wondered if he noticed how breathy my voice sounded. Did that sentence even make sense? My pleasure starved brain wouldn't focus on anything other than the brush of his moist lips to my hypersensitive skin. I felt my sensitive chest brush against his through the thin fabric Alice had insisted on him wearing lately. A shudder went unheeded through my body as the pulsing heat of my core tightened.

"We were going to sleep?" He questioned huskily into my ear before his teeth grazed the edge. I felt my knees shaking unsteadily. It had nothing to do with the phase. Damn, I was not in control this morning at all. I was slipping away quicker than normal. I was far too out of control. And I didn't even care.

"Do you have a better idea?" My body answered instead of my brain. I needed him so badly in that moment. I needed more than the heat of his skin through his shirt. I needed his body pressed against mine with no barriers. My body was begging for the release it had denied for far too long. Screw Edward and his stupid rules. He knew what this was doing to me. He knew and he still refused to end this agony for me. Well, let him stop me now. I thought as my hooded eyes flickered to Amun's pale neck.

"I do." An oh so familiar (damning) voice said before my lips touched the body that tormented me.

"Dad." Amun groaned as he unraveled himself from me. I wondered vaguely when that had even happened.

I hadn't slept in my room since, giving it to Clara as a 'gift.' It was mutually beneficial. Clara was closer to Seth, but no one worried about them actually doing anything. They were both too shy. Clara still hadn't recovered from loosing her father either. I could tell. I remembered what it felt like to loose a father so quickly even if the situations weren't the same – they were rather similar. It would take a long time for that wound to heal.

Anyway, it also gave the vampires a break. She had been staying in the house, and even though I knew they could resist, I also knew it was better not to tempt fate. Finally, it provided me with the perfect excuse to stay with Amun. I promised myself I was doing it to make sure he got enough sleep; but I knew that was mostly a lie. I did it because I couldn't stand being so close yet so far from him at night. And I realized how thin my control slipped when I was away from him for extended periods of time. Edward had reminded me that "No, Leah, you cannot take my son in the hallway. I understand that this is difficult for you, but that is not acceptable." He had conceded to letting me stay in Amun's room overnight to insure that his request was not broken anytime soon.


I blinked returning to the present to see an (unusually) annoyed Alice glaring none too subtly at me. Her glare only reminded me of my own anger with the (vampire) girl. I narrowed my eyes at her. "What, Alice?" I asked sharply.

"I was saying that this is the dress anyway. Honestly, the one you tried on was modified." She smiled happily at her plot to make me wear close to nothing and pretend to call it clothing. "There isn't another dress for you to wear. Besides, I made the alterations myself. You should be honored to wear one of my creations."

"Sure, Alice, I would be." I muttered sarcastically, "If it wasn't a napkin."

"It's made of silk." She corrected.

"It won't cover anything."

She sighed at me. "Leah, you are going to wear it. Just think of what Amun would do when he sees you in this."

The thought of Amun's darkened, lustful eyes brought back the heat in my core. I glared at Alice. Now I was going to have those thoughts in my head for the rest of the day, and I couldn't even take a shower to cool down. I looked again at the tiny blue dress. There was no doubt Amun would like it, but Edward wouldn't. How Alice even getting away with this was beyond me.

"What does Edward think of the thing?" I asked suspiciously. Why on Earth was he even allowing this? Surely it would border on his rules.

Alice practically beamed at me. "It's a gift exchange from Bella. She got him to allow you to wear this if she gave him something in return."

I shivered as the unwanted images of what exactly Bella had traded for this dress flitted across my mind. Suddenly, I was far from the aroused state I had been in moments ago. With a sigh, I realized I should thank Alice for her unintentional help. I glanced up at her only to meet sparkling gold eyes. I narrowed my eyes at her. I knew that expression only meant more trouble was coming. She was not going to get a thank you from me now.

"Fine." I huffed. "But, I'm not putting it on until it's absolutely necessary."

Alice flashed a teeth bearing grin. "Deal." Even she knew when to cut her loses and run.

How is it that time always passes faster when you don't want it too? Granted I did want (need)to see Amun sometime soon. My animalistic instincts were pushing even my control. It had been a very, very long week. Yet, I did notwant to put on that dress (even if I wanted to see Amun's reaction to it). Amun wasn't even in the house anymore. Alice had forced them out not long after we had returned from Seattle while Bella put up a mind shield around the house so that none of the boys got a sneak peak.

So before I knew it, it was time for the dance (Bella had made a quick supper for me and Clara). There was no putting it off now. That's how I found myself glaring at the simple woven silk garment that was hanging innocently from the back of Amun's door. There really was no way around it. I was just about to strip when Alice flashed into the room.

"Hey! I almost forgot to give you these." She pushed two flesh colored cups and one far too lacy garment into my hands.

I stared confused at the flexible disks. "What are these?"

"They're your bra for today. Just put them on your breasts. You obviously can't wear a real bra with the dress, so these will do instead."

I didn't have room enough in my head to argue anymore. I just sighed and looked at the bit of crème colored lace. "Is this supposed to function as underwear?"

Alice beamed at me. "You're so smart!" With a last frown at her twinkling eyes, I was left alone again to get dressed.

I slipped out of the button down shirt of Amun's that I had borrowed and dropped the bra and regular underwear to the floor. I put the (cold) suction like cups to my breast a little unsure as to whether they would stay or not. Surprisingly, they did. I grabbed the scrap of lace and was more than thrilled to note that it wasn't a thong. Instead, Alice had proved me with a sexy boy short that was made entirely of lace. I was not going to complain at all.

My eyes flashed again to the azure dress waiting for me. With a sigh I took it off the hanger and let it fall onto my body. I had never felt more exposed in my life. With a shiver, I went to see how bad it looked. I almost laughed when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. You had to give Alice and Rose credit. They were miracle workers. My dark eyes were framed my mile long lashes that ended in the smoky contours of my lids. My native skin seemed to glow from the little powder they had dusted over it. My lips shimmered faintly under the light and drew what attention that was not centered on my eyes to them.

Then there was the thing (so maybe it could be called a dress now). The front almost looked too conservative. The silk started high almost to my neck dipping just low enough for my collarbones to be visible before flowing unbroken to my mid thighs. There was a slit in the fabric though that looked almost if as if someone had cut it with a knife. It started just under the top of the dress and continued downward in the valley of my breasts until it ended just below my breast line. If I moved just right, the fabric would shift displaying a piece of my tan skin to the world. It was far more classy than trashy. My hair had been pilled into a messy bun that sat at the base of my neck while uncooperative tendrils had been curled to frame my face.

I turned to see the back of the dress and was not surprised to find almost none. For as conservative as the front of the dress was, the back was equally modern. At the top a strip of fabric continued the circular collar that had begun in the front. Two more strips of fabric descended downward from that piece to circle back under my armpits and connect to the front of the dress. I guess it was to keep the front from falling away from my body. The rest of my back was left bare until the front wrapped back around to connect and form the skirt. All in all, I found I almost liked it. I slipped on the black stiletto heals that Alice had given to me and assessed myself again.

I looked hot.

Now I just had to climb down the stairs to the front room. Great, like that wouldn't be difficult. Ten minutes later I walked (hobbled – these damn shoes were too high) into the main room of the house. All of the girls were all there and waiting. I wish I could tell you what they were wearing, but my mind was in shambles. Why? The string that bound my heart to Amun was tugging. He was coming.

He's coming.

My heart was far too forceful. Almost like it was trying to pound its way right out of my chest. I glanced down at the blue fabric to make sure it was still there. I was suddenly extremely apprehensive. What would he look like? That thought didn't help my heart rate. It kicked it up another notch.

Somehow, some instinct was telling me that today would be an important day. I heard the crunch of gravel and the roars of the cars as they came into the front yard.

Alice, Nessie, and Clara squealed in excitement. Rose just smirked while I noticed Bella send me a small smile along with a wink. What was that supposed to mean?

"Girls? Are ya'll ready?" Jasper's voice called out from the front yard.

They were. Each of them strutted out like they owned the world until it was just me, my overactive heart, and Alice. She grinned a surprisingly completely innocent smile and pushed me towards the door. Why was I so damn nervous? I'm 28 years old, damn it! I should not be nervous about seeing my 8 year old boyfriend. I let out a low chuckle at that. Man, being paranormal was strange.

With renewed confidence, I stepped out of the door and locked eyes with my Amun. His brown eyes drew me like a magnet. My pulse pumped slowly but as it ended it seemed like it pushed a wave of desire through my body. Liquid heat coursed through me instead of blood. But he frowned. I smirked. Of course, he would not be pleased with the front even if it did end rather high on my long legs. I gathered confidence and walked over to him.

"What do you think?" I asked breathily into his ear.

His mouth moved to one of the few places on my shoulder that wasn't covered in silk. "I'm a little disappointed." He said as he kissed the pulse point on my neck.

I grinned into his hair. "You haven't seen the back."

He shifted me closer so he could look behind me. The low growl and almost shaky movement of his hands across my bare back made me grin in satisfaction. That's more like it. His hands moved to my hips and pushed me closer against him. His ragged breath wasn't the only indicator of how much he enjoyed my exposed back.

"Damn my father." He rumbled.

I laughed at him before stepping backwards. I didn't know if I could keep myself under control when his voice went that low. I could only get an inch of space between our bodies before his strong hands refused to let me go any further. I smiled as much in amusement as in joy. I still couldn't get over the fact that I could even begin to affect him like he did me.

"Don't we have a dance to go to?" I asked as I wry smirk pushed at my lips.

His dilated pupils met my own dark eyes before he sighed. "Unfortunately." He mumbled.

I frowned in mock hurt. "Do you not want to take me to the dance? Am I too old?"

He sighed. One of his hands left my tingling waist to run through his already messy hair. It was a sign that he was frustrated. "You know I don't care about that." He cocked an eyebrow at me. "Besides wouldn't that mean I'm too young for you?"

Hell no."Hmmmm. Maybe."

"Alright you two, break it up. We have a dance to get to!" Alice pepped as she opened the back door to the Volvo. I noticed that even if Edward was letting Amun drive today, we still had to use the safest car. With a smile, I got into the front seat as Amun closed my door giving one last long look towards my now further exposed legs. I thought I caught a guttural growl, but as he shut the door then, it might have been wishful thinking.

"So why are we taking so many cars?" I asked as I watched four cars speed away in front of us.

"No reason." Amun said nonchalantly.

Alice giggled suddenly drawing me from questioning Amun. I turned around confused as to why she would do that only to see Jasper's bronze hair. With a snort, I turned back around. I was in no mood to watch someone else enjoying the perks of being in love when I was shackled by slave driver Edward.

"How did we get stuck with them?" I asked Amun.

He looked over at me with a raised eyebrow. He looked in the review mirror and shook his head. "Would you believe that they're here to make us behave?"

I laughed. "Not at all."

"Well, it's true. Dad asked them to make sure we didn't break any rules while he wasn't with us. He's in the car with Nessie. Apparently, they've been pushing the rules more than us."

"Jake always was a masochist." I responded.

Amun smiled and my heart pushed against its restraints again. How was his carefree smile able to do that to me? He was just about to respond when there was a gasp from the back seat. I sighed. That was taking it too far.

"Alice, really, have some-"

"Alice?" Jasper questioned worriedly. That was my first clue that he hadn't been the one to make her gasp. I whipped my head around to see Alice glassy eyes. I hated it when Alice had visions. Nothing good ever happened. I braced myself for the worst as her eyes lost their glassy look.

Instead of pronouncing our doom, she laughed. Her high peals struck me as unusual even for her. Her eyes focused on me and seemed to dance in excitement and mirth.

"What did you see?" I asked suspiciously.

She smiled. "I saw a wedding! Leah, your mom's going to marry Charlie!" She laughed again. "Oh, I can't wait to tell Bella; she'll be so excited!" Alice kept babbling in the back but I locked eyes with Amun. A strangled laugh came from my throat.

"Well, Amun, looks like I'm going to be your aunt."

He burst out laughing. "This is too bizarre. My grandpa is marring your mother?"

"Maybe I'll get to be a bridesmaid." I said wistfully. I had hoped Mom could move on from Dad's death, but it hadn't thought about it in a while.

"Nah, we probably won't even be invited. Humans will be there, you know." Amun reminded me.

I frowned. "What? I just look a little young for my age."

Amun's eyes surveyed me again. "What you look is entirely too sexy for your own damn good."

"What are you going to do about it?" I purred as I placed a hand delicately on his thigh.

Amun's sharp intake of breath told me he enjoyed my touch.

"Leah!" Alice warned. "Bad girl."

I glared back at her. I did not appreciate her talking like that too me. "Alice." I growled in warning.

The sudden wave of calm that washed over me made me shift my focus off the fashion/Edward police to her mate. He was reclining leisurely in the back seat. But there was an edge in his eyes that made me cautious of him. I knew enough about the southern gentleman to understand that threatening his mate was probably not my best idea.

"Sorry, Jasper." I replied as I turned back around in time to see Amun pass through the school gates. It had started to drizzle on our way here.

"No problem." Jasper replied as Amun parked the car and came around the car to get me, opening an umbrella as he came.

He offered me a hand which I took as I looked up at him under my eyelashes. His eyes appreciating the stretch of leg I had moved out of the car. I stood up (thankfully without falling) on the stilettos. With their help, I was standing eye to eye with Amun. My smile couldn't have gotten bigger. "My eyes are up here."

His eyes met mine unashamed. "I'm aware of that."

I chuckled. "Come on." I said as I tugged on his hand. "Let's go dance before someone comes to get us again."

Amun let out a low grumbled complaint as he followed after me. He quickly caught up with me and soon we were walking into the decorated gym. I smiled as I noticed the decorations hadn't changed too drastically in nine years.

Balloons of various blue and green hues had been inflated to form an arch at the beginning. Streamers continued the theme making the large gym seem smaller than it really was. The "Under the Sea" theme continued with cut outs that the art department had created throughout the week. Granted, it was hard to tell what they were supposed to be. I heard the art teacher complaining about her less than stellar students this past week. I, quite frankly, agreed with her assessment as I tried to figure out if the blob of pink and blue was supposed to be a jelly fish.

Amun didn't let my thoughts linger off him for long as he pushed me toward the line off to the side of the room. I raised an eyebrow at him. "Pictures?"

He sighed deeply again. "It was one of my father's rules for tonight."

I frowned. "Why is he giving you extra rules?"

A half smirk that he had inherited from his father was my only answer. I glared at him. He was keeping something from me. I didn't like it. "Amun." I growled.

His damn smirk grew. "You think threatening me is going to work?" He shook his head before taunting me. His playful eyes meeting mine in a challenge. "I've won most of our last matches."

I averted my (dazzled) eyes from him knowing he was just as tight lipped as Edward. I wasn't going to get anything out of him by trying to force it. I could try to seduce it out of him, but I found myself almost excited by this unknown somethingthat Amun had planned for us. He had even gotten Edward's approval for it. That thought made me wonder what other rules he had laid down for tonight.

"What else did 'oh stingy one' make you agree too?"

"One dance."

I frowned. "One dance?"

He nodded then amended himself. "I take that back, one slow dance."

"What does that mean?" I questioned getting annoyed (not to mention confused) at him again.

"Come on, Leah, you don't think I would give in that easy."

He was spared from my answer as we stepped forward to have our picture taken. It was after I had posed for our couple and my single photo that I finally took the time to look over what Alice had picked for him to wear. I was slightly surprised to find only dress black pants with a white button up shirt and (loose) black tie. I would have though Alice would have made him go all out, but was more than pleased with his slightly messy look. I had to lock those thoughts firmly away so that the photographer didn't accidentally snap a picture of Amun being attacked by his supposed girlfriend.

I frowned. I had never liked the term 'girlfriend.' It seemed like such a youngphrase or a fleeting phrase. I didn't like how little promise it held. I most certainly didn't think of Amun as my boyfriend. It almost made me laugh. Such a human term. No he was mine. He was my mate. That term brought a curl of delight to my body. Just thinking of him in that way brought me supreme satisfaction.

"What are you so happy about?" Amun asked as he returned to me.

I just shook my head as I wrapped my arms back around his waist. "Do I get my dance now?"

"Hell yes."

I laughed at him as he (hastily) dragged me onto the already crowded dance floor just as the music changed from the fast, pulsing beats to a softer slower melody; one I instantly recognized. The irony of this song was not lost on me at all.

At last, my love has come along

I hummed along with it as I pulled Amun as close to me as possible.

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song

His hand slid over my bare arm as his other rested lightly against my waist sending shivers rolling down my spine. I loved him so much.

Oh yeah, yeah, at last

The skies above are blue

My hand slipped up his neck to fist in his (constantly messy) hair as I closed my eyes and leaned against his chest still humming contently.

My heart was wrapped up in clovers

The night I looked at you

Amun's deep chuckle drew me from my hazy peace. "I didn't know you knew this song."

I smiled lazily. "You do realize I'm old, right?"

"Not that old." He admonished my hair as he took a deep breath inhaling my scent.

I found a dream, that I could speak to

A dream that I can call my own

"Maybe not." I responded as I lay my head back down on his chest content to listen to his flightily heart beat. Just this moment, I could let go. I could be truly at ease.

I've found a thrill to press my cheek to

A thrill that I have never known

I was caught off guard as Amun gently pushed me away from him. I let out breathless laugh that could almost have been a giggle (who knew something that girly could come from me?) as he twirled me back into his arms just as the music swelled.

Oh, yeah, yeah, you smiled, you smiled

Ooh, and then the spell was cast

And here we are in heaven

For you are mine, at last

As the music died slowly, melodiously away I found Amun yet again surprised me as he cradled my body and dropped me into a low dip. I gripped his neck though I knew he would never drop me. I was surprised at how quickly the flames that had been growing because of his touch could cool or at least smolder while I had danced with him. I still needed him, but the animist sense of it was gone. I felt oddly just like a girl dancing with her date though I knew it was false. He would never be just that for me. With that though, all the desires that Etta James had washed away came roaring back. I needed him again.

"Let's get out of here." He murmured in my ear.

"I thought you would never ask." Was my own husky reply.


My haze of happiness was suddenly destroyed as the one voice I never wanted to hear again bombarded my sensitive ears. Amun's hand (still twined around my own) squeezed whether it was in reassurance or warning I didn't know. I let out a low sigh as I turned around to face the last distraction I wanted right now.

"Amanda." Amun greeted the girl with as little kindness as his father's drilled in manners would dictate.

I snorted as I noticed she was on crutches and her entire right foot encased in plaster. She glared at me but I just smirked back. The bitch deserved that broken leg for trying to poison me (even if it wouldn't have worked – my metabolism was too high).

"I was wondering if I could get a dance? You know I haven't seen you for a whole week. My cast kept me at home – bed rest."

"Aw, then why aren't you there?" I asked with as much sickly sweet hate I could put into the question.

She sniffed, annoyed I had interrupted her time with Amun. "I was told I could come to the dance tonight." More like she had thrown a fit until they had allowed her to come. "Besides, Charlotte is still recovering from her poisoning. I had to come to tell her what happened tonight."

"I see," Amun began before I could verbally attach the harpy, "well, I'm sorry, Amanda, but Leah and I are leaving."

She frowned. "Already."

I smiled. "Yes, we have other plans." Even if I didn't exactly know what they were.


"Bye, then." I said as I turned away from her. Amun followed after me a wry smile on his lips. "What?" I asked him.

"I like watching you get mad." His voice seemed to melt over me like chocolate. "Maybe I should do it more often." He said as he snaked an arm around my middle, pressing my exposed back against his warm front. I looked over my shoulder into his eyes to gage how serious he was. The twinkle trying to hide in his eyes did him in.

I swatted his hand away and got into the car as he chuckled. He was in and starting the car moments later. "So where are we going?" I asked my curiosity peaked again.

"You'll see soon."

I grumbled a little but soon was content to just sit. Amun's hand had snaked through my own the second after he had gotten into the car. His slightly cooler fingers were comforting against my high body heat.

I frowned as I noticed we were traveling back on Hamlet Road towards the house. Why on earth were we going back there? Did Esme and Carlisle have something to do with this plan of his? My confusion deepened further as we passed the almost nonexistent turnoff to go to the Cullen home. Instead, he turned almost a mile down the road onto an equally hidden trail.

I looked over to see if I could catch any hints from Amun only to see him smiling like a boy with a new toy. What on earth is going on? I tried to see if any of the area we were passing looked familiar, but this was north of the house and we rarely hunted here. It was too close to civilization. I turned my head away from the side windows about to question him again when I noticed we were coming up to something.

"What is that?" I asked confused as Amun parked next to the structure. If I hadn't known any better, I would have said the building had grown right out of the very forest. The front seemed to be made of the same wood of the forest that crowded around it. Amun pulled me out of the car and tugged me to the house. I could practically feel his enthusiasm flowing off him as if he had gained Jasper's ability.

"Esme's gift to us." Amun replied as he opened the knotted wooden door. I couldn't help but run my hands over the wood in awe of its rustic beauty. I knew Amun must love the architecture knowing how much he enjoyed the forest. I breathed in deeply and was pleased that the place did not disrupt the smell of the forest. Instead, the natural materials seemed to enhance the scent that I knew Amun loved.

I hadn't missed the term Amun had used: us. My heart leapt at the pronoun. Us meant together. "What do you mean by-" I had to stop as an involuntary gasp left my lips. The inside was wonderful. The side two walls were made of the same sliding glass that adorned the Cullen home; and when opened I was sure they would allow air (or a phased wolf) to move uninhibited through the house. In a corner near the back was a large plush bed which had been covered in black (most likely silk) sheets. There were no dividers in the house. I loved the openness. To my left was a small kitchen area complete with refrigerator, stove, and a small island to mark the kitchen's end. To the right was an oversized love seat and flat screen television attached to the wall. Opposite the (completely massive) bed was a bookcase and dressers along with a door that probably lead to a bathroom.

Dark blue drapes hung on rods that looked as if they could cover the entire glassed area giving the now open area a sense of privacy. The house was small, but with the windows exposed it didn't really even seem like a house, more like an extension of the woods. I looked up to met Amun's slightly flushed face. He grinned at me and pointed up. I looked at the large beams that supported the flat room curiously.

"Esme said the wood came from all the trees that we managed to kill during our fights." Amun explained.

I laughed as I took in the personal detail she had added for us. I looked back at Amun. The joy of this development was giving way to one confused thought. Why?

Amun didn't even need for me to ask. He read the question from my eyes. "Dad has given up."

I dared not let that sink in just yet; I couldn't get my hopes up. "What?" I hissed as Amun quickly closed the dark curtains, secluding us from the world. I blinked as I realized the room was filled with what seemed like hundreds of candles. Why had I not noticed that before?

There was no way I could misinterpret this conversation. His explanation, his movements, and these candles were leading in only one direction. My breathing hitched as adrenaline raced through my system and heat curled delightedly in my core.

His eyes connected with mine for a second from across the room as he pulled the last curtain closed. His hand flicked up to loosen his (already sloppy) tie as his eyes racked down my body. Tingles erupted on my flesh where his eyes landed almost as if his visual caress had been physical. His eyes connected again with mine as he finally answered me moving slowly across the room back towards where I still stood near the door.

"Apparently your sexual repression was getting a little hard to deal with, so my mother and I made a bargain with him."

"Bargain?" I distinctly remember hearing Alice mention something like that this morning.

Amun's lips pulled into a half-smirk I knew so well as he moved so close I could feel his heat clashing with my own, but he made no move to touch me. It drove me insane to be so close to him and yet so damn far, but I wouldn't give in. He still had to answer my question. I pushed back the animalistic haze that had been growing ever since Amun had lead me to a secluded place – away from the interference of his meddlesome father. Take him as is your right. It hissed at me begging to have his touch against me. It wanted him almost as much as I did.

"Mom pulled up her mental shield around this area for the whole night." My heart pounded as his voice dropped to a seductive silken vibration that shook through my suddenly extremely sensitive body. My mind had no problem understanding the implications of what he had just said. Edward would not know what we did here tonight. We were free of him, just as he was free of us.

I drew in a shaky breath as I looked into those lust darkened eyes of his. My own pupils dilated to match his own as my mouth went dry and my tongue darted out to moisten my suddenly parched lips. His deep rumbling growl was the only precursor before the strange separation between us was broken. Amun practically slammed me against the wall of the house. I couldn't bring myself to care if he had dented it. All I could get through my muddled thoughts was that Amun was finally touching me. Waves of sheer pleasure exploded through me as his hands seemed to be everywhere at once.

I forced my hands to his shirt and grasped his tie forcing his mouth down to mine where our lips met in a fierce embrace. There was nothing but raw desire flowing through my system. Like hell I was going to take this slow. Amun's lips worked like an expert matching my own in perfect harmony like we had always been meant to. The intense pleasure was something beyond anything I had ever experienced before. I couldn't get enough.

One of Amun's hands slipped up my thigh and under the thin piece of silk to cup my lace covered ass. My lips parted in a gasp of appreciation as his tongue flickered into my hot cavern. I couldn't suppress the moan that his ministrations forced out of me. He explored it quickly before meeting my own tongue in a battle for supremacy which he quickly won. I groaned again as his tongue withdrew only to mew in delight as his lips sucked on my bottom one.

"Amun." I pleaded as I ripped the tie from his body. I need you. He was wearing far too many clothes. I need his skin against mine. His shirt met the same fate as buttons pinged away from us. For a moment all I could do was drink in his pale chest before my hands worshipped the expanse of pure muscles. His hiss delighted me, and his muscles jumped under my touch as I moved them slowly south following the trail of hair that continued out of my vision. I hissed at the dark pants that blocked my path and went to tug them away but Amun's hands caught my own. My eyes met his as he pinned them above my head.

"Me first." He rumbled as his lips connected to my ear lob. I gasped at the strangely erotic sensation that swept through me pushing more heat to my hot pulsing core. I needed a release. God, I needed him.

"Amun." I breathed as his lips placed feather light kisses against my jaw and down my throat. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair. I wanted to pull him closer to me, but I couldn't get my hands free from his grip. I let out a frustrated breath before his lips found an extremely sensitive spot just above my pulse. I cried out in delight as he sucked on it. My body arched into him trying to bring him closer but unable to hold him there without my hands.

His teeth grazed across my throat before he continued sucking and nipping on my collarbone. His mouth was cool against my skin, but it sent waves of heat through me. How he did it I would never know. He was burning me, branding me, marking me as his own. I could do nothing except gasp and arch into his body trying to get closer to him as rational thoughts continued to disappear from my mind.

I was left in a haze of pleasure that demanded to be released. My wolf side was gaining control and I felt no need to stop its urges. They mirrored my own anyway. They wanted him. "Take me."Rumbled past my lips before I could stop it. Amun went rigid over me for a moment before he moaned against my throat.

"Damn, Leah." He said in a strangled voice as he finally fisted his hand in the blue silk that had until now managed to stay on me. With on fast tug the material ripped and slid to the floor. I couldn't help but grin down at it in silent victory. Amun had killed that damn dress. My thoughts were interrupted as his hands connected with the hot flesh of my stomach. My eyes were drawn quickly back to his face as he took in my appearance. He frowned at me.

I let a chuckle slip past my lips as he stared at my chest. "Alice's idea. Get them off me now." I still couldn't move my hands from where he held them above my head.

"Gladly." He responded as he removed the flesh-like cups letting my exposed breast bounce free. The cool air along with my arousal quickly raised my nipples to stiff peaks that seemed to be straining to get closer to him. His massive hand cupped one as I felt my body melt under his touch. A gurgled sound passed through my throat as his mouth encased the other. His tongue swirled around the swell of my breast before his teeth flashed over the sensitive flesh.

I practically screamed in pleasure as more heat coiled instantly inside of me. I felt like I was going to die from it. It was so intense. "Amun!" I wrestled against his grip trying to get closer to him, but I couldn't do it. In sear desperation, I pushed my feet off the ground and wrapped them around his bare torso pulling him as close to me as possible. His mouth released my breast as his other hand curled around my back to hold me in place.

"Take them off." I practically growled at him. Did he not see how lost I was? I needed him now.

He smirked before returning his torturing mouth back to my neck. "Soon, I promise." I let out a frustrated, strangled moan as I tried to fight against the pleasure he was giving my neck. "Drop your legs." He commanded.

I wanted to stay connected with him, but the authority in his voice demanded me to do as he asked, and I instantly responded following the orders of my mate. He pushed me back against the wall and molded his body against mine before I could protest. His available arm moved swiftly down my body. I didn't even have time to protest before his fingers slipped into my hot, wet core. My eyes rolled to the ceiling and my mouth opened in a gasp. Amun's mouth was on mine in an instant muffling my pleasured moans.

Oh, God! I thought as his finger moved inside of me. My heart rate thudded in my chest and my breathing constricted as he pushed another finger into my tight core. "AHHHHHH!" I screamed as the heat in my core seemed to burst into a thousand fragments of fire that burned through my system. My body clinched against his fingers in release. My mind went completely white as pleasure pushed me into an emotional high.

My body screamed in satisfaction as I fell back to earth feeling like I had been drugged. Amun's harsh pants and electric touch broke through my haze as he once again sucked on my collarbone. The fire that he had just sated sprung back into life with a vengeance. It wasn't enough. I need more than just his hand. I need all of him. NOW. "Amun, please." I begged.

His grip on my hand finally loosened as he tore the last remaining piece of clothing off my body. I brought my hands down to equally relieve him. His pants fell to the ground and soon his boxers followed. I couldn't take my eyes off the rock hard shaft that proved he was more than ready for me. I was forced back against the wall before I could move to touch him. His arms pushed my legs upwards hastily. I quickly wrapped them around him and clung to his neck needing this just as much as he did. I didn't miss the tremors running through his body as I moved against his rigid organ.

It took only a moment before I was positioned above him. His tip pushing against my hot inner flesh. My eyes met his as a look of raw passion passed between us before I loosened my grip on his shoulders and buried him inside of me. My head fell back in euphoria as my cry of delight mixed with his own. I had no time to adjust (not that I needed too) before he was pushing against me, into me. His deep, fast strokes were unlike anything I had ever felt. I was left only able to rock back against him as the friction grew between us, stroking the fires in my core and bringing me over the edge of bliss far too early. I screamed as orgasmic release rushed through me for a second time. His hard shaft did not stop its madding motions as I came back to earth. In what felt like a mere second, he had manage to bring me back to the edge of release again, but I refused to go over without him. I forced my eyes opened and bend forward my eyes focusing on his pale neck. I attached and sucked against his pale skin tasting his salty sweat. His body rippled beneath my hands and he sucked in a breath. His seed pushed inside of me just as he called my name. It was too much, I was pushed over the edge of sanity again as we both came together.

I was pushed backwards against the wall as Amun's head came to rest against the crook of my neck. His breathing was just as labored as my own. I smiled in delight against his bronze hair. I felt him smile against my skin before he chuckled.

"What?" I said as I rubbed my hands across his perfect back.

"Isn't your first time supposed to be an actual bed?" He asked as his still hazy eyes met mine. I couldn't help the laugh that passed through my still gasping lips. It shook my body and he tensed beneath me. My eyes grew as I felt something growing harder inside of me. He smirked back at me. "There's always my second time." He growled against my ear as he made his way towards the bed with me still clinging to his waist. Heat coursed through me again as I fell on top of him. I love Bella. I though as I began to move my hips against his own and I was rewarded with delightfully husky moan from Amun…

Hours (many blissful hours later) I lay on that silk covered bed sweaty, exhausted, and euphorically pressed against Amun's bare body and let out a shaky breath.

I was finally home.

At last.

So, there you have it. That is the end of Winter Solstice. Several people have asked for a sequel. I have thought hard about how I wanted to do one, and I don't think I'm ready to write it quite yet, but I do have a companion piece that fits between Winter Solstice and the sequel that will come. It doesn't really focus completely on Amun and Leah, but on the character Case. *giggling* I loved creating Case. He's not a perfect character, but I think that's why I like him so much. Because I think even he deserves to have a mate, this story decided to mull around in my head until I decided to put it on paper. So here you go:

Broken: Summery: Companion to Winter Solstice. All Susan Brennen wants is a vacation away from her opressive Voltri work. Suddenly, she ends up with a werewolf, halfling and far too flirtatious rogue as borders in her home. Did she forget to mention the mob boss who wants her dead or the dark past that just won't leave her alone? So, is it any wonder that she finds herself pinning to work for the Volutri again?

It's going to be ploty, twisty, and lemonly. Yes, it will be much more mature than this story. (Sorry if that bothers you) It not imperative that you read this story before reading the sequel (which still needs to be written), but I think you would enjoy it if you have enjoyed Winter Solstice. One last comment about it. It is going to be written in 3rd person pov, so that will be different and cool, I think.

Ok, enough shameless plugging. Winter Solstice is finished and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed creating it. As always, Thanks for reading.