"Your father has passed away"

Those were words I would've have never expected, words I never wanted to hear, words I could never believe. My own father has died.

All my life, I wanted to be like him, wanted to do what he did, wanted to have what he had. He had always dreamed to be a wealthy business man like his father Bart Bass. I never wanted to be an astronaut or a firefighter, instead, I wanted to someday, own his father's business, to become CEO of Bass Industries.

I've always tried to prove myself to him, tried to make him happy, tried to make him finally accept me, but like he said, I always find a way to ruin everything, and I always believed him.

But when I heard the news he had died, I broke down like I never did before. Food and booze were my comfort, I didn't feel like doing anything else. All I wanted to do was sleep and forget about everything. But he knew I couldn't forget everything, no matter what I do or what happens, I knows the past will always come back to haunt me, to invade my dreams.

But this is all just a fraction of a day in the life of Chuck Bass, and there's other things out there, and I intend to achieve my goals, even if it means becoming my father.