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I arrived in Forks and immediately felt cold. I was not only physically cold, but I was now emotionally cold. I don't ever want to go back to Phoenix. Even when I think about it I start freaking out! I will never go back to the place my mother was murdered. Never again will I see the sun and feel warm. I will always be cold.

My dad showed me my way to my room. I walked into it and put my things down on the bed.

"Bella! School starts tomorrow. You will be attending Forks High School, so make sure you are up in time," Charlie said.

I just walked down the stairs and nodded my head to him saying that I understood. I made a quick dinner for Charlie and went back upstairs and straight to bed.


I got out of bed the next morning dreading school. I hoped that I didn't have Biology. I walked downstairs and some things to make Charlie breakfast and went back to my room to change for school.

I put on black jeans with a purple and black corset top and a purple hoodie. I went back downstairs, grabbed my black ballet flats, my keys, and my backpack and left the house.

I got outside and hopped into my black Porsche and sped off to school. I parked my car and sat in the parking lot for a little while. I still had 45 minutes left until school actually started anyway. After 20 minutes passed, the parking lot was filled with old junker cars, except for one. A silver Volvo stood out amongst the junk yard as I walked towards the main building to retrieve my schedule.

I went up to the secretary and she noticed me immediately. She said, "You must be Isabella Swan."

I nodded.

"Okay. Here is your schedule. Do you need a map of the school?"

I shook my head no.

"All right. You best be heading off to class now. The bell will ring soon!" she yelled.

I grabbed my schedule and walked to my first class. I looked down at my schedule and noticed I had English, History, Calculus, Biology, and Gym. Damn it! Why do I always get the one course I don't want! I can never get a break! Don't even get me started on Gym! I hate Gym! I used to be very uncoordinated and now even though I am capable of doing everything Gym requires, I have to be extremely careful! Why do I always get the things that make my life harder?


The bell rang for lunch and I hurried off to the cafeteria. Since I didn't eat, I looked for an open table. Instead of finding an open table, I found five abnormally gorgeous teenagers. Only they weren't teenagers. They have been around for decades in their teenage form. How did I know this? I knew this because they are vampires. Just like me. I've only seen two other vampires before. I felt dry sobs starting to form, so I turned away from the five vampires and ran out the door.

I was hoping that they didn't notice me as I ran to my car at an unusually fast rate. I was just about to get into my car when the five vampires surrounded me. I hung my head to avoid their eyes when the pain started. I screamed and collapsed onto the ground. This had never happened before. I started to panic and my vision blurred. The five vampires stood around me with confusion written all over their faces and then they disappeared.

The pain was almost as bad as when I was turned although it felt different. I couldn't see anything around me. I felt surges of pain flow through my head. I grasped my head to try and alleviate the pain but nothing was helping. I screamed again.

I felt two large arms reach down and pick me up and then we were running. I didn't know where I was being taken to but I really didn't care. That was the last thing on my mind at the moment.

We, abruptly, stopped moving and I was placed on something. Suddenly the pain started to lessen and my vision was slowly coming back. As the darkness turned into black spots, which turned into blurs, my head was becoming clearer. As I focused my eyes, I saw seven vampires standing around me instead of the original five.

Finally everything snapped back into the way it was supposed to be. I felt different though. Something changed after my little episode. I only then realized that the oldest male vampire was talking to me.


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