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Coming Home


Avonlea 1912

In August of 1912, nineteen year old, Felix King, stood in front of his bedroom door trying to remember his room, he was waiting for his parents and the rest of his family so they could go to the train station. But make a detour to pick-up his best friend Izzy Pettibone at her home. Soon his childhood would pass through him. Soon he would no longer be living in the past and the present, but the future and the present, things to come not things that had already passed on. A small creaking noise could be heard aloof, he turned to see the indolent surprise, nothing. It had sounded like his voice, his squeamish childish voice, like some washing a tub, fragile and hard, yet you could hear the splashing of the bubbles that had been in their not long before.

Cecily King was just as surprised as everyone else had been at Felicity's wedding when Felix showed up wearing a naval uniform. Now realizing how hard it was letting Felix leave she wished that Elbert Werts had never shown her brother the brochure.

Felicity Pike, now, still she couldn't imagine the name Felicity Mcrae it sounded so…so blinded, disgusting and paralyzed, she figured she could never live with that last name. She quickly finished her thoughts and made their bed then she ran down to meet Gus and make their way to her families' house to get ready to say goodbye to her brother.

So what if Sara Stanley didn't have a clue what her cousin was doing she was just so surprise at his decision to join the navy. He had everything here, a loving family, a girlfriend, and a great job. She just didn't know why he would just throw it away to serve his family and his country. She just didn't get it.

Izzy Pettibone waited impatiently for the King family to arrive. She knew for a fact her father would have been proud of Felix for deciding to join the navy and serve his country, but all she could think about was all the things that could happen to him. Why did her father have to be away? He could have convinced Felix to stay. Especially with the commotion happening on the other side of the world. Just as her thoughts finished the doorbell rang. She opened it not to find Felix or Cecily, but the boys features made it clear to her who it was, he looked at her as was just about to say something, but he was interrupted with a yelled by his friend Felix King.

"Let's go Iz. Elbert! I'm going to be late!"

Once they made it to the station Felix quickly took what luggage he had and put it aboard the train and quickly made his way back to his family. His mother was crying her eyes out he thought and so was Izzy and Felicity. Cecily was a little more disciplined. He made a note to write and tease her about it. He looked his father in the eye and held out his hand to be shaken and as they shook hands his father reached out and hugged him. "I'm proud of you, son, out to serve your country." Felix nodded his head and turned to his new brother in-law, Gus Pike. "I'm proud of you Felix, you'll be a find sailor." He again nodded and turned to his crying mother. She put her hand on his cheek and looked her son in the eye. "Felix King you better come home safe and sound. I'll miss you so much."

"Thanks mother." He then turned to his sisters and his only brother.

"I don't have a clue what I'm going to do with you gone and none one to bug." Cecily exclaimed and he let out a laugh and a smile. "Felix King, boy am I going to miss you." Felicity sobbed and he then gave her a hug and then gave Daniel one and turned to his close friend Elbert Wertz.

"I'm going to miss you, Elbert, I just wish you come with me."

"Sorry, Felix, but the navy is just not for me." Felix just smiled and then gave Aunt Hetty and Sara a quick hug and turned to Izzy.

"Felix, I'm don't know what I'll do with you gone." He took her hands and his and looked her in the eyes.

"Izzy, I know that well… you'll move on with your life just… remember me."

"Felix King, of course I will, but you sound like you're going to die!" he let out another laugh before he leaned down and kissed her and after they stop he gave her a hug that said he was going to come back.

"All aboard!"

"I love you, I'll write you and I promise to visit whenever I can." He quickly replied.

"I know." He then gave some more quick good byes and boarded the train. As the train departed he looked out at his family he could see all their eyes watching the train leave.

Four Months Later

Christmas (December 1912)

Felix King did come home for Christmas. Through it was a sad Christmas and a happy one. The sad news was that aunt Eliza had died and the good news was that Felicity was pregnant and Muriel Pettibone was also. Izzy didn't like the thought of having a brother who was just about nineteen years younger. The busy time of year Felix still was amazed how he found time to visit Izzy. The day he did Izzy and Cecily were talking and having a soda in the general store. He quickly and quietly walked to the open chair next to Izzy. At the time Izzy and Cecily were talking about the war on the other side of the world.

"Is this seat taken?" asked a mysterious voice from behind Izzy. Izzy turned to say no when…"Felix King how long have you been back?" was what she said first; it was her first reaction.

"Don't we start with a proper hello?"

"I'll…uh…let you two talk alone." Cecily replied.

"Look who's talking, so how have you been?"

"Oh…nothings going on, I'm just kind of board."

"Oh really." She replied sounding amused.

"Yeah there's nothing to do in this town." He then leaned into kiss her when Velma Bugle walked in. "You-who, Felix King is that you?"

"Oh no." moaned Felix.

"Aren't you going to answer her?"


"She obliviously moaning for you."

"And you aren't." she glared at him and he again leaned down to kiss her when…"I knew it was you!"

"I'll see you later." Izzy replied and kiss him on the cheek as she quickly retreated to the cashier. "Bye." he replied, "Velma, don't your little school crushes wear off?"

"If Izzy Pettibone's doesn't why should mine?" he didn't want to answer he just put a smirk on and then looked annoyed. "It's a fact though, Izzy Pettibone is my ex-girlfriend and we didn't break-up because we wanted to it was because I joined the navy." He explained but she didn't seem to be amused, "So Ms. Bugle what would you like." Izzy watched them from the cashier as Velma took her hands and moved them down his muscles. *Does she think she doing with my man? Wait a sec Izzy, you and Felix broke up, but not because we wanted to, it was because of the navy! * She thought. "I want a date Felix King." Velma finally demanded.

"Sure, how about a double-date, me and Izzy and you and Elbert Werts."

"Arrgh!" she replied and stormed out of the store and all he could do was chuckle as he made his way to the counter and Izzy just ignored him as she finished a customer. "What?" he asked.

"Didn't you see the way …she…rubbed her hands down your arm."

"So? It's not like anything personal is it?"

"It's touch Felix."

"I like it though."

"But-" She replied as he leaned down and kissed her, cutting her off.

Felix left three days later; in fact it would be the last time in a while he would be home.

A Year and Four Months Later (April 1914)

Jeff McGlenn had just moved to Avonlea and had just got a job at the white sand hotel. He then decided he needed to eat something, then he made his way to the general store. She was standing by the cash register, when a handsome young man with light blond hair and a cute smile showing walked in. He quickly found what he was looking for and made his way to the cashier, when he saw her he was stunned. She quickly totaled up the price and his packages and he gave her the money.

"Is it that it?" she asked.

"Yes, well you're a pretty girl, I'm sure you must have a boy friend…"

She looked away uneasily, "I thought I did, but he's in the navy."

"Then but I was wondering are you free tonight?"

"Are you asking me on a date Mr." she looked down on the receipt, "…. Mr. McGlenn?"



"Thank you and what's your name?"

"Izzy Pettibone."

Izzy had gone out with Jeff and fell deeply in love with him and he fell deeply in love with her also. But they and so many other couples of Avonlea and of all of Canada weren't ready for what happened next.

Two months later (August 4 1914)

Just two months after Jeffery McGlenn came to Avonlea and fell in love with the general store manager's daughter, Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated. That same day, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Just days later, Germany declared war on Russia and France, and then invaded Belgium. Causing Great Britain to declared war on them. Then at that point we had the allied power and the central power battling against each other. When they had declared war, the men of Avonlea, once boys, were pulled into the war also. In fact it would be the First World War.

1 day later (August 5 1914)

Jeff McGlenn and Izzy Pettibone now had a serious relationship. He was ready to ask her to marry him when the news rang in all of Avonlea that Great Britain had just declared war and Canada men were now going to fight. As soon as he heard this, he enlisted and the night before he left he had one thing to do.

There was a lot of things Felix did that Jeff couldn't and one of those was cook, Izzy remember to note that when Felix got back to and ask him to cook a meal for her so she could tell him how remarkable he was at cooking. She had heard about the war now and Felix had sent a letter saying he had been placed on the Voyager, a intrepid class battleship, in fact he had been place in the armored weapons zone. He told her how dominant the British navy was and how happy he was and how he knew she was crying and his mother and his sisters were too probably. She was thinking about how war was like and was glad that her father was not going. Just then the doorbell rang and she went to answer it.

"Izzy what's wrong, you're crying?" he asked with a worried face.

"Nothing, honestly it's just about my…best friend."

"Oh…he's a guy? But I just wanted to let you know…well can I come in?"

"Yes; sure." She led them to the parlor and they sat down on the couch.

"Izzy…I just wanted to let you know that I enlisted for the navy and I've been stationed on a battleship. I leave tomorrow morning."
"Oh…Jeff… you can't go!"

"Izzy it's an honor to serve your country."

"I know, but-"

"But you don't want to lose anyone else."

"How'd you know?"

"I see it in your eyes. I see the deep love for him and…for me."

"Oh." He then got down on one knee, "Izzy Pettibone will you marry me?"

"I… don't know what to say."

"Say yes."

"Listen, Jeff, I'm flattered, but I need sometime to think… so I'll let you know in my letter."

Three days later (August 8)

British/ Canadian Naval Registration (for seamen recruits - 1915)

Lieutenant (not junior grade.) Felix King stood, not in line, but with his captain, thirty-year-old Justin Cruise, his captain's brown hair showed brightly in the sun. He was the man's top prospect in the entire ship. Felix had been detached from his native land and was now in Boston, but while some of the other men were on leave he was helping his Captain. He was thinking about the boys who still were in Canadian training and waiting for assignments and how lucky he was to have past the physical test with flying colors. When all of sudden his thoughts were erupted when Cruise ordered him to take the seamen recruits to the ship and get them set up; they left in the morning.

1745 Hours

Jeff walked the on the deck of the Voyager just thinking about Izzy when he bumped into Lieutenant King who was reading his latest letters from home; he had just finished his Mother and Father's and opened the second one which was from Izzy. He stared out into the sea just trying to gather his thoughts before he read it when he was bumped.

"Sorry…Sir I didn't see you."

"Make sure you do next time…seaman recruit…McGlenn."

"Yes Sir."

Jeff made a hastily escaped and Felix just chuckled as the wind blew making his shirt wave to the west. He still had on one of his famous smirks on his face, but it quickly dismantled when the second paragraph of Izzy's letter read, "Felix, do you really love me?" He then stared out into the sky, the moon shining brightly, and at the same time Izzy Pettibone was wondering what to do. He smelled the letter; her scent, her perfume and he just thought how was he going to tell her that he was truly in love with her. He and Izzy had written about personal topics that were serious, but never this serious.

Three Weeks Later (August 25)

Felix had written to her and said he did, but if she was asking him because of a sudden proposal he told her to do what her heart said not because he loved her. She considered and considered some more and decided to say yes. So she had written a letter to Jeff saying yes, now she was waiting him to reply. Felix on the other hand, she still knew she shouldn't tell him, it would just make him upset, because he had told her that he was really deeply, madly in love; with her.

Six days later (august 31 1914)

1130 hrs

"Man your battle stations!" the Captain, yelled with the British ship on the horizon in the Black Sea. Newly promoted Seaman Apprentice McGlenn was stationed in the 2nd position group, but because of Seaman James Riley taken ill of scurvy and also quit, he was suddenly move to first position group under Lieutenant King. The Germans used cannons and riffles while the British used the same weapons, but also hand grenades.

After extensive training Lieutenant King knew his group was ready and he hoped that they survived. There were so many men with wives, fiancées, or girlfriends' not to mention him. Just think of those families when they found out their daddy had been killed or finding their lover was gone.

"Hold your targets men…hold…ready… aim…. FIRE!" he yelled and then his men quickly reloaded. He then got down on his knees and noticed his men slowly falling and then he saw three bullets that looked like they were going to go straight for McGlenn. His world froze. McGlenn he was so nice and funny and when he told Felix that he might be engaged if only he could speed up the mail. "For the younger boys, go ahead and take bullets for them and then they'll know you care." Cruise instructions went through his mind. The rage went through him as he jumped and pushed McGlenn out of the way and took two of the three bullets straight to his body. "Izzy" his mind moaned as he realized that McGlenn was safe and he wasn in damage, even danger.


"Take over McGlenn; I'm going to be find." He replied weakly as the medic carried him away for a mediate surgery to take out the bullets before infection.

The attack ended and McGlenn …well he had know idea who had saved his life because of the people in surgery on the ship was classified information for Lieutenants or higher rank.

Six Hours after the Attack Started (0500 hrs.)

(Two hours from when Felix was hit and a half-hour from ended attack)

King Family Home

Sally Potts, the operator, went down the list of families to call from the Canadian Navy, which had acquired the list from the British; she had just finished the J's and was now on the K's when her thoughts stopped and she read. "King, Felix A. – wounded in battle; might not make through surgery; might have some unfixable brain damage; permission for use of body parts/organs. Will be notified of death or survivable. Cable as soon as possible with family responses." She prepared herself for the toughness thing she could and would do this week. Felix had always been a pest to her, but without him around she knew her and many others would have a hard time because he had touched so many lives.

Izzy prepared herself for impact when she saw Daniel run to give her a hug as she walked up the King family rode. When she entered she and Cecily were talking on the stairs when the phone rang and Janet King picked it up. They were talking about how her letter to Jeff had been lost when his ship was attacked.

"Yes Sally." Her eyes looked as if she was going to cry as she talked and Cecily got the impression it was about Felix, "I understand and I think we would be glad to. I know, goodbye."

"Mother?" Cecily questioned and looked at Izzy who was also full of concern.


"What is it Janet?" he asked as he came down stairs.

"That was the operator doing the morning rounds it seems Felix was shot and may not make it through surgery." She replied her voice cold filled with sorrow. Cecily picked up the phone and looked at Izzy and gave her a look that said help me, I need to call my sister, aunt Hetty and the White sands plus have a wire sent to England. Izzy walked over and put a hand on Cecily's shoulder and told the operator the people.

After twenty-four Intense Hours (September 1, 1914)

King Family Home

The Pettibones, Simon Tremayne, Elbert Werts, Davy and Dora Keith, and the entire King Family sat in the parlor awaiting the phone call, which would tell them if Felix were dead or not. Cecily, Felicity, Izzy, Muriel, Hetty, Sara, who was staying there during the war, and Janet were all crying and remising on the past. Then Sally Potts' long-awaited phone call came and Janet answered it. "Yes… I see… Sally… I know… thank you." A smile played on the corner of her mouth as she talked. She then turned to her family. "He made it and is expected to return to duty tomorrow." Everyone was so happy and Felix's nephew, Alexander Felix Pike cried and he didn't even know what was going on.

One Week Later (September 8)

On the Voyager

Felix was up and working; he ordered his troops to clean the new riffles they had just received. Just then Michael Kingston walked over.

"Sir?" he questioned and Felix turned around, "These letters just came for you."

"Thanks." He replied taking a break and opened the letter from Izzy. His face went cold; the blood drained out of his face when all of a sudden Jeff McGlenn walked over; he was the last person he wanted to see.

"Sir I would just like to thank you for saving my life. Now, I'm engaged, Sir. Sir?"

"Huh? Oh, congratulations, McGlenn."

"Thank you Sir; for everything."

"No problem; it's my job."

"Is something wrong Sir?"

"No…well…yes, but it's just a personal matter. I'd appreciate it if you would leave."


He again re-reads her letter, Dear Felix, you gave me quite a scare when Sally Potts called the farm and told us you were injured. I guess it made me realized I loved you, in a sister-brother way through. I'm sorry, Felix, but I'm engaged. You said to do what my hearts said, he and I just had a different relationship then we did. Even though I think I might have had a more passionate relationship with you though, but it's only because we knew each other so well. I hope you're not mad at me. Well… He couldn't take it he could read it anymore he knew she would have sooner or later; he knew he should have died; his life was over.

Two Days Later (September 10)

2400 Hrs

German U-boats were on their way to attack in the air the British navy battleships that were stationed in the Black Sea. They had already sunk many of the opposing allies' ships.

Now Lieutenant Commander since he was promoted that morning had the night watch, he had his black binoculars on the look out while his thoughts were toward Izzy. He kept all the letters in his night jacket pocket, which he had on this cold summer night, but something told him to put the letters in his pant pockets; so he did it. That's when he spotted the German U-boats coming up their port bow. "All hands report to battle stations!" he yelled through the intercom, summoning the seamen, "Enemy on Port Bow!" He quickly summoned his troops to gather their weapons and start firing at willing.

Seaman Apprentice McGlenn gathered up the bullets and loaded them and then waited for the next command he fired and fired again. While he was loading through three bullet heads hit him head on; one brushed his cap, the other one through is back and the last one puncture his leg. The fighting continued for two hours and Felix saw many men fall and get hit. Finally great British ship was done. Voyager went down at 0230 hours. Out of the two hundred and fifty men, aboard only fifty survived and Lieutenant Commander Felix Alexander King was one of those fifty who captured by the Germans and taken to a German prison camp; they would be listed as MIA's (missing in action) and POW's (Prisoners of War). Unfortunately, Seaman Apprentice Jeffery Fredrick McGlenn wasn't as lucky as Felix was, he drowned after trying to throw a grenade, but was hit by three bullets; he died at 0222 hours, he was thirty-one years old.

0350 Hours

The British ship, Levesque, a survey boat and clean-up ship found the remains of Voyager and nearly two hundred seamen dead; their bodies were burning on the burning ship with huge roaring flames, on floating burnt wood, or they had already sunk to the bottom. Bloody body parts were spread all over as Captain Gus Pike surveyed the area from a small lifeboat. He knew Felix was stationed on Voyager; his crews surrounded the ship trying to fight the burning flames, he hoped they did it soon so he could find out where is nineteen-year-old brother-in-law was.

0500 Hours

Gus was so glad that they hadn't found any proof that Felix was dead, but as he finished the telegrams that would go all over Canada, France, and Great Britain. Each boy's arms and legs had a marked number on them and around his neck he wore a dog tag that's how he could tell who it was. He also had a long list of seamen posted in his territory.

"McGlenn, Jeffery Fredrick (BD: May 13, 1892)– We are very sorry to announce to you that Seaman Apprentice Jeffery Fredrick McGlenn is pronounced dead as of 0500 on June 14, 1915. Signed officially by Captain Gus Pike." He then continued the form, "Please notify Mr. and Mrs. Alan McGlenn (Parents) and Ms. Isolde Pettibone," he stopped and realized he was filling out Izzy's fiancé's death record, "(fiancée); both are located in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Then embark straight to Charlottetown and then Ottawa for record of death (1892-1915)." He moved down the list and when he got to Felix's name he took five minutes and prayed to God that Felix was safe and most of all still alive. "King, Felix Alexander (BD: September 30, 1894)- We are sorry to announce to you that Lieutenant Commander Felix Alexander King is as of 0500 on June 14, 1915 reported missing in action. Please notify Mr. and Mrs. Alec King (Parents), Ms. Cecily King (sister), Mr. Daniel King (brother), Mr. and Mrs. Gus Pike (sister), everyone lives in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, Canada." He wrote and something or someone told him he should to the delivery himself to the wire office; He did.

7:00 PM


Janet and Alec King were sitting and talking with Felicity and Hetty a boy on bike rang the doorbell. Alec answered it and the slender young man read the telegram, "To Mr. and Mrs. Alec King, also Felicity, Sara, Hetty, and Cecily. We (I am) are sorry to announce to you that Lieutenant Commander Felix Alexander King is as of 0500 on June 14, 1915 reported missing in action. His assignment, Voyager, was sunken yesterday night at 2400 hours. We're very sorry. Signed officially, Captain Gus Pike. Don't worry Felicity we'll find him; no matter what."

"Thank you my boy."

"I'm very sorry, Sir."

"No you don't have to be, he's only missing not dead."

"Yes, Sir." At that moment Janet, Felicity, and Hetty all burst into tears.

The young man made his way to the Pettibone's house, he saw the two telegrams address to the same person, Izzy Pettibone. * At least only one of the men is dead, * he thought * Or at least the other man's not pronounced dead yet. * Izzy Pettibone had just finished her letter to Felix when the doorbell rang. She answered expecting Jeff or Elbert or Cecily.

"Is Izzy Pettibone here?"

"Why yes I'm Izzy."

"Is your father around."

"Yes…. Father!"

"What is it Izzy?"

"Sir, ma'am, I have a telegram for you. It reads; To Ms. Izzy Pettibone, we are sorry to announce to you that Lieutenant Commander Felix Alexander King is as of 0500 on June 14, 1915 reported missing in action. We are also very sorry to announce to you that Seaman Apprentice Jeffery Fredrick McGlenn is pronounced dead as of 0500 on June 14, 1915. On June 4, 1915 a lieutenant took a few bullets for Mr. McGlenn. If the lieutenant had not McGlenn would have never received your letter agreeing to marry him. The information on who saved him is classified. Their assignment, Voyager, was sunken yesterday night at 2400 hours. We're very sorry. Signed officially, Captain Gus Pike. Don't worry we'll find him." The young man turned away to leave when the former Military captain spoke up, "Boy, where is Felix King?"

"We don't really know Sir, but he and at least forty-nine other crew members are still missing. We think the Germans took them to their prison camp, but we're not sure. We cleaned up all the bodies already and well…if he isn't in the prison camp then his body was burned to bits. I'm sorry, Sir, ma'am." Izzy held tightly to her father's shirt crying so hard that if it weren't for the appearance at the door he might have took off his old shirt and gave it to her to use for a rag. "Father, I know Felix is a prisoner; he's not dead." Izzy moaned. Just then Muriel came to the door seeing Izzy cry and the young man at the door told her one thing Jeff or Felix or both we're dead or missing. She really didn't want to know what had happened; it would just be too painful.

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