A/N: Spoilers for Safe. A prediction of upcoming episodes.

Warning: Not all of the quotes in this story will be exact.

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"They called me Han."

I'll be your best friend.

"As in 'Solo'? That's cute, at least you had a nickname."

I'll be your best friend.


She giggles at his card trick; he warms. He tells her its her turn, and she takes this dare as well as the first (the woman can hold her liquor). He learns something new.

"You can count cards," he acknowledges, surprised.

She lets her once-impregnable guard down, smiles her radiant, caught-up smile, and elaborates. She was a loner and a nerd—just like him.

They both smile brighter.


He enjoys far too much the way she is watching him, like he holds all the answers—and for that moment, he does.

Peter watches his father pace, remembering and repressing Walter's sex comment. He realizes with a shudder that they would have no where to go if…

She's not ready for that. You're not ready for that. Drop it.


He deflates. She's missing.

His emotions are wild for a split second: The world is turning up on end. No, it's passed that. The world has fallen to the shit. People are doing repulsive, mind-boggling things to each other. Everything's connected. Secrets, lies, science, patterns. Everything's connected.

Normally, she would save the damsel-in-distress, but this time she can't help herself.

His eyes grow wild, shock collapses his face, and he wonders why.

Because everything in the world has been witnessed by this woman. Because nobody ever comes through for her, and she needs you.

Because she's all alone. Because she saved you.

Because you want to be her best friend.

He desperately wants to break the cycle.

I'll be your best friend.

He stills a shudder numbly. He realizes that the longer they are…if this happens again, he'll…it'll only get worse. That's absolutely certain.

Do you two want to use the room?

Happy Birthday.

-Desperate to save my little boy-

I'm here, if you need me…
I know.