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Summary: He'd been on Harry's mind since the day he met him, really met him.




He had been on Harry's mind since the day he had met him, really met him, not that childish-rival-cause-I-am-better-than-you kind of met but the hi-I'm-Draco-thanks-for-killing-the-Dark-Lord kind of met. When Harry had picked his jaw up off the floor, he had smiled shyly and returned the hand shake.

That was months ago when he had come back from who knew where to live here again. Harry had tried to keep his mind on other things and, for the most part, it had worked. But tonight, seeing him here in the sexiest tuxedo he had ever seen, all his dreams of the last few months came back to haunt him. He had seen him when he had come in and basically, Harry had run and hid. The Ministry party had gone on around him as he stood against the wall. He hadn't wanted to come to this party tonight and though now he was glad that he had, he was still hiding.

"Hide much, Potter?" Came the laughing voice from the other side of the plant he had been hiding behind.

"Shut up." Harry grumbled to the red head standing in front of him.

"Ohhh," Ginny sang in a lame attempt at a scary sounding voice, "somebody's uncomfortable."

Harry felt his face flush red and he lowered his eyes so as not to see her understanding shining in them. She was the only one who truly knew him anymore. Ron and Hermione had been married for a few years now and since they were expecting their first child, Harry had slowly distanced himself from them. From everyone actually. Except Ginny, that bitch wouldn't leave him alone for anything. He had tried bribing her but all that that had gained him was a slap on the back of the head and a forced agreement for him to do whatever her sick little mind could come up with. Hence, the party he was currently attending.

"Is it time to go yet?" Harry pouted as he crossed his arms.

Ginny raised her eyebrow at him mockingly. "No," she answered as she pulled him out from behind the large tree-like plant he had been hiding behind. "You still owe me three dances first."

"You're such a mean bitch, Gin." Harry snapped as he followed her onto the floor.

"Why thank you Harry. I do try." She grinned as she moved with him in the slow dance. She grinned again at the glare they received from a certain someone. She leaned up and whispered in Harry's ear, delighting in the response she got from both individuals. "Did I tell you that Stanford asked after you again?"

Both men froze, one because her actions looked intimate and the other at the mention of the man's name.

"Ginny," Harry complained as he shivered in disgust. "Why did I ever tell you I was gay?"

Ginny pulled back and grinned at him. She brushed his long bangs away from his forehead and kissed him on the nose. "To keep my brothers from killing you for breaking my poor little innocent heart?"

Harry snorted at her, "innocent my arse."

"Hey!" Ginny slapped his arm, "watch it bud or I am going to tell Stanford you asked about him tonight."

"You wouldn't?" Harry questioned, the horror of what would happen shining clearly in his eyes if she did. The only ones that knew of Harry's 'preference' were the Weasley's, Hermione, and the one guy he had dated since the war ended and he was a muggle and didn't count.

"Wouldn't I?" Ginny asked back, wide smirk on her face.

"My God Gin, that was worthy of a Slytherin." Harry said in fake awe.

"Shut up you." Ginny said as they both laughed. "Speaking of Slytherin, I see Malfoy finally made it tonight." She watched Harry's face closely for his reaction. Only her closeness to Harry let her see the hidden vulnerability in his eyes.

"Yeah, I met him a few months ago. Threw me for quite a loop when he thanked me for 'offing the bad guy' as he says. Very weird."

Ginny hummed at that but didn't say anything else. A few minutes went by as she watched the other man watch them. When it was obvious that Harry wasn't going to say anything else she spoke again.

"Rumor around the office is that he came back to go to St. Mungo's." She said with a secret smile.

"He's a Medi-wizard?"



Silence lasted for a few minutes before his curiosity got the better of him. "Why does he need St. Mungo's? Is he sick?"

"Not that I am aware of." Was all that Ginny would say.

Harry hummed and then bit his lip when she didn't say anything else. He didn't want to know, he kept telling himself. His interest was purely professional, he was a Medi-wizard himself, after all. He didn't work at St. Mungo's though. After the war Madam Pomfrey decided she wanted to retire and stayed only long enough for Harry to get his license before leaving to a more warm and less-stressful environment. He had gotten a letter from her last week claiming that she should have moved to Hawaii a long time ago. Harry missed her something fierce but would never tell her that as she would insist on coming back here.

"Then why does he need St. Mungo's services?"

"I- it's only rumors Harry…" Ginny hesitated to tell him as she wasn't sure how he would react.

"Well?" Harry demanded when she didn't go any further.

"One of his kids is sick." Ginny said softly.

Harry froze. He was married and had kids. All his private little fantasies faded away in a fizzling heartbeat. When would he ever learn not to get his hopes up? "How sick?"

"They don't know. That's why they came back here."

"This is only rumor, right?" Harry said hopefully.

"Well, yeah, but I heard it from Dad." Ginny watched as Harry's face fell. He had never been able to keep his emotions from showing clearly to anyone who knew him well enough.

"I see." Harry said before falling silent. He swung Ginny around, not really paying attention to their dancing. They passed the next dance in silence. Ginny saw out of the corner of her eye that they were being watched very carefully. She debated whether or not to tell Harry the rest of the rumors. The only one that she knew had a possibility of being true was the one about the sick kid. The other-well, it was hopeful, for Harry, if they were true but she wasn't going to be the one to tell him.

As the music changed she begged off, saying she needed to go to the restroom. With a grin and an admonishment not to go back into hiding, she left Harry at the edge of the dance floor.


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