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AU. Harry/Draco pairing.

Summary: AU. NO MAGIC! Draco's parents hated his boyfriend. So much so that they decided to do something about it. Taken from the American show on MTV 'Parental Control'.



"Get in here and sit down, Draco!" Lucius screamed at his son. Now, he normally wouldn't scream, yell, hit, or anything to Draco but this had been the last straw.

"Dad?" Draco stuck his head in the door. "What's up?"

Lucius growled, "sit down!"

Draco was confused, he had just gotten in from class, though he hated it, and hadn't had time to do anything. "Okay, Dad, what happened?"

"Where is your car, Draco?" Lucius calmed himself with sheer force of will.

"My car? Dad I just got in, it's in the garage." Draco's confusion was clear.

"And last night?"

Draco flushed, "ah, no, I let Blaise take it." He lowered his head, afraid to meet his father's now cold eyes. Blaise had picked him up this morning for class. He had not wanted to let Blaise take his car as his father expressly forbid him driving it, but Blaise had convinced him. What Draco had gotten out of the deal, a blowjob, had been worth it at the time as Blaise didn't really like doing that for Draco.

"I see." Lucius sat back and studied his son. Draco had went from an outgoing, fun-loving, and affectionate young boy, to a quiet, studious, and intelligent young man. What he saw in that disaster of a boyfriend Lucius just did not know. He was tired of the way that Blaise treated his son but nothing his mother or him said would change Draco's mind. Draco fancied himself in love with the other boy but Lucius was positive that Blaise was only with Draco for the benefits, the Malfoys' money and social standing.

Going on his suspicions he had had Blaise followed. His heart hurt for his son. Blaise was cheating on Draco, and with a woman. Draco would be hurt by the cheating but devastated by the fact it was with a female. Draco had had a hard time dealing with and accepting the fact that he was gay. Lucius and Narcissa, Draco's mother, were happy when Blasie had originally come into the picture. They had thought that he was all that he made himself to be but after nine months of their dating, Draco had changed, and not for the better.

Lucius had thought that Blaise was doing something but had no proof, until this morning. Not physically, Draco wouldn't have stood for that. But Draco's self esteem had been fine when he had met Blaise, but in last couple of months, Narcissa and he had seen that self esteem disappear. Now, Draco questioned everything he did, from his hair to if his jeans were too tight. Worried for his son, Lucius was at a loss to what to do for him.

Thus he knew where Draco's car had been last night and the fact that Draco had not been in it. "Why?"

"His car was in the shop and he had to get over to Theo's to set up for the party tonight."

It was Draco's birthday in two weeks but Blaise would be gone up north for an interview with a local band there. Blaise played the drums in a band here that was going to be disbanded soon and he was looking for another band to play in. Draco was upset that he wasn't going to be here for his birthday, he was going to be 19, and this party was Blaise's way of saying sorry.

"Draco, we have told you before that no one is allowed to drive your car." Lucius kept his voice even though he wanted to yell at his son, both he and Narcissa had learned the hard way not to bad mouth Draco's boyfriend. Blaise got really upset and took it out on Draco, calling him names and saying he was going to leave him. The last time it had taken Draco pleading with his parents to apologize to Blaise and for Lucius that had been the last straw.

"I know." Draco whispered. He figured his parents were going to take his car away now.

"Go up and get ready for your party, Draco. And be careful tonight."

Draco was so shocked that his father was going to drop it that he just nodded and ran out of the room.

Lucius sighed and picked up the envelope that was on the desk in front of him. All he could do was glare at it in anger.

"Couldn't do it, I see." The sweet soft voice of his lovely wife came from behind him.

"I hate the way that that bastard treats my son, but I can't be the one to tell him, Cis." He threw the disgusting thing back on his desk.

"I know, Love." Narcissa wrapped lightly scented arms around her husband from behind. "Draco won't leave him, no matter how bad he treats him. He doesn't want to be alone."

Lucius nodded his head. Both of them had agreed on that one point. They both thought that Draco would retreat into himself if he didn't have someone that could bring him out of his personal shame of being gay. Neither of them could understand how they, his parents, were more accepting of their son's homosexuality then Draco was.

"I might have an idea." Narcissa said softly as she placed a gentle kiss on Lucius' neck.

"Oh." Lucius breathed out not knowing if he was responding to her action or her statement, Narcissa drew back and walked around to sit on the arm of his chair.

Lucius wrapped an arm around her and waited for her to let him in on her idea. She had the greatest ideas too.

"I was at the Mall today and there was an American T.V. station there that was announcing that they were going to be doing a British episode of a show that was doing well there. It is called 'Parental Control'. I was intrigued and stood to listen. It sounds like just what we need. Contestants sign up and are interviewed by the parents and the parents pick two people out of a punch of applicants and those two go on a date with their child. After the dates, the parents and the child discuss who to pick, one of the new ones or the old one. Unfortunately, the child has the final say." Narcissa waited as she watched the calculating look on her husbands face.

"So, while Blaise is gone we have time to convince Draco to go out on a date with the person that we pick."

"Yes, dear."

Lucius pulled his wife onto his lap and kissed her passionately. "I love your plans."

Narcissa giggled and pulled Lucius up out of the chair. "Our appointment is Monday morning at 9:30." Draco will be in class and Lucius was sure he could move his appointments around to be available at this time.

With a low growl Lucius chased his giggling wife up the stairs to their bedroom where they were not seen again until the morning.


Draco sighed and looked around again for Blaise. This was his party, held by his boyfriend and he hadn't seen him in over 45 minutes. He took a drink of his watered down gin and coke and sighed again. He pushed himself away from the wall he had been leaning against and went in search of his missing boyfriend. He found him in Theo's bedroom talking animatedly on his cell phone. Draco couldn't hear what he was saying as the music was too loud but he looked angry about something.

Draco walked up and pulled him into a hug and said loudly, "something wrong, Love?"

He was shocked when Blaise threw an angry look at him and pushed him off of him and stomped from the room. Draco stared after him, mouth gaped open, hand empty of the class that Blaise had knocked out of his hand, and angrier than he had been in a long time.

"What the fuck?" Draco whispered as he leaned down to pick up his empty class.

Draco straightened up and saw Theo standing at the door watching him, "what's wrong with him?"

Theo knew what was wrong, Blaise had been talking to the girl he had been fucking for the last four months. She was angry that he wasn't going to come see her tonight and that when he had seen her last night, he had been driving Draco's car. Theo knew that his friend was just using Draco and he felt bad about it but not bad enough that he was going to say anything. Instead he just shrugged his shoulders in answer to Draco's question.

Draco scowled. Some party this was turning out to be. "I'm going to get a refill." Draco was planning on getting spectacularly drunk tonight.


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