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AU. Harry/Draco pairing.

Summary: AU. NO MAGIC! Draco's parents hated his boyfriend. So much so that they decided to do something about it. Taken from the American show on MTV Parental Control'.

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Chapter Seven

Harry didn't know what was wrong with him but he needed to get himself under control before he blew this chance. Narcissa may have her heart set on him but he knew Draco was his own person and would need to make his own choices. Especially in this situation. Harry would not want to to be with Draco if he felt he was forced to pick him. He was nodding hello to Lucius when he the soft gasp registered and he took a calming breath and briefly closed his eyes for strength before to face the other two in the room. This was it. This was a life changing moment and he hoped to live through it with his heart intact.

Lucius and Narcissa were standing near Harry, by each other, and on the large green sectional sofa in front of him sat two men around his age. One was an olive skinned, possibly Italian, male that was very striking. It was obvious he was tall, about two inches taller than himself, with close-cropped curly dark brown hair, bright doe brown eyes, multiple piercings, and a nice body. Though all of it added up to a nice outer package, Harry felt that there just seemed to be something off with him. Harry couldn't pinpoint what it was he felt but he'd had those feelings about other people before, not that it had even done him any good in his own love-life but he was able to see it for others. However, it was the other male on the couch that took his breath away. He was shorter that the man sitting next to him but that is where the similarities ended. Soft blue eyes caught Harry's but not before he had gotten a look, though brief it was enough, at the other boy. Pale features were offset by rosy cheeks and pink full lips. Smoldering baby blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair, long limbs and a thin but nicely proportioned body which was clothed nicely but not over-done were all seen and cataloged quickly.

Draco had been surprised when his parents had said nothing about Blaise's vicious comments. In fact, he couldn't interpret the look on his fathers face, he had seen it before when a deal someone had told him wouldn't be profitable landed him more money than even he had predicted it would, what he saw on his father's face at that time was triumph. Why would his father look like that? And why, oh why, on God's green earth was his mother jumping up and down in excitement? Yes, this was her pick but come on...what exactly was going on here, he thought as he narrowed his eyes at his mother in thought.

He told her he would give this a chance but that was all he was going to do. A three hour date with someone he'd not met before probably wasn't going to make him give up Blaise. He'd had fun with Val yesterday it was true but it wasn't enough. When the doorbell rang his mothers excitement was palpable. He could hear her voice great her choice but couldn't hear her words. None of his earlier misgivings mattered when the most beautiful man he had ever seen walked in behind his mother. He was so lost in looking that he didn't hear his own gasp. Blaise did and so did the young man before him. Bright shining green eyes shifted quickly to where he and Blaise were sitting and Draco saw a man approximately his height with long messy black hair, full red lips, a very nice body in nice but not expensive clothes. He was...well, Draco was sure he could come up with plenty of words for what this man was but he had to settle for just one - beautiful. He had to make a fist of the hand by his leg to stop from reaching out to see if his hair was as soft as it looked or if that body was as tight and lean as he thought it would be.

Draco stiffened when a soft scratchy voice said, "hello". Holy crap! What was wrong with him? As Blaise reached out and grabbed his hand tightly all Draco could do was pray he didn't make a fool of himself while on a date with this god-like creature.

Narcissa saw her sons reaction to his first look at Harry and couldn't help but rejoice. She reached out and grabbed Lucius arm so that she wouldn't react any more than she already had. Their family was going to be on T.V. and though this was an American show she knew all her friends and others of her social standing would be watching this episode if not to commiserate with her but for fodder for the next big scandal. She didn't want that for Draco. She did this to get him to open his eyes and see what else was out there. She knew Harry was the one to do it too. She also had a fond hope that this could be come something more. She honestly thought that Harry could be it for Draco. She settled at Lucius' squeeze of her hand and sent him a grateful look.

"Draco, this is Harry. Harry, my son Draco." Narcissa made sure to keep her voice calm and easy although she was sure, based on the narrowing of Draco's eyes earlier he had figured out what was going on. Never let it be said her son wasn't intelligent. She just prayed this was one area he would use that brain of his to see Harry for what he could be for him. Neither she nor Lucius feared that Harry would hurt Draco but that it would be the other way around. Without knowing, Draco could destroy this wonderful boy and if she hadn't been so confident that she knew her son better than he thought she did she never would have put Harry through this.

Harry had to bite his tongue to keep from shouting in praise of whatever Deity brought this creature to earth. He smiled as he watched as Draco pulled his arm out of his boyfriends grip and moved to stand. He was pleased to see that he was just an inch, maybe, taller than him. Harry fought to keep his smile polite instead of grinning like a fool. God! This man hadn't even spoke yet and Harry wanted to jump him. He let himself give a brief nod to Draco parents before he even looked at Draco's boyfriend to acknowledge him. The death glare he was receiving would have given him chills in any other situation but this one only made his eyes glint dangerously and his smile quirk on one side. Harry only allowed that one glance and then he turned all his attention to Draco. He was proud that the hand he held out was not shaking.

"Draco," he said in his husky voice that was low and gruff with a hint of sexuality that underlined it. He knew what he sounded like and he purposefully lowered his voice as far as it would go on that one word without sounded completely stupid and he watched in satisfaction as the blue eyes dilated in what he hoped was lust. Actually he hoped a hell of a lot.

Draco managed to stand while Harry was looking at his parents and Blaise. The quirky smile at Blaise made him want to laugh and he barely managed not too. The hand that Harry held out to him was strong looking and that said a lot about him. In fact, there wasn't anything so far that he didn't like about Harry. Draco grasped Harry's hand in his own and was shocked by the electrical shock he felt when their skin touched. "Harry."

Draco heard Blaise snort behind him and them heard movement as he got up. Draco knew he was going to kiss him like he did in front of Val and for the first time since he had met him Draco didn't want Blaise to kiss him. However, there was nothing he could do to stop him without making the situation very bad. Blaise had a temper and though he had never physically hurt him Draco knew the potential was there. It was the one thing he feared about his boyfriend and the one thing he had known Theo wasn't lying about. Theo swore that Blaise had never laid a hand on anyone and Draco believed him. When the strong arms went around his waist and Blaise kissed his neck he never let his eyes fall from Harry. He didn't know what made him do it but he just couldn't look away. Harry didn't look away either so he felt sure it was okay.

When he was pulled around for the kiss instinct kicked in and he knew not to push Blaise so much right now if for some unknown, god-awful, reason Harry did something that turned him off he would still have Blaise to come back too. He ignored how that thought didn't excite him as it used to and finally figured out that this was what his mother had wanted all along. Oh, he was positive she wanted him to pick Harry, he could tell by her excitement when he arrived, but Draco also knew that this was what his parents had hoped to accomplish since the beginning. He had to give it to them, when they wanted to give him a boost they sure did it in style. After a few seconds of kissing Blaise he pulled back and gave him a soft smile and turned to his mother who hugged him close and his father nodded to him as he was shaking Harry's hand.

"Have fun, dears," his mothers cultured voice came as he turned to Harry.

They smiled at each other and Harry made the motion for Draco to go before him. Draco smiled and nodded before heading to the front door. He couldn't wait for this date to start.

Harry was not shocked at the sound of Draco's voice as he figured it would be a cross between the haughty tone of Lucius' and the cultured tone of Narcissa's but it still did something to him to hear the smoothness of his voice. He clenched his teeth to stop his natural want to protest the man-handling Blaise was doing to Draco but kept his smile up as well as he was able. He saw the look that passed between Draco's parents and knew this was just a way to stake claim for Blaise. He'd let him have his moment because all it was doing was making him more determined to win Draco's heart. He was concerned that this fascination with Draco, coming so hard and so quick, would be the end of him but it was not going to stop him. He never acted this way, it wasn't in his nature, or so he thought. Maybe, like Draco, he hadn't found the one that would make him risk anything to have. Narcissa had listened to him when he told her his fear about this strong feeling he already had for Draco and she had shared his concern but also told him that she didn't believe that he was someone who would ever let it control him. She believed that even if it didn't work out between them that would end up always being close friends. Standing here now he had to agree with her.

He could tell already that the other man had no interest to have a long-term relationship with Draco but knew it was not his place to say anything. Today would be about him and Draco and he would make the most of the next three hours and if he lost to the piece of shit in front of him tomorrow he knew it wouldn't be for long. Harry had no intention of losing Draco, not now. He let their eyes catch and was told so much about this person by that one look that it made him very uncomfortable. He remembered what he had told Lucius at the interview eyes are the window into the soul, you can learn everything that matters about someone just by looking them in the eye and that you could hide emotions behind a cold mask but rarely can you hide from someone looking in your eyes.

As he turned to follow Draco out he sent one more quirky smile to his competition. Game on.


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