Confessions of the Heart


(Monday Morning)

At Domino High Yugi, Tristan, and Duke were waiting for Joey by the lockers. "I wonder where Joey is; I haven't heard from him since last Friday." the amethyst eyed teen wondered.

"Yeah, he should've been here by now." Tristan added.

"Maybe he got held up or something?" Duke suggested.

"Maybe or what if he's…Hey guys!" Yugi was interrupted by a yell. The group turned to see Ryou running up to them.

When the white haired teen was trying to catch his breath, Tristan asked, "What's up Ryou, you look like you just ran a marathon."

Ryou, between deep breaths said, "I just saw Kaiba's limo park outside not too long ago."

"Kaiba's back; that's good because I thought he was never coming back to school." Yugi said.

"Oh joy, just when I was getting relaxed." the cone haired teen whined.

"Yeah, yeah but you won't believe who I saw come out of it."

"Uh hopefully Kaiba seeing that he's the only one in this school with a limo." the dice master added.

"Yeah him and Joey."

The guys' eyes widened as they gasped in unison, "Did you just say Joey, Ryou?" Yugi asked.

"Yep and that's not the best part."

"What's the best part, then?" the group asked.

"They were holding hands and looking all lovey-dovey."

There was a moment's silence till Tristan and Duke howled with laughter. Ryou and Yugi looked at them with weird looks, "What's so funny you two?" the British speaking teen asked.

"That's rich; Joey holding hands rich boy! Seriously that's just downright hilarious!"

Then Ryou and Yugi looked down the hall and grinned, "Oh really, then how do explain that?" the smaller teen said pointing down the hall.

Tristan and Duke looked down the hall and their laughing ceased all together. Their eyes were bug out at what they saw. It was indeed Joey holding hands with Kaiba and giving him a loving look. Everyone in the hallway stopped and stared at the sight as well but had to look again just to make sure.

The cone haired teen's mouth was gaped wide open, "I'm losing my mind, yeah that's it; I'm just in some twisted reality or dream."

The dice master smirked, "I never thought I'd see the day."

Then the gang saw the couple coming towards them, "Hey guys, what's up?" Joey asked happily.

Ryou smiled, "Nothing's up, but I see a lot is up with you."

"Oh so you noticed, huh?"

Yugi chuckled, "Yeah, I'd say the whole school has noticed."

"S-s-so are y-y-you two dating or what?" Tristan asked in shock and disbelief.

"Of course we are," Seto said as he smirked lovingly at his puppy, "You know I would never let my puppy out of my sight unattended."

"Oh Seto, you're so full of it you know that?" the blond joked.

"So you two are on first name terms how huh?" Duke asked.

"Yes and don't get too excited; only Joey can call me by that. Now if you'll excuse us, we need to get to class; come along puppy." The CEO dragged the puppy by the waist along with him.

The blond threw a quick, "Bye guys!" over his shoulder and walked with his boyfriend. Yugi looked at them happily, "They seem like such a cute couple, don't you think?"

Then the smaller teen heard a loud thud behind him. He turned to see that Tristan collapsed and Ryou and Duke were trying to revive him, "What just happened?"

"I guess the shock got to him." Ryou said as he was fanning the cone haired teen with his hands.

"You think we should carry him to the nurse?" the amethyst eyed teen worriedly asked.

Duke shook his head, "Nah…give him two minutes; he'll be alright."

Then they heard the first bell ring, "Oh well we'll just have to carry him to class." Ryou said as he wrapped the cone haired teen's arm around his neck and dragged him along.

"Ryou, are you sure you can handle that?" Yugi called after him.

"Yes, I got it!" 'Man, he's heavy!'

Duke shrugged, "Well this has been an interesting morning but I gotta get to math; see ya Yugi."

"Bye Duke; see ya later." Yugi headed toward his graphic arts class with a grin on his face, 'I always knew that those two would end up together. I can't wait to break the news to Yami."

After school, Yugi and Joey were walking out the doors when something spotted Yugi's eyes. The amethyst eyed teen grinned, "Oh Joey…"

"What is it, Yug?"

"Looks like someone's awaits for your arrival."

Joey turned to see his boyfriend leaning against his limo urging him to come over with that loving smirk on his face, "Man Yugi; I do believe you're right." the blond said blushing.

The two teens walked over to the black, sleek limo, "What took you so long, pup?" the brunet asked.

"Now Seto, I wasn't that long…wasn't I?"

"Maybe, maybe not; but I missed you though."

"You are so charming; I just can't believe you're mine."

Then Seto placed a chaste kiss against his puppy's soft lips and pulled away, "Well…"

"Now I believe it."

Yugi chuckled at the two teens, "You guys look so adorable together; well I better get home and leave you two lovebirds alone."

"Oh that reminds me Motou, there's a visitor for you in my limo." the CEO said as he opened the door to reveal Yugi's look alike and lover, Yami.

The smaller teen's eyes widened in happiness, "Wow, this is a surprise."

"I told you he'd be surprised." Yami said as he walked smoothly towards Yugi saying hi to Joey along the way.

"It's good to see you, Yami!" Yugi said excitedly as he hugged his lover.

"Nice to see you too little one; why don't we go out to eat, shall we?" the crimson eyed teen asked lovingly with a hint of lust in his voice.

Yugi blushed at how smooth the other sounded, "Uh sure thing, Yami."

"Very well; see you and Joey later, Kaiba." Yami said as he and Yugi left them holding hands.

"See ya later, guys!" Joey called back.

"Well puppy, shall we be going too?" the CEO asked.

The blond smiled back at him, "Yes, we shall."

Seto smiled at the blond as he got back into the limo with Joey following right after him. When the door was closed, they were on their way to the mansion.

During the ride, Joey stared out the window at the view while Seto was staring at him lovingly. These past two days have been the best days of his life. He finally got his little blond puppy by his side and he couldn't be happier.

The blond turned from the window and noticed his boyfriend staring at him, "Um Seto not that I mind but why are you staring at me?"

"I'm just admiring my favorite puppy is all."

"You are so good to me, I'm really glad we got together, Seto."

"As am I, Joey." the brunet said as he scooted closer to the other never taking his sapphire orbs of him. Joey rested his head on the other's shoulder as Seto wrapped his arm around his waist, resting his chin on in the puppy's blond hair inhaling its apple aroma.

"Say puppy, could you do something for me?"

"Sure thing Seto, what is it?"

The brunet placed his hand against his puppy's soft cheek marveling the other's beauty, "Kiss me."

"Hmm…let me think on that." the blond said in an amusing tone.

"You do realize I'll get one regardless don't you, puppy?" the brunet said smirking up a storm.

Joey pouted cutely at the other, "Way to kill a moment, Seto."

The CEO chuckled, "And you say I'm full of myself."

"Oh, so you got jokes, huh?"

The sapphire eyed teen pushed a button causing the window behind the driver's head to close. Then he leaned in closer to his puppy's lips, "I've got more than that."

"Oh really, show me then."

"I was hoping you'd ask." Seto said as he captured Joey's lips in a gentile kiss.

Joey moaned as the other's warm tongue entered his mouth. The intensity of the kiss made him fill up with hot, fiery passion. The blond gripped his lover's shirt to keep from collapsing.

The way those lips felt against his made Seto flutter inside. He smirked in satisfaction that his puppy was enjoying it because he was. As he deepened the kiss, he felt Joey grip his shirt tighter. He smiled into the kiss, 'That's right puppy, enjoy it.'

When his lover eased away form his lips, Joey was heaving like crazy. His eyes were a hazy amber color and his lips were swollen from the kiss. He felt like he was going to melt in pleasure, "S-Seto, that was…"

The brunet leaned in the other's ear and whispered in a hushed lusty tone, "Shhh…there's more where that came from puppy."

Joey shuddered at the sound of those words. He gasped as he felt hot, sultry lips attack his neck. Seto moved up and down his pale skin with those kisses. He made a little whimper which caused his lover to chuckle lightly, "What are you laughing at?"

"That little whimper you made."

"What about it?"

"Nothing it just makes you sound even more like a puppy is all."

The amber eyed teen crossed his arms as he pouted turning the other way, "Hah-hah very funny; see that I ever let you kiss me again."

Joey felt two warm fingers grasp his chin lightly and turn his head the other way. Warm, amber eyes met molten iced eyes. Joey blushed at the soft look in Seto's eyes.

"You know I didn't mean anything by it; it's just that you're so adorable I just couldn't resist." the brunet said in a loving tone.

Joey cracked a small smile, "How is it that you always make me not stay mad at you?"

The CEO shrugged his shoulders, "I guess it's a gift of mine."

The puppy smiled as he leaned into his lover's face, "Well I have a gift for you."

"And something tells me I'm going to like it, aren't I?"

"You know it." Joey attacked the other's lips in another hungry kiss. He ran his fingers through that chestnut hair. It was as soft as it was the day when they first got together.

Seto was really enticed at what the blond was doing. Joey's lips were so warm and tasted like rich honey. The brunet placed his hands on the other's back as he deepened the kiss.

Both tongues raged wars within the teens' mouths. Seto's won easily but Joey didn't care. He was in total bliss. The two teens were in such frenzy, that they didn't hear the limo stop.

There was a knocking at their window. The CEO pulled away from the blond cursing at whoever was interrupting them. When Seto pressed the button, the window rolled down to reveal the limo driver, "Mr. Kaiba, we've arrived at the mansion."

"Thank you James, I'll take it from here."

"Yes sir." When the two teens got out of the vehicle, James got back in and drove off.

As they were walking towards the door, Joey said, "I guess time got away from us, huh?"

"Maybe," the brunet grinned mischievously at his puppy, "But who said I was done with you?"

"Alright man but it can't take too long because my dad will have a fit."

The sapphire eyed teen placed a chaste kiss on the other's cheek, "Don't worry pup, it won't take…too long." Seto smirked as he continued walking.

"Hey, why do I get the feeling that it is?" Joey called after his lover, catching up with him.

The CEO winked, "You'll see…"

The (REAL) End

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