Being the new kid sucks. I just moved across the country of Forks, Washington. My family wanted to get away from Pennsylvania. I still don't understand why we had to move. I pulled up to the Elementary school and let my two younger brothers out.

"Try to have fun." I said to the two of them.

"We will." Jack, the oldest of the two said. Kyle hugged me not wanting to let go.

"I know Kyle. I don't want to go to High School either." I said into his hair.

"Come on Kyle we're going to be late." Jack said. Kyle released me and I watched as they walked into school. I drove to the High School with a frown. It hurt to see Kyle look at me like that. He didn't want me to leave and yet I just left him. I hope he wasn't scared. My only thoughts were on the two of them. Wondering if they were ok and if they were making friends. I went to the office to get my schedule.

"Hello I'm Hazel Denvern. I was told to come to the office." I said to the secretary.

"Hello dear. Here is your schedule." She handed me a paper with my classes on it.

"Thank you." I said before leaving. I walked out of the office and looked down at my paper. Its weird to say it but I had the sudden urge to step left and I followed it. Not a second later a guy not paying attention and talking to his friends, walked by.

I know it sounds odd but I've had the sudden urges since I could walk. I could sense a terrible thing was about to happen to me and I always avoided it. Even though I couldn't see the danger I knew I did not want to endure it. I felt eyes burning into my back. I turned to look and saw a pair of black eyes staring at me. The guy was tall, blond, and pale. He then disappeared with a passing crowd.

"Hi. You're new right?" A girl said with blond hair.

"Is it that obvious?" I asked with a smile.

"Just a little. What class do you have?" She asked.

"Um. English in room B308." I said while looking down at my schedule.

"Really? Me too." Then she went on a rant about how the teacher was so boring and then she launched into a conversation about the boys in Forks. I smiled and laughed at all the right moments even though I was barely paying attention. We went to walk in when a guy went to walk in at the same time. He hung back and gestured for us to go first.

"Thank you Jasper." The blond guy from earlier was looking at her.

"Thank you." I said before the blond girl pulled me through the door.

"Mrs. Decker this is the new student." The blond girl said.

"Thank you Amelia." The teacher said. Then she turned to me.

"I'm Hazel." I said to her.

"Nice to have you here Hazel. There is a desk next to Mr. Hale." She pointed to Jasper. Then she handed me a book. "We're reading Julius Caesar this week. You are familiar with Shakespeare. Right?"

"Yes I am." I said while taking the book. She smiled and I sat down in the desk. When I passed Jasper I saw him become rigid and he sat unmoving. He covered his mouth and nose. He looked lie he was in pain.

I bit my bottom lip lightly and smelt my hair slightly. It smelt like my strawberry shampoo and conditioner. Mrs. Decker addressed the class.

"We have a new student, Hazel. Jasper can you get her up to speed with the book?" She said. Jasper nodded and he didn't look at me.

"Julius Caesar is-" He began.

"What page are you guys on?" I asked softly.

"Page 144." He said. I opened my book and followed along as a few students in the class took roles as the character. Before long my mind was wandering to Kyle and Jack again. I hoped they were having a good day. I knew the move had been hard on them but it had to be done. My mom and step-dad both got job transfers here. The bell rang dragging me out of my thoughts. Amelia was standing by the door waiting for me.

"What do you have next?" She asked.

"Algebra 2." I said while dodging another group of people not paying attention. Then I grabbed her arm and pulled her slightly to the right as a football went flying past her head from behind us. I knew she was shocked but she didn't say a word. We soon reached the Algebra room. When I walked in I immediately noticed a huge guy sitting next to a beautiful blond.

I introduced myself to the teacher and she put me in the back of the class. I was seated behind the beautiful blond. We were instructed to do problems out of the large textbook the teacher handed out. Many people groaned but I kept to my self and silently flipped to the right page. The big guy turned around facing me.

"What page did she say again?" He asked.

"486." I said.

"Thank you." He said with a perfect smile. I immediately felt my low, as it was self esteem melt away. For the remainder of the class I kept my head down and was silent. The bell rang and I waited for Amelia.

"Gym?" she asked me. I nodded and we walked down to the gym floor. Gym went by uninteresting. Next was lunch.