A/N: I am not the Stephenie Meyer, these are not my characters, but they sure are fun to write about.

This story is a derivative of 5 Jason Mraz songs. I was listening to his lyrics one day and was completely struck by his story telling, not to mention he also writes some of the sexiest songs ever. This first part takes place just before the 1st song kicks in, I guess you could call it the prologue.


"Edward?" She was obviously crying. Panic. No matter how many times I heard her cry the pain it caused me never lessened.

"Bella, what is it, what's wrong?" I could hear her breathing heavily on the other end. She was trying to compose herself enough to speak but was having a difficult time. I pulled myself together, hiding my own anxiety, and pulled out my most soothing voice.

"Bella, Bella calm down. Whatever it is we can get through it." I heard her take one more deep breath before finally responding.

"I just… I can't… can I come over?"

"Of course, are you okay to drive? Do you want me to come pick…" A knocking at the door interrupted my attempt at chivalry, she was already here. Bella and I had been best friends since high school. We have spent endless hours together since then. We were always there for each other, no questions asked. We once made pacts that if either of us were in jail we would call the other one for bail. The plan quickly fell through when we realized that if one of us were in jail the other probably was too. She saw me through my breakup with Victoria, I saw her through a string of unsuitable boyfriends. At the end of every relationship we always came back to each other. She was my warm pair of socks on a snowy day.

I quickly made my way to the door, "Why didn't you just use your key?" I flashed her the crooked smile she always teased me about in an attempt to distract her from whatever was causing this pain. She just looked at me, her chocolate brown eyes huge and full of tears. I could read her answer on her face as clear as if she had said it, she didn't know why, it had never even occurred to her that she had a key. The tears suddenly starting coming faster and I stepped back from the door frame to allow her entrance. She tripped over the rug on her way in.

"Fuck… " She crumpled onto the floor. Noticing that she was making no move to get up I joined her. I gently placed my hand under her chin and tilted her face up towards mine, I needed to look into her eyes. Sternly but sweetly I asked her what was going on. I couldn't stand it any longer, not knowing what was going on in her head was going to drive me insane.

"I walked in… sniff… on James… sniff… and Lauren." I took a piece of her hair from her face and pushed it behind her ear. I needed to keep my eyes locked onto hers, the fury that was filling me could only be contained if I focused on her face. In that moment I suddenly knew how people could use insanity as a justification for murder.

"I'll fucking kill him. Just say the word and I'll at the very least kick his ass." She giggled. Finally an emotion I could handle. Not being able to maintain my murderous gaze I answered her laugh with my own.

"How about a drink?" She eagerly nodded yes, that was the beginning of the end.

I stood up and offered my hands to her. I pulled her up off the ground in one quick motion and sat her down on the couch. I was suddenly glad Emmett, my brother and roommate, and his girlfriend Rosalie were away for the weekend. This was going to be a long night.

Before I realized what had happened we had made our way through a hell of a lot of vodka. I was definitely feeling it and by the look on her face she was too. She did a lot of talking about James and being her friend I listened. I will never understand why she didn't take these things to Alice. A girl would have done a much better job in this situation.

At some point Bella had laid her head in my lap and was looking up at me as we spoke. My hand was lying on her stomach and my other was at her hair. We often ended up like this, it was a comfortable place to be and I always enjoyed the closeness we shared.

In our drunkenness we started reminiscing. We somehow ended up talking about the night we practiced kissing on each other. We were sitting on the train station platform, pretending to be waiting for a train, talking and acting like idiots. We had been discussing our lack of experience with the opposite sex when an evil glint appeared in her eye. We decided to kiss each other. I always swore it was like kissing my sister, I never to this day admitted how much I had actually enjoyed it.

Suddenly and without warning the conversation turned. Bella shot up and turned to me, her face filled with worry.

"What if I never find anyone? What if I am meant to be alone forever or with cats, I hate cats, I'm allergic to cats! I find myself in one dead end relationship after another, it's like I can't get a grip on my life. I don't even have a fucking home anymore!"

She had given up her apartment when the magazine she writes travel articles for started sending her on more trips. She was currently living with my sister Alice and her boyfriend Jasper. She had met Alice before she met me and despite their differences became fast friends. I was a year older but we clicked immediately. She used to call us kindred spirits, that was during her Anne of Green Gables phase.

I looked down at her, I could feel her sadness mirrored in my eyes. I took her face in both of my hands, brought my forehead to hers and spoke to her in a slow deliberate voice.

"Bella, you are the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman I have ever known. You are kind and loving and deserve to be happy. It will happen for you." I hoped she could see the sadness in my face shift to fierceness as I spoke those words. She was looking at me with those brown eyes again. They were opened up bigger than would seem possible. They were red and still damp from the many tears shed tonight. I ran my thumbs under her eyes hoping to take some of the exhaustion with them. What happened next took me by surprise. Before I knew what was happening Bella leaned in and kissed me.

The kiss was hard and urgent, I could feel her anger in the heat on her lips. She quickly moved her tongue toward my mouth and before I could gain control of the situation our tongues were intertwined. She brought her hands up to the back of my head and pulled me closer to her. Her hands tangled in my hair she pushed harder, moaning gently, as she massaged my entire mouth with her tongue. She had shifted her focus to my bottom lip, she began sucking and biting as if it had been the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. She left my still stunned mouth and began kissing down my neck. I took the opportunity to compose myself enough to stop what was happening. I gently pushed her away. This has to stop.

I pulled her face up from my neck and with uneven breath attempted to be noble "Bella this isn't right, you're hurt and drunk and I don't want to do something we'll both regret. I don't want to do this with you. Not like this." I spoke those last words softly hoping she wouldn't hear the torment in my voice.

Part of me, namely my dick, started yelling what the fuck?! She was gorgeous and throwing herself at me. It had been quite some time since I had a relationship with anything other than my right hand. The other part of me, the one that spoke, knew this was wrong. I loved Bella, we were best friends but that was it. I knew if this continued any longer we would both be altered forever.

Despite my pleading she continued to bore into me with her eyes. They were burning a hole in my chest and her pain was filling every inch of me.

"Edward, please don't stop. I need you tonight, I need to feel like somebody cares about me, like somebody loves me. Please." At that my will collapsed. While my hard-on twitched with the apparent victory my head was trying to justify what was happening. She was hurting and she needed me. We were there for each other always, no questions asked. I began the kiss where we left off and before I knew it we had moved to my bedroom.

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