Sneaking Around

Takes place towards the end of New Moon/Early Eclipse, after Edward comes back

I own nothing... I wish I was as genius as Ms Meyers.


'Why are there always so many more dishes to do when I'm in a hurry? I thought to myself as I quickly rushed through cleaning the skillets and plates and steak knives from the steak dinner I'd just prepared for Charlie and myself. My father was now in the living room watching the game on TV; completely engrossed in the men on the screen bashing into each other and chasing the small pigskin ball. When Charlie watches TV, I'm pretty sure the rest of the house could crumble—as long as it didn't fall in between the recliner and the set, he probably would just take care of it later.

I couldn't be mad at Charlie long though, because my thoughts kept drifting to the auburn haired god waiting for me upstairs in my room. Things had been tense between Edward and Charlie since the Cullens moved back to Forks. Charlie still had not forgiven Edward for leaving me along in the forest in a moment of really stupid judgment on his part. Charlie had definitely not forgiven Edward or Alice for taking me away for a few days without parental consent, when unbeknownst to Charlie, I'd actually been international. Charlie definitely could not forgive Edward for still holding on to my heart, which was only now whole again, since Edward came back into my life.

I finished scrubbing the last steak knife, mumbled a quick goodnight to Charlie—to which he grunted a response that sounded something between good night and on the next commercial. I quickly jogged up the stairs. When I got to the top stair, my foot somehow missed the step and I fell face first to the floor. No injuries—except to my pride. I knew there would be no hiding that misstep from my boyfriend, Edward who would probably be lying sprawled out on my bed.

"You okay Bella?" I heard Charlie call from the living room.

"Yeah dad—you know me...I'll have a bruise" I gathered myself up, tried to convince my cheeks to return to a normal color, then opened the door to my room.

Just as I had guessed, Edward lay across my bed thumbing through a history notebook that had been sitting on my desk. What I hadn't been prepared for..and truthfully I never was prepared for.. was how gorgeous he looked doing something so monotonous. How is it that his hair can look so messy, but still so perfectly groomed? How is it that he places his limbs in such a way that a snapshot from any angle could easily compete for a national ad campaign for a men's fragrance. How is it that silly, unoriginal, ordinary me, drew the card to have him laying on my bed, waiting on me. He took my breath away, and any distance between us was too far.

I've had a lot of distance issues since Edward left me, thinking he was protecting me. I don't like to be away from him for any period of time. I sometimes worry that I'm suffocating him. One day he will just realize that I'm not good enough. I don't know what I'd do if he left me again. I have a difficult enough time being apart while I have human moments or while I waste time sleeping or while I spend time with Charlie or Jacob. Hours at the most—but they seem magnified tremendously to me. The moments we do have together seem to fly by too quickly. The moments his lips are on mine are even shorter. I long for the day when he'll concede his inward battle and realize that I want him for my life and that's the only thing I need.

"Did you have a nice trip?," he grinned his crooked grin at me barely looking up from the history notebook.

"HA HA very funny.." I pretended to pout at him. "So where is the bruise going to be?" He replied.

"Probably just a moderate purple bruise on to the shin. No need to call the doctor."

In a movement so fast, Edward had scooped me up and placed me on my bed.

"I'm the one who's been to medical school a few times; I'll be the judge of that." I tried to contain my blush as he rolled my jeans up to above my knee and examined my shin. I shivered slightly at his cool touch as his fingers brushed my exposed skin. I rose up slightly on my elbows to examine the damage; sure enough a purplish blotch was beginning to form on my shin.

"Hmm Bella... you have to start taking better care of yourself! But as for the medical analysis, I think you'll survive," he grinned at me, my leg still draped over his lap.

He leaned over and placed a quick kiss to my bruised leg before returning it to the bed and going to sit in my chair.

I gathered my things and headed to the bathroom for my nighttime rituals of brushing my teeth (really thoroughly), having a shower, washing my hair, and double checking that every inch of my legs were shaved just in case I could somehow feign sleeping and push myself closer to Edward than he would normally allow.

When I came back into my room, Edward had turned down the covers for me and was waiting in my twin bed. I looked at the man laying there in the glow of my bedside lamp, and thanked my lucky stars vowing to find a four leafed clover the next day just to be on the safe side before snuggling into the arms of the man I'll love for the rest of eternity. His arms wrapped around my body gently. After being without them for so long, I felt like a part of me was finally back in place. I leaned up and placed a soft kiss on his jaw line. "I missed you this evening. We need to somehow repair things between you and my father." He leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to my forehead. "I've been listening in to Charlie's thoughts, and I'm not quite sure we're at the chummy point where he's planning on taking me fishing and telling me stories from the good old days. He's still holding a pretty big grudge against me right now. It might be best for us to give him some more time."

"Whatever you think is best Edward, I just wish I could spend more time with you," I said coyly before twisting in his arms to nuzzle closer to his neck, placing a few sweet kisses along his collarbone right above where his t-shirt began. I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist.

I was rewarded when he let out a small groan and leaned down to capture my lips with his own. The kiss started slow—a quick feathery peck, then another, then another, I leaned up more pressing my lips more solidly against his as I felt him grip my sides and pull me closer to him and our lips tangled passionately. I needed to feel him closer to me. I pressed my warming body to his cold one more, trying to feel as much of him as possible. I felt him moan against my lips, and knew that once again I'd pushed too far. He pulled away gently, placing a delicate kiss on my lips. My chest rose and fell with my emotions. Edward's eyes traveled down my body to my leg, which of its own accord had wrapped itself around his hip. I must have turned thirteen shades of red and I was suddenly aware of Edward's smirky grin peering down at me. I leaned up ready to kiss him again.

The door jerked open, "Bells, can you make lasa.." I heard Charlie's voice before I could react at all. Charlie looked at me, and then looked at Edward, and then to my complete mortification, he looked at my leg wrapped coyly around Edward. I thought my face could turn red---Charlie's can turn redder, except his redness wasn't the result of embarrassment.

To be continued! I love reviews. What will they do now that Charlie's caught them? How will Charlie react? What would have happened if Charlie hadn't come in?? Why didn't Edward hear Charlie walking towards the room? Sorry to leave y'all with a cliffy but I had to get some of this story down before it left my head! I plan on updating often and if you've read my other story, you know they tend to be lemony goodness! Please review, it makes me want to write more!