I do not own the characters of Harry Potter, these belong to that wonderful author JK Rowling and the various publishing companies used to publish her works. I am however borrowing them, no not to make money but for fun and fun only.


When Severus Snape finally blows his cover with Voldemort he is regulated to a fate far worse than death. When he is rescued and brought to Grimmauld Place he has to heal more than his body as his mind and soul need healing the most. This completely disregards HPB and DH but does keep most of OotP but not all of course.

This fiction will deal with some very dark themes, mostly torture and description of torture. There will be talk of rape but no slash at all. This is going to be dark but with hope too and it does start out grimly with the death of a great wizard and goes from there. The first few chapters will be dark and there will be quite a bit of blood and gore and descriptions of terrible things.

There will be lots of religious themes, I am religious and a Christian and so that will be reflected in my story here. Dark magic is still evil and bad all dark magic is harmful and cannot be used for anything but evil things. So the spells that the death eaters use are not "misguided" or "unpopular spells" they truly are horrible evil things. So being a dark wizard is not good here at all though calling one's self light does not make you instantly good either. That has to be earned of course.

I am going to keep some of the ships the same, mainly that of Harry and Ginny. I love Harry and Ginny together and see them as soul-mates. I do plan on fleshing out Ginny more as I feel that she was not given enough time in the Harry Potter world. I feel she should have been with Harry and Co on the hunt for Horcruxes as that would have made sense for her to do that. Anyway that is the main cannon ship, and there will be a few others too. Bill/Fleur, Remus/Tonks, Me/Snape….Okay the last one was a joke, though if I were not married I would…well I am married so Snape is off limits. So let's get this started shall we?


Chapter One: In Memoriam

Harry did not want to be here, not like this, he hated having to speak in public and he did not want to speak like this. One week earlier he had been in the battle of the department of mysteries and they had lost one of their own. Alastor Moody had died in the death chamber, at least twenty people saw him fall through the veil to his death. Now Harry was here to speak about a man, a wizard who had helped him out this last school year. His fifth year at Hogwarts had been tough but Moody had helped keep him in line and out of the cross-hairs as it were. Now he was dead and Harry felt miserable as Moody had believed in him and Harry felt as if he had lost a part of himself. Now he stood the one to give one of the many speeches at the memorial of Alastor Moody, there would be no funeral as there was no body to recover, no body to bury. Harry stood up at the podium and tugged nervously at the collar of his dress robes.

"I am not sure I am the best to speak on professor Moody." Harry began, "all I can tell you is what little I know of him. I met the real Alastor Moody a month after my fourth year of school. I still don't know why he took me under his wing to mentor and be a part of my life. I do know it was not because of who everyone says I am but because of who I am. He saw a puzzled geeky young teen and took me under his wing, I am grateful for that. Those of you who went to school with me last year will remember a certain incident where he had promised to send a howler if I caused trouble in school."

There was laughter at this as many students did remember that howler. Harry had mouthed off in Umbridge's class and had got detention with her. The next morning true to his word Harry had received a howler. As the owl flew towards him everyone around him ducked or covered their ears. Harry flinched as the Howler was dropped in his plate of eggs and he opened it at once. He had not seen the headmaster nearly choke on his breakfast or Severus smirk at this. He had to listen to Moody tell him exactly what he would do to him in painful detail if he did anything like what he had again. Harry had been very careful after that to not cause trouble but he had helped form the defense club and keep it going all year until the fateful day he Voldemort had sprung the trap and the battle at the ministry.

"Alastor Moody was a hard closed man with most but to those he called friends he would do anything for you." Here Harry had to stop as he choked up, "even give his life. In fact he did, not just for me but for all of us. He gave his life to save the world, to make it that much a better place. Let us make sure his death is not in vain, let us all fight this war together not divided."

Harry ended his speech and sat down by Sirius who now free and cleared of all charges could walk free again. He put his hand on his godson's shoulder to comfort him while Neville went up to speak next. Harry was a very well known teen in the Wizarding world and it was not just because of his spiky black hair, good natured face and brilliant green eyes. No it was due to the fact he had survived a killing curse as a baby when his parents were killed and the killing curse used backfired and ended up destroying for a time the dark lord Voldemort. Voldemort was an evil wicked wizard who had come back just over a year prior, now due to the battle in the ministry he had been ousted but at the same time he had gained the prophecy. Several death eaters had been captured though the real prize, Lucius Malfoy had managed to not even be ousted or captured.

Harry listened to what Neville had to say, Moody had really taken to working with Neville, he had seen that Neville was as much a target as Harry and he had helped the boy gain much needed confidence. What with the defense club and the battle he was fast becoming a powerful wizard. He didn't look like the hero he was, he was not very tall and had a soft round face and was a bit overweight, but he was powerful in his own right. He was more eloquent than Harry had been but Harry did not mind, in fact he realized that Neville was not only a good friend but someone you wanted to back you up or lead you in a battle. He was very good natured and slow to anger, much as his parents had been before the attack. His father had been an Auror and his mother had been a poet. But no more, they would never speak again or leave St. Mungos as everything magical and muggle had been tried to save them.

Neville finished speaking and it was Dumbledore's turn. Harry hardly heard what he said, he was feeling down and the loss of Moody was just one more in a long line of losses for Harry starting with his parents. He wanted to kill Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy both but first he wanted to make them suffer badly as he suffered. He had heard the prophecy, he knew why Voldemort was after him and unfortunately so did Voldemort as Lucius Malfoy had managed to get it and Apparate to safety with three other death eaters, one of those being Bellatrix Lestrange. Dumbledore told those here that did not already know that Alastor Moody had been Slytherin and Harry noticed that Professor Snape was watching from where the other professors of Hogwarts sat with hooded eyes. His long lank hair hung about his sallow face and he looked gaunt and unwell, his black eyes duller than normal, then again he was out in the full sunlight, not a place Harry expected him to be.

"How can he be here after all that happened?" Harry said to Neville who was sitting next to him.

"I-I don't think he is bad anymore." Neville said, "he seems, I don't know I know what it is like to be misjudged and treated badly."

"Mostly by him, remember he bullied you?" Harry replied.

"Yea, but I found out that my dad was one of the ones who interrogated him after the first war." Neville said, "guess I just look like him then. He was nicer to me this last year, I think we should give him a chance."

"Why would you defend him?" Harry asked, "he is a death eater!"

"I don't think he is Harry, not really." Neville replied, "I try to be a good judge of character and well he doesn't seem evil, you know he saved me from Umbridge and her quill."

"He hates me." Harry muttered.

"You hate him back." Neville replied.

"Neville sometimes you annoy me." Harry shot at his friend.

"Well that is what friends are for, to tell the truth even if it is hard to hear." Neville replied.

Harry could not help but agree as Neville was right. He was far smarter than anyone had ever given him credit for and he had blossomed this last year in the defense classes right along with Luna Lovegood. He had a cause to fight for and he had taken to studying harder than he ever had. He still was dismal in potions and both he and Snape were glad he was not going on in potions. Still he had seen a side to Snape that Harry still could not wrap his mind around. Not after Snape had thrown a jar at his head and refused to teach him Occulumency. Harry felt guilty about Moody but he felt rage too, rage against Snape who had helped cause the death of Moody, if only he had helped him and not sided with Umbridge! Of course Snape had not but that is not how Harry saw it.

The last year Moody had taken Harry under his wing and had taught him during the summer. He had found him when he had hid from everyone in his godfather's house after he felt he had attacked Mr. Weasley. Moody had a good long talk with him then and he had seemed to really care about Harry. It had hurt when Harry had lost him, he felt as if he had lost a piece of himself and he wanted to cry but dared not, not here, not with all the people to see that. He wondered as he sat at the memorial what the next year would have in store for him. He was sure things could not get much more interesting or worse. However he was wrong, so very, very wrong this time…


As stated this will be mostly cannon through OoTP but not all. Moody did send a howler to Harry and this did a lot of good for Harry. It helped him keep his temper in check and keep him on the Gryffindor team. After the attack on Mr. Weasley Harry was suppose to learn Occulumency but he did look into the pensive and Snape caught him. That is how the battle at the ministry still happened. Harry blames himself for that as it was Moody an old warrior but a good kind warrior died and not Sirius as Sirius was not at the battle this time. No and why that is will be explained later.