A Boy from Philly


23 months later...

It turned out that although the two did not believe in luck, the truth was that luck was always on their side. Perhaps it was fate or blessings, too. It really depended on who you spoke to.

After Aaron Bishop was found to be the disgruntled bomber of the Riverlink Ferry in Philadelphia who basically killed himself and three others on the point that he was once 'overcharged', it turned out that a few very important connections were made in those ten minutes of chaos. Most notably, Alison and Keke Ramos, wife and daughter, respectively, to the famed (and quite thankful) Fertility Expert Alex Kingston Ramos M.D. of the Reproductive Fertility Science Institute in Wayne, PA.

Which leads us to this moment...

Angela winked at Hodgins from across the room. Church-winking, is that a sin? She shrugged. Either way, it wasn't like she went to church.

"Where are they?" Cam asked as Angela passed by.

Angela shrugged, "I think they had to change Baby Girl."

"It takes two to change a one month old's diaper?"

"That's what I thought, too. Just give me a second and I'll see if I can get them to go any faster." She walked past Jared, who she recognized, Caleb and Tanya, Anne and Bob, Rebecca, Parker, Max, Russ, Amy and their girls, and a handful of exceedingly good looking Booth men. What was she thinking going back with Hodgins when she and Bren could be like sisters? Eye on the ball, Angela. She walked into the back room and knocked. Then opened the door, "You guys ready yet? The priest is here and everything."

Brennan put the little infant on her shoulder, "Uh-huh."

"Everyone's anxious, sweetie. We've been waiting for twenty minutes."

"OK, Ange."

"Hey, no need to snap. I'm just the messenger." Angela took her exit, leaving Brennan and Booth alone again.

"What are we gonna do?" Booth sighed, eyeing the door until it shut completely.

She shook her head, "I have no idea. Couldn't we just keep her name 'Baby Girl' until we can agree on a proper name?"

"Bones, I think that we should, you know, Christen our daughter on the day of her Christening. See where I'm going with this?"

"Just because tradition speaks to naming a child on the day of their Christening doesn't mean that we must. Nowadays people name a child long before they're born. We're already going against tradition, why not wait until we can whittle down the names and come to a joint conclusion?"

"Bones, we've already told half the people out there that she'll have a name today--"

The door opened and Anne popped her head in, "There's my Baby Girl!"

"Mom, Bones and I are having a private discussion. If you leave now, I'll let you hold her as long as you want."

"As long as I want?"

"As long as you want, Mom."

Anne smiled, "I always knew you were my favorite son."

Booth put his hand on the door, "Good-bye, Mom."

When the door closed, Brennan said, "That wasn't very nice."

"You know what's not very nice, Bones? Lying to eighty people. That's what's not nice."

"Who said it was lying?"

"The definition of a lie, Bones: Telling people something that's not true. If we go out there without a name, it's a lie."

Brennan bit her bottom lip and looked down at the little girl, dressed in white hand-crocheted lace with a little bonnet on her head. Blondish hair peeked from beneath the cap and long dark lashes twitched as she slept. "How about..." Brennan looked up and formulated her plan. "How about we do like we always do?"

Booth nodded slowly, "Compromise."

"Compromise," Brennan smiled.

"So what do we do?"

"I choose the first name, you choose the middle name. Or if it sounds better with your choice preceding my choice, then we can mix them around."

Booth gave it about a second of thought and said, "Got it."

Brennan glared at him, "Did you actually give it some thought, Booth?"

"Yeah, Bones. Of course I did. Who do you think I am?"

She rolled her eyes, "Well, I think I will give it a lot more thought than you did. I read somewhere that a name really effects a person professionally, socially, and throughout every facet in their lives, so it's a heavy decision, Booth. Are you sure you--"

"Yes, Bones."

"Fine..." She thought for a moment. "OK. I think I've come to an unbiased, yet informed decision."

"You go first."


"Margaret? Why Margaret? Every Margaret I've ever met comes complete with walker and denture cream."

"It's after Margaret Mead."

Booth gave her a blank look.

"The anthropologist."

Booth nodded. "I figured you'd pick a scientist's name."

"What did you choose?"


Brennan's eyes widened in horror. "Gretsky? What kind of a name is that? German?"

"No, Bones. It's after Wayne Gretsky." Another blank look. "Oilers... Kings... Rangers. C'mon, Bones, pick up a magazine every once in a while. The man is a legend. He practically put hockey on the map again!"

Brennan shook her head, "I... suppose that was your choice, but that's going to be her middle name."

Booth smiled as the door opened again. This time it was Cam, "It's a frenzy out there. I swear, if you don't come out of there soon, then I'll go insane. Please..."

"OK, Cam. We're coming out."

Cam rolled her eyes, "Thank you," she sighed, then disappeared.

Booth took the tiny baby from Brennan's arms and put her against his chest, "Margaret Gretsky Booth." He slid his hand into Brennan's hand and together the family walked out.

They were met by huggers and kissers as they walked out of the back room and to the front of the church where the priest began to Christen the little baby.

After the ceremony, the priest said, "And I'm aware that Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth wanted to announce this little girl's name today in the presence of family and friends."

Booth took the microphone, but since he was then holding the baby, Brennan snatched it up from Booth, "We have decided to name her Margaret--" She looked at Booth.

"Gretsky," he whispered.

"Margaret Gretsky Booth."

The crowd awwed, all except for Jared who had to chase after two year old Caleb. He squeeled as he ran from his father. The crowd turned toward the sounds and laughed.

The group stood and went to congratulate the family. Angela was the first. She kissed Brennan, "Maggie's a sweet nickname," she said, winking.

Then Cam, "That's what nicknames are for," she whispered to Booth.

Anne was next in line, "I'm here to collect my debts," she announced. Booth passed the little girl off to his mother who basically radiated love on her little granddaughter.

Booth laughed, but his laughter was cut off by the warmth and pressure of Brennan's hand in his. "Take my hand," she whispered.

He smiled on her, kissed her lips and held her close. They watched as Booth's family, Brennan's family, and dozens of their lab family gathered around their daughter. Family had brought on a whole new level of meaning. Not only for Booth, but for Brennan and little Maggie. It was amazing, he thought, how he felt so weak when they were away, but so strong when they were near.

The end.

Although this story had two distinct parts, I tried to tie the last chapter to the first. ;) Thank you all so much for reading! Thank you for letting me take you on this adventure! It's been so much fun!