Explain how the weakness of a flawed individual can cause devastation for all.

Obi-wan Kenobi was reminiscing about the old days, the adventures, hardships and good times he had with his old former apprentice, Anakin Skywalker. He remembered training back at the Jedi Temple which now is in ruins. About how his pupil began from the promising Chosen One to dark lord of the empire, the Emperor's dog.

Anakin was a good child; beside that he was a little arrogant and short tempered. Yet he had a big heart and took pleasure in the small things of life. This is due to the fact he was a former slave. But as a Jedi one was not allowed to make attachments as it would lead to the dark side. That was Anakin's downfall. He was deeply attached to many things. It wasn't the attachment that was the problem but more of the consequences afterwards.

Anakin loved his mother dearly, but then he had visions of her impending death by the hands of Tusken Raiders. Disobeying his orders he left for home. However he got there too late; in his anger he exterminated the whole village of Raiders, not only the men but the women and children as well. This was the beginning of his fall.

But the event that sealed his fate and the entire galaxy's began when he had another vision, he saw his wife Padme Amidala (marriage was strictly forbidden to Jedi) die in child birth. He tried to find a way to prevent her death. Eventually he made a pact with a Sith a leader of the dark side. He vowed to become his servant, and was renamed Darth Vader. Twisted by the Sith's lies he annihilated all the Jedi believing that they were trying to take over The Republic. His wife tried to help him see reason but he saw another Jedi (Obi-wan) with her. He believed she betrayed him to the Jedi and choked her to death. Anakin lost everything that night, his body, his family and himself. The Republic lost its freedom when the Sith named himself Emperor over the Galaxy only because he had help by one Jedi who was trying to save a person he loved.