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Bat's took flight and left the cave at the sharp hiss of pain as Bruce forced the tracking implant into the incision on his back. He really didn't know what he was thinking refusing to be numbed beforehand. He supposed that it was a primitive male dominance issue. The way Bruce had smirked when he picked up the needle had made him defensive. And now here he was, laying facedown in pain on an operating table in the Batcave while Bruce and Alfred sliced open his skin and set him up with a tracker chip like a new puppy.

What surprised him the most was that this was all on his own volition. When Bruce had approached him and asked him to find a link between Lex Luthor and the organization Cadmus he had started with a basis for his information. He collected all the information that the League had and sat down for some quality time with his laptop. It was the lack of quality evidence that had led him to his current plan. It went against all his beliefs to allow the implant anywhere near him and if it had been anyone other than Bruce doing the surgery he would have never allowed it. But as much as he was sure that this would come back to haunt him in the future, he wasn't about to go gallivanting into enemy territory without some protection. It was also highly likely that he might get caught and was taking all the precautions that were popping into his mind. Since Cadmus clearly seemed to be an anti-League force he could not have anything affiliated with the League around him for awhile. He wouldn't be conducting this part of the investigation as The Question. No he would investigate this as Vic Sage, the Hub City investigative reporter with a penchant for putting his nose where it didn't belong.

It was risky, he had no idea if he would get caught, but it was a risk that he would have to take. Bruce that was in control of the operation, that way he didn't have to worry about other members of the League discovering his identity. That had been one of his conditions for joining the League when Bruce had asked him. Not having to give up his secrecy. He winced again as Bruce started stitching, the plan would have to wait until all the signs of the surgery disappeared, but he could wait, he did have a few other duties to the League. Not being on the active mission list defiantly had its advantages at times, most of the time though it just meant he had more paperwork to do.

After Alfred had cleaned off the blood, sterilized the wound, and had him bandaged Vic sat up and slipped his legs of the edge of the table. He winced slightly and made a mental note to be sure to be numbed for the removal surgery. His red hair fell in his face as he leveled his gaze at Bruce as he washed his hands. "I'm trusting your word that you won't activate the chip until I'm ready to start the mission. Also, when this is over I want it removed as quickly as possible." Bruce acknowledged his request with a slight nod as he crossed his arms and leaned against the sink.

"So Vic, where are you going to start? I want daily updates, that way I'll notice quicker if you disappear. Also it would probably be less painful if you just kept lying down for awhile, you'd be less likely to tear the stitches that way." Vic glared. He couldn't have said that before he moved? Deciding that he didn't feel like moving again he stayed where he was, before delving into the basic setup of his plan.

Clark Kent, in Vic's opinion, could be the biggest blockhead in the league. Not only did he seriously believe that Lois had no idea who he was, which was ridiculous. But when he flew down the stairs into the Batcave and saw Vic (who had recently replace his mask after a quick warning from Alfred) lying on the operating table sans shirt with Bruce standing over him cleaning his back with a towel, he blushed and looked like he was going to leave. He was about to tell the Man of Steel to 'Grow up' however Bruce chose that opportune moment to remove the towel and the metallic scent of blood flooded the air. Immediately Clark covered his nose and came to see if there was anything he could do to help. Vic sighed; he didn't know how Lois put up with him.

Bruce grunted at his offer, but took the time to explain, "There isn't anything you could do Clark. Besides holding him still so he can't tear his stitches anymore." Clark glared at Bruce for the use of his name, but didn't say anything. It was common knowledge to most of the league that Question knew their identities and probably much more. Clark always made sure that he checked his credit card bills for any extra expenses, you could never be too careful. However as much as Question knew about the leaguers, besides Batman no one knew much of anything about Question. It was a point that irritated Clark, but he had promised Bruce along time ago that he wouldn't x-ray anyone's mask again. It was rude to do to a teammate.

Vic was grumbling nonsense under his breath as he turned his head to look at Clark. Eventually his eyes fell on his feet or his shoes more accurately. The aglets* on the laces smiled up at him mockingly and he glared. The sinister things were everywhere! During the last two days that he had spent recuperating in the manor he had taken it upon himself to alleviate Bruce and Alfred of the plastic demons. Which ended up inevitably how he had torn open his stitches. Horrid things, they had really put up a fight! Clark's face swam into his broke though his thoughts and he realized that he was being spoken to.

He glanced up into Bruce's glare, which he was proud to say didn't have any effect on him, and acknowledged that he was listening. "I've given you a stronger material of stitch this time. However I fully plan on Alfred making sure that you are confined to bed rest and minimal movement until I'm satisfied they won't tear." He nodded, contemplating a plan to escape the manor the second Bruce was gone but wisely choosing not to voice that.

After he was sure that the stitches were safe (for now) Bruce tossed Vic his shirt and turned to Clark. Clark didn't waste anytime in explaining the purpose of his visit. "I came to get an update on Cadmus from Question. What have you found out so far?" Vic was extremely careful as he sat up slowly, taking he dear sweet time and enjoying making the Man of Steel wait. He slid his arms into the sleeves but didn't bother buttoning it, too much work.

"Cadmus has covered all of their tracks well. I am certain they are a top-secret branch of the Government, however, I have no solid proof yet. From the information that the league already had, I've decided that General Eiling of the United States Army is a major player. I am also fairly certain that Amanda Waller is in control, she's worked with the U.S. government in intelligence for quite awhile. What I myself have found though is no real surprise. Nuvo Gen was a branch of Cadmus. Therefore it was Cadmus that created Galatea, the Supergirl clone." Clark's eyes narrowed dangerously and his fists clenched. Vic imagined that if he had been human he would have punched a wall or table in frustration. But Superman wasn't human and he could never hit something out of frustration. It was times like these that Vic was grateful for Bruce. He walked around the table towards the giant Bat computer and pulled up all the information that he had collected, sufficiently drawing Clark's attention away from his frustration and from Vic.

*Aglets- For those who don't know, these are the plastic tips on the end of shoelaces. And they are truly sinister.

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