Justice League: Persiana

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Chapter 46: New Friends and Old Enemies

The four Avengers were waiting in the conference room where the Big Seven always met. Each one of them was nervous and anxious. The tension was running high, but when Persiana pleaded her case to the Seven that they could be trusted, despite the differences in beliefs, the League seemed to side her way.

Tigra was tense,

"Wow, this is like when I joined the Avengers for the first time. This time, though, I don't know anyone here."
Wonder Man nodded,

"I know what you mean. This is going to be a big adjustment for us."

Sentry stared out the window,

"It's so vast."

Miss Marvel asked


"Space. How do they do it? Live up here, while looking down at the world."

The Air Force major shook her head,

"I don't know. We'll have to ask them."

Just then, the doors opened. The Avengers looked and saw the Big Seven enter. Flash was first,

"Hey, kitty."

Tigra snarled,

"Don't even think about it."

She reared her fangs and hissed. Hawkgirl laughed,

"Typical Flash."
Flash tried to reach out to the were-tigress, but Tigra slashed him. The Fastest Man Alive barely dodged in time,

He quickly ran behind Hawkgirl,

"Here, you two get acquainted."
John Stewart walked up to Miss Marvel,

"I'll be sponsoring your League membership."

He explained,

"Whenever there's a new member that wishes to join, one of us has to sponsor him. And, since I've seen you fight in that dimension, I wanted to sponsor you."
Wonder Woman walked up to Wonder Man,

"I'm your sponsor because, according to Farrah, you're the greatest Avenger there was. That means you're an accomplished fighter."

Simon smiled at that. Flash quickly added,

"Not to mention a hit with Supergirl."

A loud scream could be heard,

Simon groaned,

"How long does this ceremony last?"

Hawkgirl answered,

"A few minutes."
The ionic hero sighed heavily.
Superman walked up to Sentry,

"I'll be sponsoring you. It's not everyday I meet someone who can make me bleed."
The Hero of a Million Suns nodded,

"Well, that's interesting."

Tigra looked around,

"What about my sponsor?"

"That will be me."

The striped were-cat almost jumped as she heard Batman's voice from behind her. She turned,

"Are you trying to kill me?"

Batman stayed stoic,

"Farrah told me you were a cop in your world. I happen to like cops."
Tigra then turned on the charm,

"Well, stud. What say we go on patrol together sometime?"

The Dark Knight shook his head,

"I'm busy."
The were-cat sulked.

After a few minutes…

The Big Seven emerged, along with the Avengers. Persiana and Diablos, along with Supergirl, were the first to greet the new members of the Justice League. Tigra smiled,

"You know, I'm glad we're on the same team again."
Farrah nodded,

"I know. I don't have to be worried anymore about being chased."

Supergirl screamed,

She flew into him. Simon quickly evaded and started running down the hall, screaming,

Tigra commented,

"Now, Simon knows what it's like to be chased."
Miss Marvel looked at Persiana,

"Look, I still am not going to forget that you're the most annoying, self-centered, irritating bitch on the planet, but, at least I don't have to fight you anymore."
She walked away, Persiana smirking. Diablos asked,

"Just what exactly are you smiling about? She just insulted you."

Miss Marvel rounded the corner and a loud shrill came from it. The League and the Avengers looked and they all started laughing. Miss Marvel was doused in green paint. She glared menacingly at Persiana,

Farrah joked,

"You give a whole new meaning to the expression Green Monster, Barbie."

An irate shriek was heard and the chase was on; the lioness hastily eluding her blonde nemesis.

Diablos sighed,

"Something tells me that's going to be common place around here from now on."

The striped tigress grinned,

"You have no idea."

The red-eyed hero shook his head,

"Well, after everything that's happened, I'm beat. I think I'll go home and take it easy. My cat must be worried about me."

Flash asked,

"You own a cat?"
Lance looked at the speedster,

"What? A guy can't like a cat?"

Wonder Woman asked,

"Aren't you worried about what the trouble Farrah could get into?"
Several loud crashes were heard, and, in moments, a cat-fight had broken out between Carol and Farrah. Diablos grinned,

"From what I see, Farrah can handle herself just nicely."

He left for the teleporter.


Hank Pym was in a straight jacket in Arkham. He was betrayed by his friends for his duty. It wasn't his fault, he reasoned. It was theirs. He was going to get out and make them pay. His thoughts were drowned in the insanity that surrounded him, as the former Avenger had developed a sort of insane glint in his eyes as he continued to think of all the various things he would do to everyone that ever came into contact with him.

"Plotting revenge are we?"

The insect-inspired hero looked up to see a bald man in a business suit. At either side was a woman, looking to be a bodyguard of some kind. Hank looked up,

"What is this?"

The bald man explained,

"My name is Lex Luthor, and, you Dr. Pym, are a valuable asset to me."

He had the cell open and he walked in,

"You see, I have several like-minded individuals such as yourself that believe in controlling the superheroes. Would you like to meet them?"

Hank was stunned,

"Now? I'm in a cell."

Luthor laughed nonchalantly,

"You did not get the news; you've been released into my care."
A cloud of purple smoke billowed and in a moment, they all disappeared and reappeared in Luthor's office. Hank looked around,

"Impressive, but I doubt you're a magician."

"No, that would be me, darling."

Yellow Jacket turned and was stunned to see Circe and the male Cheetah in the room.

"I'm impressed, Lex. This hairless one might be of some use to us after all."

Hank looked again and saw Grodd standing. He asked,

"A talking gorilla?"

Lex smiled darkly,

"I see you have much to learn, doctor."

"As do you, Mr. Luthor."
Everyone turned and saw a woman with black hair, dark green lipstick, and a scandalous green dress. She smiled,
"Dr. Pym, so good to see you again."
Yellow Jacket swallowed,

"V-V-Viper? How did you get here?"
The Hydra terrorist shook her head,

"That's my secret."

Lex narrowed his eyes,

"Who are you, Miss Viper? How can you help me with our situation?"

Viper smirked arrogantly,

"You have had dealings with a certain white-furred sex kitten, have you not? Suppose I had someone in my…employ…that could help you understand her."

A blonde woman with a well defined lithe build appeared in the shadows behind her. She adjusted her glasses and looked hungrily at Sebastian,

"Mm, my latest conquest. You and I will do well together."

The male Cheetah grinned back,

"You are not the only one."
He growled playfully and purred lustfully in her ear. Viper rolled her eyes,

"Do you always have a thing for male felines, Eve?"

Eve looked back,

"I want three things out of this, Viper, and you too, Lex. One, my own lab. Two, unlimited test subjects, and three…I want to kill my daughter myself."

She then began laughing maniacally.

Back to Lance…

Lance had made his way back to his home. It was an abandoned library he converted into a livable space. As he walked through the back door, a small black kitten playfully ran up to him and started rolling on the floor. Lance bent down,

"Bast, please. I just got in. Give me a second to think."
The black kitten purred affectionately and brushed up against him. The red-eyed hero sighed and picked up his pet,

"Now, I know I have it here somewhere."

He fished around and found a small ball of red yarn. He placed Bast down on the floor and rolled the ball in a direction away from him. Bast went for it and started balancing on it with playful ease.

The entire library had numerous paintings, some as far back as untold ancient times. In one room was nothing but bookcases Lance used to house his books. His bedroom also had bookcases in there as well, but he had a modest bed where he stayed. He flopped down, Bast on the floor, chasing after the ball of yarn. The kitten then noticed how depressed her master was and jumped on, meowing for attention. Lance shook his head,

"It's nothing, Bast. I just went through a lot and my new girlfriend is a lot to handle."
The black kitten then started to grow taller, eventually taking the form of a muscular, lithe woman with black hair and the head of a feline. She was covered in a tan fur, and her tail jutted out from her robes. She purred,

"I heard it's a feline hybrid. And she's got another feline hybrid friend."

Lance shook his head,

"Farrah's different. I don't know how or why, but she is. There's something special about her."

The goddess of felines rolled her eyes,

"You still are hung up on that story, aren't you? The story of the White Flame. Four thousand years old, and you still act like a little kid."
Lance smirked,

"Compared to you, I am a little kid."

He then turned serious,

"I really believe it's her, this time. She came as a star fell from space, dying."

Bast shook her head,

"I would have sensed if there was something special about her. There isn't."

Diablos looked at her,

"Suppose this was something you couldn't sense. Suppose she is the White Flame of legend."

Bast sighed,

"Even if she is, why is she so immature?"
The red-eyed hero joked,

"More so than you?"
Bast nodded,

"Yeah more so…hey!"

Lance just laughed at that.

Just then, Diablos sat up, an overwhelming sense of fear possessing him. Bast got concerned,

"Is something the matter?"

Lance looked out a window and a woman, about the same age as him, with demonic red eyes and a similar costume, shot him an evil smile. She then disappeared under the cover of darkness.

The goddess of felines asked,

"What is it?"
Lance swallowed nervously, but managed to say,

"It was her, Bast. It was…Hecate."

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