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Tony felt that he was falling …. Falling…..falling and Ziva shouting his name hysterically

He had decided to fall to save Ziva and that felt peaceful enough to know that she will be ok and live on

He closed his eyes and kept falling ….and falling ….. Then he felt his body lands on something hard and then fell into darkness, a blessed silence

He opened his eyes

Am I dead? Where am I?

Tony was in full darkness and could not even see his own hand '' Ziva? ''

''Ziva? ''

He now felt as if a breeze of air suddenly came out of no where and he felt that he could die from that breeze even though it was only a breeze

He felt the air drawn away from his lungs and he gasped really hard

Oh God … am I in Hell?

Am I being punished for something that I did?

Oh God … I only wanted to be with Ziva

Oh God … I am sorry... I am sorry … if I only could go back to her

Tony still could feel that air drawn away from his lungs when he heard a sound from far away

'' Tony '' '' Tony, please wake up '' was that the sound that he longed for , the sound that could save him from that unbearable darkness

'' Zivaaaa... Zivaaaa '' Tony shouted into the darkness ''Zivaaaaaaaa, where are you? ''

Then that killing breeze stopped and his lungs got full air into them

'' Tony… I… I … am really sorry… I… love you '' Tony heard Ziva's voice fell the darkness he is stumbling in

He stretched his hands in the air and walked feeling his way to the voice he is hearing

Tony shouted again ''Zivaaaaaaaa '' '' Ziva I love you too ''

Tony saw bright light come from afar when he said those words

He ran like he was stung by scorpion, he felt another breeze but that one was pushing him towards that light really fast against his well

He practically ran towards it by the force of that breeze

He was stumbling and almost fell when he finally reached it

He then felt someone shaking his body really hard, in the most maniac way he could imagine

He opened his eyes and found himself lying on hard floor but it was not sandy or even rocky, it was hard metal steel but not random like in a mine, it was organized like it is in a building, a building that he used to work in most of his last seven years.

He started to put some pieces together in his mind , his vision was still blur and he could not see , but his body ached like hell and he could not move any part of his body

He tried to move his hands to feel around but, at the trial, he shouted his full lung as his hand felt as if it was broken into thousand pieces

He then felt someone touch him lightly on his broken hand and tries to calm him down, at the sound he calmed down immediately

''Tony , calm down , your hand is broken try not to move as I do not know how far your injuries are '' Ziva said in a shaky voice

Tony could not believe himself; he heard Ziva's voice soothing him

'' Ziva, you are here … thank God you are ok'' Tony said and could not believe himself, she is beside me, I am not dead yet, I will never let you go Ziva

Tony blinked few times before he got his vision back

He found himself inside the same elevator of the headquarters, but he was on the floor lying still and could not move a muscle, while Ziva was also on the floor leaning over him, trying to assess his injuries without touching anything in fear of dislocating any broken bone from its place

The elevator's usual lights were off and only the emergency lights were on , the elevator looked a little out of place

The bulbs were broken and shattered on the elevator's floor and the metal of the walls of the elevator was a little bent as if a giant child took it in his hand and tried to compress it into a small box

He turned to meet Ziva's anxious look which he rarely saw before

Her forehead was bleeding while she kept her left hand aside and did not move it in assessing Tony's injuries

Both her knees were scratched and bleeding but not dangerously

Tony felt his body aching as if each bone in his body is broken

At that moment, Tony did not care what happened or how his body felt or where did the hill go? … He was just glad that he was alive and Ziva also is fine

'' Ziva, are you ok? '' Tony wanted to make sure that he was not dreaming

'' Tony, you are not moving and probably your whole body is broken and you ask me if I am ok? '' Asked Ziva weakly smirking at Tony

Tony just smiled and now he knew that she was ok , as long as she make fun of him , and got as she never held back or kept silence

At that thought Ziva cut through and said '' you do not remember, do you? ''

She asked him with still concern in her eyes as he looked a little pale

''No, I do not, what happened? '' Tony was also starting to get anxious by the look on Ziva's face

Ziva looked a little tired now but started saying '' after we got on to the elevator , and after …'' Ziva trailed away a little then said in a low voice '' and after I heard you say good bye every one '' she looked him directly in the eyes '' you saw this coming did not you ? '' Tony looked back and could not help but nod as he had felt something strange coming

Ziva continued '' then the doors of the elevator were closed and then I pushed the button of the ground floor ….. then the elevator moved normally and suddenly it started to fall really fast as if the cables holding it were all cut off'' Ziva was silent for a second at the recalling of the sudden pulling towards the ground by gravity

Tony now knew why he felt that he was falling but why not remember the elevator

As if Ziva was reading his thought she said '' when it started to fall, the air thinned out and you was breathing quickly as if you cannot have any air in your lungs '' Ziva stopped for a second looking at Tony's confused face

She continued '' you grabbed me from my waist and held me tightly '' Ziva said that even a ghost of a blush crossed her face '' you only said hold on to me and then your grab got tighter on me but your breathing got more difficult and you almost fainted but before you did you sat on the floor and hold me in your hands and did not let go even when you fainted '' Ziva looked at him with love in her eyes

She loves me as I do, I won't waist another minute away from her

Ziva took a deep breathe and continued '' you hit the floor first and you received the first shock of the landing of the elevator instead of me ….. You saved my life Tony... if I took that shock with my own body…. I would have snapped my neck..'' Ziva trailed away then she said '' I am sorry Tony for making you go through that because of me ''

Tony then could not his emotions away '' do not be Ziva, I would break every bone in body before I let you go away from me '' he echoed the sentence he heard her say in his dream on that hill where she dislocated her shoulder for him

He then recalled the voices that said to him in the darkness '' Tony… I… I … am really sorry… I… love you ''

She must have really said it, not just in his dream

He decided to say it and confront her as he realized how close he could be to death

'' Ziva? '' Tony said softly, not even trying to hide the pain in his voice

'' Yes, Tony? '' Ziva answered as she was still trying to assess his injuries

'' Ziva, did you say something to me while I was unconscious? '' he asked Ziva , his tired green eyes now not leaving her brown shaky ones

'' Umm... What do you think you heard Tony? '' Ziva asked him trying to push the question away

Tony now knew that what he heard was not only in his head but she did say she loved him when she thought she was going to die

He could not hold himself from saying it now, he have to tell her before anything could happen and he would die

'' I love you too Ziva '' Tony said that and he wished he could hoist his arm to make face only look at him and not away

He tried to lift his other arm and found it easier than the other and hoisted it to the direction of Ziva's face where she sat beside him on the floor

He tries to hold her chin with his fingers but a second later he groaned as her discovered that his two of his fingers were broken

At that move Ziva turned around to face him and he found that her eyes were a bit watery; she loved him but did not want him to see her crying

''Tony, do not move or you will cause permanent damage to your broken bones '' Ziva said softly taking his hands and putting it beside his waist resting it

That gave Tony the chance to look at her eyes and know what is happening inside her head

'' Ziva please say something, I cannot move in here and you are torturing me '' Tony said softly to Ziva

Ziva looked him in the eyes and then a single tear slide on her cheek, Tony wished if he could wipe it away for her

'' I love you Tony,,,,, I always did,,,, and when I realized I could die, I could not hold myself but say it and I do not want to deny it anymore '' Ziva told him looking straight in his eyes in fear that he could make joke about it but was met by seriousness in his eyes she had never seen before not even when he was talking about Jeanne

She smiled at him as she only saw truth in his eyes

She reached him and gave him a light kiss that he returned not believing what is actually happening

Ziva then sat back just looking at his eyes and he just looking back at her taking in her full beauty

'' You were having a dream while we were falling, yes? '' Ziva asked after a minute

'' A nightmare actually, in which I was falling also, but ended up dead '' Tony stated wincing at the recalling of the way he felt

'' May be I was falling in the elevator in the same time as the dream '' Tony wondered as he would never know what was that

Tomy considered it as a warning that death can come any time and wait for no one

'' I love you Ziva'' Tony told Ziva again as to make sure she heard him well

'' I love you too Tony ''Ziva said sincerely looking directly into his green eyes

While only just looking into each others' eyes they heard some knocking and some hammers working their way through the elevator's door , which was bent in a strange way

They looked over and then realized that probably that the security brought firemen to open that door and save the people in the elevator

The knocking rose as if hammer is working its way through the door

Dust rose in the air and Tony started coughing badly as his lungs could not stand that dust all the way since he had the pneumonic plague

Ziva noticed how Tony's coughing was rising and she was alarmed by that , she took off her NCIS jacket and covered his face with it and allowed her head to look inside every while to check on him

She observed as Tony's coughs eased and then the knocking kept coming and rose a lot , after what seemed like five minutes the fireman outside said '' heads down ''

Ziva ducked under her jacket and was by Tony's gaze at her

She looked at him and he looked at her, just enjoying how they now could look at each other with no fear of their eyes meeting or getting caught by one another

Tony gave Ziva one of his most charming smiles and said in his most seductive way '' so Zeevah, would you like to go out on a date with me?''

Ziva just kept meditating his features for a second and then said while smiling the most feminine smiles Tony swore he never saw on her before '' I would love to Tony ''

Then she kissed him lightly on the cheek

At this moment, the elevators' doors were knocked aside by the fire men and Ziva took of her jacket of Tony's face

They heard Gibbs's voice between the dusty cloud in the elevator say '' are you two alright ? ''

Ziva answered '' we are ok , I got a broken arm , Tony has a broken arm also and something in his back is dislocated but I could not move him '' she answered in some delight from the former request that Tony made , that made Gibbs stay in his place for a while thinking that may be she is in shock of the elevator falling down

He saw Tony on the floor lying still but a big smile on his face, '' Are you ok, DiNozzo? '' Gibbs asked Tony now wondering if the world has gone crazy and people in a collapsed elevator are happy and smiling in delight

'' Yeah, boss, I am really fine '' Tony answered brightly '' but I would gladly love some paramedic to come and see if I can move '' Tony added hastily as he saw Gibbs starting his glare at him to get the truth

Gibbs gave his usual smirking smile at Tony and said over his shoulder '' I will be sending them; you and Ziva have a two week sick holiday ''

'' I guess you will not be having any meeting soon in your office , boss '' Tony smirked looking at the now remains of what used to be the elevator

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