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Ouch, my head hurts. Everything looks so dark. Where am I?

I felt my surroundings, it was… rough. It was like sand.

After some persistence, my eyelids broke open. I was right, it was sand. I'm at a… beach?

Strange, I don't remember coming here. Maybe… Maybe, it's a dream. Yes, it must be. It's really bright. Too bright. I wonder too, is there anybody else here or am I just alone?

Tap. Tap. Tap. I heard footsteps. Looks like I'm not alone! I scanned around to find out where the sound was coming from. My eyes finally stopped right at a female.

She had long, red hair and she was beautiful but she was clad in clothes that were so revealing. As she took strides closer and closer, her face became more familiar. At last, she was just a meter from me. That's when I came to realize, she was Kairi.

Her blue eyes were staring at mine and she was… smirking? I wanted to talk but, I didn't know what to say. Since I was still sitting down, she bent down a bit. Never at once did her eyes left mine.

Suddenly, my gaze felt down into her chest. I was so busy staring that I didn't realized where exactly I was staring at. My eyes went back to hers and I looked away and blushed a deep red. I felt a hand cupped my chin and turned it to face with my best friend's face. Her hand fell to my thigh and I jumped a bit.

Her hand then traveled nearer to my ugh… 'you-know-where' and her face was inching closer and closer.

"Come closer…" She finally whispered.

My heart was beating at a rapid speed. It was really loud; I bet the red-head could even hear it. Speaking of her, what is she gonna do? I knew by now, my head would fall off any moment because I was blushing like mad. But, the fact that her palm was on my thigh, I wanted it more. I don't know why. This feeling inside of me is making me wanting it, or in other words, lusting for it.

What could I do now? Our lips were just centimeters away now and I could barely breathe. This is it. I gave in and just closed my eyelids. All of a sudden, I felt my body moving and finally fell down.

I forced open my eyes and discovered that I was back in my room. I was on the really hard, merciless floor so I stood up. The sun was irritatingly shining and I knew it was morning. In addition, it was the first day of school. Well, time for morning routines. First up, make bed. A great way to start the day. Sarcasm.

I mean, why do we need to make our beds when we're going to sleep on them back, anyway? Everything we do in our life is like a cycle. I was too distracted to care about those stuffs, though. What was really in mind was that dream… Or was it a nightmare? I don't know. But really, what the heck was that?

It was a dream. A sexy little weeeeeet dream…

I stopped spreading my blanket. What the-? Who are you?

I'm you, doofus!

Oh, great. Now, I'm hearing voices. What's next, I can see ghosts?

Nah, seeing through people's clothes are much more interesting. I'm sure Kairi will be the first person you wanna test it out on. Riiight?

Oh, yeaa. Wait a minute, what the hell did I just said?! I didn't meant that. Although, it would be nice.

Reeeally nice.

My hand was going around the mattress as I was searching for my crown necklace. My hand passed, then, passed over something. I felt something. My hand went back and I felt an extremely wet part. Wet?! Did I wet myself? Oh, if Riku knew about this, he will-

Relax! You didn't wet yourself. Jeez, you're such a goof. You had a wet dream. This is what happens after you have one.

Forget Riku. What about mum?! She'll scre-

Every guys have wet dreams. It's normal. You're just growing up. Your mummy will understand. Now, shut up and take a bath. I'm sure you wanna see Khairi reeeally soon, huh?

Yeaa, I do. I slapped my forehead, really hard. Not again…

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