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Normal Text - Sora's POV
Italic text - His err, 'dirty' self POV
Bold Text - Exaggerated Words & Whispers

Ack, first day of school! I wonder if any of the guys are here. Just as I thought things couldn't get any worst, I felt a smack on my back. And it really hurt.

"Ow!" I cried, almost like a baby. Anyways, I turned around and I punched the idiot in his guts. He cringed in pain and frowned.

Suddenly, he started shouting, "WHAT'S UP, SORA?!"

It was, then, that I realized the jerk that had smacked me was my cocky, show off-ish best friend, Riku. So, I replied, "FINE, RIKU! WHY ARE WE SHOUTING?!"

It became quiet for awhile. You can imagine the crickets chirping and the other students around us, sweat-dropping.

The silver-haired guy broke the silence and said, "Actually, I don't really know why. Anyways, Hey! Long time no see. So, how's it hanging?"

"Nothing's going on. Except that I had a wet dream." I mumbled at the last part. It was really unusual for me to talk about his stuffs even though Riku's a guy and he's my best friend.

Unless Riku's a gay? Or even Kairi's a lesbi-

"Oooh. Someone's grown up. Awesome, isn't it? So, anyone you have been dreaming about?"

Great. I don't know what to say now. I've been with Riku for a long time but he usually reveals some of my secrets to Kairi, as well. Scrap that, he reveals all my secrets to Kairi even if I had my fair share of secrets with her!

Speaking of the Princess, where is she?

I don't know.

Then, ask Riku, dumbass!

"Eh, Riku? Where's Kairi? I'm not sure what class is she is in."

"She's not here yet. She's in the same class as you. I'm in the next class but sometimes in some subjects, we're in the same class. And don't change the subject! Answer the question, now!" He strictly questioned.

"Err, I dreamt about… K-K-K-"


"Err, what?"

"You dreamt about her, didn't ya?" He grinned like a fox.

"You caught me red-handed. But, whatever condition it is, please don't tell anyone, especially Kairi!" I pleaded but, this time, it was like a baby.

"Don't tell me what?" It was a girl's voice.

Oh, shit!

Oh, yea!

Quiet you! She better not be who I think she is.

Riku was nervous and was sweating like it was 100°C around the area. I turned around and faced with a beautiful auburn-headed female. She neither was short nor tall or fat nor thin, just the perfect size. She was curvy and had a feminine figure. Her lips were covered with gloss and her blue eyes were dreamy. She had a small frown on her face. She really looked cute like that.

"Hello?" She waved her hand in front of my face.

"Oh! Err, the fact that I'm an idiot?" I gulped. She stared at me strangely. Suddenly, her face changed into her trademark cheerful smile. In result, I could feel butterflies in my stomach.

"Oh, Sora. You're same as always… I miss you so much!" Like a bolt of lightning, her arms wrapped around neck and I was forced into a bone-crushing hug! What really scared me was the fact that our body was close.

Too close, but good, right?

Heck, no!

I felt a pinch of disappointment when her arms left me and wrapped around Riku too. Then, the school bell rang.

"Aww, time flies so fast. By the way, what class am I in?" The extremely-cute-voice questioned.

"You're with Sora. I'm in a different class, though." Riku continued but he went closer and whispered to me, "It's like God wanted both of you together."

"See ya!" He waved and chuckled.

Oh, great! Now, I'm stuck with her. What am I supposed to say to her?

'The fact that the butterflies in your tummy aren't leaving?' Heck, yes! You should tell her.

Oh, for Pete's sake, shut up!

Pete? Who's Pete? The fat guy that was always chasing you and the others in your adventures a long time ago? Or someone Kairi should know about?


Haha. Who's Pete? No! Pete's not in this story! If I wanted to write about him, I would have written it in another fan fic, a fantasy-ish one. R&R, please? I worked really hard on it, you know? Thank you! x)