I was taking a mental break from another long day at Forks High School. I was sorting through my mental list of eligible senior girls who were all candidates for my annual seduction. By eligible, I meant 18 or older. That was Carlisle and Esme's one intrusion into my favorite past time. After 60 years of my rapacious behavior, they had given up on talking me out of my corrupt ways. Instead, they tried to impose boundaries. The girls must be of age and consenting. Not that any of them stood a chance once I turned on my charm, I laughed to myself. They had all been very willing. The other was for me to be safe. I had never tested the myth of the incubus, in theory, that they could father children. I didn't want the shackles of permanency upon me. I knew it would mean death for the mother, as well, and I was done with my days of taking the blood of humans. I did that during my rebellious period soon after my creation. I had a new insatiable craving now, and I had just about narrowed down which lucky girl in the senior class would benefit from my "services".

I had my cousins in Alaska to thank for that. They weren't really my cousins, but another coven that shared our lifestyle. They were three very beautiful vampires, the original succubus'. After I returned from my decade of bloodlust, I tried everything to keep myself distracted. Music, studies, travel, but nothing satiated my physical need for something. That is when Tanya offered a solution. I rebuffed her completely at first. I had grown up in an old fashioned time and place, and was raised to be a gentleman. I couldn't possibly embark on a casual affair, but Tanya can be VERY persuasive. She explained how her conquests gave her a closeness with humans that she craved that dulled the need to bite them. After a few years, she wore me down. I was SO glad when she did. It was amazing. I was her conquest, and she was my teacher. She taught me ways to move and please that I had never imagined. Touches, turns, tastes,... OW!

I looked up to see which of my siblings had just kicked me. I should have recognized the bite of the tip of Jasper's cowboy boot.

"Edward...seriously! Give me a break!" he hissed.

I couldn't help but smile. "Sorry, Jasper. I got caught up in a memory." He rolled his eyes. Alice sat up suddenly, and turned and gave Jasper an absolutely longing look. I tried to block the images going through Alice's mind. Obviously, my emotions had Jasper making plans of his own for later.

Revenge is sweet. Jasper thought, as he winked at me.

To distract myself from images I did NOT want to see, I turned back to the cafeteria. I was posing as a junior at Forks High School, along with my sister Alice. My other siblings, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett, were taking their turn as seniors this year. This was our third year in Forks....this time around. We were not true siblings, but members of the same coven. Our odd grouping of vampires avoided the call of our nature, and didn't feed on humans. We hunted animals to quell our thirst for blood. I was hunting right now, as well. Not for a snack, but a tasty bit of dessert. I was scanning the minds of my top choices, including a few from my own class who I knew would be turning 18 in the early summer, when she walked into the lunchroom. The new girl, Isabella Swan.

Nothing I saw of this girl interested me. I saw her in the minds of all the Forks students that crossed her path so far today. Some of the guys were giving me a run for my money with what they were thinking, but I saw nothing very captivating in the images in their minds. She worked her way over to sit with Jessica Stanley. Jessica would be an easy choice for me in next years class, but she is too simple a conquest. She had already given away her intentions several times in her thoughts. After all of these years...I like a bit of a challenge. My siblings and I, by our nature, were stunning creatures. We tried to blend into this small town, but we can't escape the frozen creatures that we are. Now, what did the new girl think...

I mentally scanned the room, quickly finding Jessica's thoughts and conversation. I could here her talking to Bella, as I heard her correct everyone through out the morning, and I could hear Bella talking back, but where were her thoughts? I turned to see if she was even still there. I found her still sitting next to Jessica finishing up a bite of her pizza. She slowly licked a dab of sauce from the corner of her mouth. I almost gasped out loud at the smooth stroke of her pink tongue on her thick lips. I was momentarily distract, but then her large, chocolate eyes met mine. I could tell by her face that she was intrigued by me...interested, but not a note from her mind! My eyebrows furrowed at her, as I tried to concentrate on her voice, and then she spoke.

"Who is that boy by the wall who is staring at me as if I am an alien?"

"Edward Cullen." Jessica said with a giggle. "Everyone here is crushing on him."

"He is good looking, but so is everyone he is everyone he is sitting with." Bella noted. She seemed to be scanning our faces trying to figure out the relation of our similar pale faces and dark eyes. I looked away as I listened to Jessica tell Bella all the rumors about my family, but still I could not pick-up on anything but her physical voice. I turned and looked at Alice quizzically. She just shrugged at me, but then stared off into space. Whatever vision she was having, I hoped it would provide answers.

I've got nothing. She thought when the vision ended. I saw where you were going when she took that bite, but you're all blurry and clouded now. Something's changing...I just don't know what.

"Thanks, Alice." I muttered. She just stuck her tongue out at me. Jasper grimaced in my direction, not liking the tone I was taking with his wife. I'd be paying for this later. Just then, the bell rang, and we all left for class. As I walked to my class, I theorized what had kept this girl silent to me. Something new. This would be a pleasant distraction from my normal day, and my annual planning.


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