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Normal writing - human speech

Bold writing – demonic or summoned creatures speaking

bold italics – demons or summoned beings thinking

italics – people talking inside other's heads


"No" the man yelled at the others in the room. He had risen from his seat to tower over the others in the room, his eyes had changed from there normal sky blue to a stormy grey. He glared at each of the others in turn making the other three men shiver in fear they had never seen him angry before he was simply a young man who happened to strategise well and fight better.

"Akaken -san you have to we have no hope without you" a younger man pleaded, he was shorter but more heavily muscled despite his obvious fear of the man now named Akaken he had walked over in the hope he could win Akaken over.

"Don't even try it Yaiba-san" the threatening tone in Akaken's voice couldn't be missed his hair seemed to have changed from its normal dark brown to a blood red this more than anything seemed to scare Yaiba more than the small amount of KI that slipped out.

"Don't try to persuade him we can plan this without him" the final man spoke whilst moving a set of models from one side of the model on the table to the front of a relatively large town leaving only one set of soldiers guarding the left side against four sets of soldiers against them Yaiba was about to protest when he saw the sparkle in the other mans eyes.

After they had moved the entire army against three sets of skeletons he snapped.

"All right, All right. I give up Senshu I'll fight, but I'm warning you this could be the end of your war" Akaken moved the pieces back to there original positions. "I will reinforce the eastern flank take off a regiment and give us the catapults…"


"Akaken, wait" Senshu was running after him his long black hair tied back in a ponytail. Akaken stopped. "I'm sorry I had to do that but"

"It's fine, I understand why you had to do it. Yaiba-san was right I am your only hope even if he didn't realise why. You are relying on be too much though it will kill you and Netsuai-chan. Speaking of which when are you going to propose?"

Senshu blushed fiercely "how?"

Akaken chuckled "I'm not stupid you know you two have liked each other since before I came and this battle could kill you both. Here" he held out his hand some earth leapt from the ground to his hand and formed itself into a gold band with a large diamond set into it. "Go before it's too late"

"Thank you Akaken, for everything"

"Go they will be here soon and I must begin the ritual"


Akaken stood at the front of his regiment however he looked different the wings that normally sprouted from his back were pure white were now nothing more than skeletal although as he had proven earlier he could still fly. His armour covered his entire body no longer a clear diamond like substance but a blood red, a blue crystal mounted in his armour normally resembling a calm lake now held a tsunami however most noticeable was the fire that ran along his body a dark black thirsting for the blood of any who dared attack him. His sword normally unembellished now had a dark sheen to it and seemed to drink in the warmth in the air. He was no longer Akaken he was Shikyotenchi

They charged.

"Archers first volley." The air was suddenly aflame with burning arrows as the

first line of the Wolves fell. "Archers and catapults fire at will at the back of the army, Shield wall up pikes into position" Shikyotenchi cried as he fell back to the centre of the regiment.

"The front line are starting to break, reinforce them" came the voice of Akaken within Shikyotenchi's head.

With a slight grunt Shikyotenchi ran to the front his sword bursting into cold fire as he attacked with vicious that even the soldiers he fought for stayed clear not that he minded it was more fun when nothing got in his way.


"Shikyotenchi-sama, Netsuai-san has been taken and"

Shikyotenchi spun round and growled "where?" his eyes now smoldered with a burning hatred rather than the fun.

Terrified by the sudden anger in his commander's voice the messenger could only point and stutter. Shikyotenchi looked out at the black spire at which the messenger had pointed at. "Tell the Captain we fight till they break then loosen up on the catapults and shoot them while there routing" with that said he took off for the black spire.


"You have come too late Akaken the girl is ours for all that boasting about your incredible battle powers" a nasty voice boasted from the corner.

Shikyotenchi's fist was suddenly in his face as he finished his boast his eyes widened as the force of the punch drove him through the blackened iron of the wall. Shikyotenchi ran up the rest of the spiral stairs as a feral snarl grew on his lips they would pay for the injustice to his other half.

As he entered the room at the top of the stairs he saw a tall man with a curved knife held above Netsuai body.

"NOOOOOOO" yelled Shikyotenchi diamond armour began to grow on her skin even as the dagger fell just before the dagger pierced her skin time stopped.

"It is time" a deep voice within the back of Shikyotenchi's mind declared despite its demonic tones Shikyotenchi could hear regret in his voice. He struggled in vain against this monsters invisible hold his body was torn apart and dragged out of the world and into the aether between worlds. The last thing he saw of that world was her lack of an engagement ring as the dagger plunged into her heart.


"He will be a hero Sarutobi-sama greater even than me, keep him safe" those were Minato's last words as he gave his son to the newly reinstated Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato.

With Naruto safely in the crib Minato had prepared the Sandaime watched as in a great flash of light Minato summoned the Shinigami to bind the Kyubi into his son. Unknown to the Sandaime his summoning of the Shinigami had sent a signal into the aether.


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