Hey guys. There are a few notes on why I've changed some of the names at the end.

Bold writing – demonic or summoned creatures speaking and technique names

Bold italics – demons or summoned beings thinking

Italics – people talking inside other's heads or thinking

Normal – either descriptions or humans

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As the smoke cleared, a large man, his face covered in scars, could be seen. Behind him were 10 chuunin, all with clipboards and dressed in grey. The scarred ninja moved like a panther, set apart by his swirling black trench-coat.

"I am your proctor for the first part of the Chuunin exams. If you haven't figured out what this part of the exam is yet, then you obviously shouldn't be here," the man declared, mentally noting the fifteen ninja who didn't look around or look particularly shocked to see the pieces of paper which had appeared face down on the tables in the smoke.

"The rules for the exam are as follows. You have ten points, you lose one point for every question you get wrong and two points if you're caught cheating. To that end, these chuunin will be watching you."

A chuunin who had bandages over one eye and appeared to be quietly studying the trees outside abruptly threw a kunai, pinning a fly to the far end of the wall through its wings. Only after hearing it connect did he appear to look.

"Sorry, it was bugging me," he said calmly.

"Well done Mekakushi. That should give the impression that nothing escapes you," the scarred man thought.

With a wide grin, he turned to the ninja. "You may have heard the saying - 'he wouldn't hurt a fly.' Well, you should really be grateful that you're not flies, shouldn't they, Mekakushi?"

A slight smile fluttered across the chuunin's thin lips.

"If you reach zero points before the end of the test," he continued, "you will have failed in one of the most basic aspects of being a ninja and will fail this part of the exam. The final question will be given out in the final ten minutes of the exam. Any questions?"


Taking his seat beside a Rain ninja and Temari, Naruto quickly manipulated the wind around Hinata and Shino.

"Don't worry too much about what he said. Tou-san occasionally drops down to help out in the interrogation department. This is the head, Morino Ibiki, and, well - I've been told that he just loves to mess with people's heads."

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the change in the glint from the light on Shino's lenses, which signified a nod. Some of the moisture on the inside of his arm froze into the word "understood".

"You may begin," Ibiki called, once everyone was seated.

Leaning against the table, the shadows cast by Naruto's sword swirled to form a message.

"These questions are way above genin level. The Academy taught us information gathering was the most important part of being a Ninja, and Akaken-sensei mentioned it as well. The man next to me began writing immediately and has roughly Chuunin level reserves, a plant?"

Naruto replied to both Hinata and Shino. "Probably. These pens are full of ink –Hinata, you should have no problem manipulating the water in them. Don't try to use your Byakugan, though. Neji is three seats to the right of me and he just got caught trying to activate it. He seems to have given it up now. There may be seals to prevent it."

The word "Suggestions?" froze itself against his arm. Naruto thought for a moment before glancing at the window.

"Shino, is the Chuunin done?"

The shadows quickly swirled to form the word, "yes."

"Then I'll create a distraction. Hinata, lean over the table slightly more. Shino - copy the Chuunin's answers into the shadows made by Hinata leaning over the table, and Hinata, we'll hold the pens lightly manipulate the ink and the water in our hands to copy down the answers. Understood?"

Both the shadows and the word on his arm was, again, "yes."

"Distraction in, three, two, one!"

Suddenly a large gust of wind blew in through an open window. The paper on the clipboards and the desk was hurled into disarray - and Ibiki and the other chuunin covered their eyes awkwardly whilst Shino copied down the answers.

The plan had worked perfectly.


"All right, pens down," Ibiki called as the clock on the wall hit ten to twelve. "Before I give out the tenth question, there are a few more rules for it that you should be aware of. For starters, this is an all or nothing question. All of you who are still here will pass if you can correctly answer this question. Secondly - you can choose whether or not to take this question. If you choose not to take it, leave your name and number with the Chuunin at the door and you may participate next time. If however you get the question wrong … you will be forbidden from ever taking the chuunin exams again along with the rest of your team. Choose now," he commanded.

"Can he?" The question froze onto Naruto's hand.

"I don't know even if he could. It can only really be enforced in Konoha so it's unlikely, but if he had the Hokage's backing … maybe. Shino, can your bugs tell us what the Chuunin is feeling?" Naruto replied through the wind.

"Surprise and a little curiosity. I don't think he was expecting this - he keeps glancing around." Shino's eyes narrowed. "I think this may be a mind-game."

"Let's go with that, then. Hopefully we can let the competition reduce themselves a little."


It had been five minutes since Ibiki's declaration and the number of teams still remaining had dwindled to twelve. Amongst them were the Rookie Nine, as they had dubbed themselves, Neji's team, Gaara's team and Kabuto's team.

"I think that's all of them. Best continue knowing Anko's - she'll be early again," Ibiki thought.

"All right then, maggots. The final question is …

... you pass." His grim face changed into a wicked smile.

"What!?" Kiba cried.

"You heard. You pass. As I'm sure most of you have gathered, the point of this exercise was to collect information without being caught. To do this you needed information to gather, and for that reason, we planted two Chuunin in the room."

At this point a man on the front row stood up, along with the man beside Shino.

"The final question is simply a test of your courage. Even with such a risk, are you prepared to continue a mission? Remember at Chuunin you will be expected to take on missions with other ninja as your enemy. It will not be your rank at risk, but your life - if you're not prepared to risk that, then you have no business being a ninja."

Ibiki removed his head band to show his head, covered with scars ranging from circles to long thick cuts.

"Remember," he said, "gathering information is important but it can be even more important to be sure that that information is correct. Anything false can lead to capture... or death," he said merrily, replacing the headband.

At that moment the window cracked and a large black ball came flying in. The corners of the ball exploded, pinning across a large black banner with white writing reading:

"World's sexiest Kunoichi


Second proctor of the Chuunin exams:

Mitarashi Anko"

Standing in front of it was a kunoichi with short purple hair tied into a spiky bun. She could be described as a little scantily clad, with a brown miniskirt, see-through fishnet leggings to match the shirt – and to complete the outfit, she had an unbuttoned brown trenchcoat. Very unbuttoned.

"All right, maggots. The second part of the exams is at training ground 44, although you genin probably know it better as the Forest of Death. Follow me, small guys, and anyone not there in…" she looked around the room, "Ibiki! You moved that bloody clock again!"

"You have three minutes, Anko." A calm voice came from behind the banner. Evidently whoever Ibiki was, he was well used to Mitarashi Anko.

The woman regained her composure remarkably quickly. "Anyone not there in - three minutes - will be disqualified!" With that, she leapt out of the window.


Naruto and his team were the first to arrive, only seconds after Anko. There was a large fence around the training area. The whole forest gave off a slightly murderous feel.

"Aw, that's no fun!" she pouted, looking directly at the little people for the first time. "You all made it! And after Ibiki promised I could play with any that fell behind, too..."

Kiba looked at Sakura, muttering. "Crazy psycho b--"

He was cut off as a kunai whizzed past his cheek.

"You have something to say?" Anko asked silkily from behind him. "I should warn you there are things in there that like the taste of blood even more than I do."

The woman was suddenly clutching him tightly as she licked the blood off his cheek. She dropped him with a sniff, eyes following his path back to Sakura with slight amusement.

"Anyway," she sighed with seemingly genuine regret. "Fun and games over for now. The second part of the exam is an exercise which simulates a mission. You sign these forms saying that it's not Konoha's fault if you die in there..." Her gaze flicked over to Kiba, who shivered. "You'll be given a scroll with either the kanji for ten or makai. Your objective is to get both scrolls and proceed to the tower in the centre. You have until noon five days from now to complete the 'mission'. And I shouldsay good luck, I suppose... have a good one, maggots."

She handed out the forms before giving Kiba one last predatory look and slipping into one of the tents.


The teams had entered the forest an hour ago. Naruto's team had begun with a full out sprint towards the tower, and they only stopped now to enter a small cave.

"Which scroll do we have?" Naruto asked.

"Ten," Hinata answered.

Naruto smirked. "Well, how ironic."

"What do we know about the other teams?" Shino asked.

"Gaara's team will be pretty strong." Naruto got back to business. "Suna have a much lower mission income than Konoha - if one team has done that many missions and come out unscathed, they are definitely very powerful."

"We will also want to avoid other teams from Konoha," Hinata supplied.

"Then that leaves the Oto team, two from Ame, two from Kusa and one from Kumo. Shall we try the team from--"

"Well, well. What do we have here, then?" The male voice came from the north of the cave. As he stepped into the light, his headband identified him as a Kumo ninja. His two team-mates entered the cave behind him.

Naruto looked at his team. "Nice of them to save us the effort of looking for them, eh?"

"If you think that you can defeat us, you're sorely mistaken. We've been training for this for years." The Kumo nin to the right of the first ninja spoke boastfully.

"Oh really?" Naruto's eyes widened. "I never would have guessed that anyone might actually train for an exam. That sure puts us in our place." Hinata giggled slightly at the comment, whilst Naruto recognised a slight change in the rhythm of Shino's Kikai which suggested he was chuckling as well.

"At least Rakurai-san can do something more than joke."

"Very well, then. Shall we fight?" Naruto asked, barely keeping the boredom from his voice.

While simultaneously cutting down two trees blocking off the entrance to the cave and plunging the cave into darkness. Just before the second tree landed, the Kumo nin called Rakurai leapt out.

"What a pity, one got out!" Naruto stage-whispered. "Ah, well. I'll go deal with him."


Rakurai had grabbed a tight hold on the roots of the top tree and was trying to heave it off and away from the cave when Naruto reappeared.

"You might want to quit that, you know," Naruto said airily as a wind blade sliced of the root he was trying to lift the tree off by.

"How did you get out?" he yelled, grabbing a kunai.

"Don't get your hopes up. Your team-mates can't copy it. Actually, the closest would be Hinata-chan and even she couldn't do it exactly like this. You know something else? I'd like to see this training of yours."

Rakurai smirked, before charging him.

"Oh, you're thicker than I thought," Naruto said, drawing his sword straight into an attack aimed to slice Rakurai in half. He resisted the urge to say duh. "My sword has a much longer range than a kunai."

Rakurai's smirk simply grew wider as he dodged away, throwing his kunai at Naruto who easily batted it down. "Raiton: Rakurai no jutsu!" A bolt of lightning leapt from his hands towards Naruto, who quickly planted his sword in the ground to earth out the attack.

"Clever. After a technique has become elemental, it takes on the properties of that element. Most simply attack it and waste chakra to counter," Rakurai told him. "For that you may know the name of the man who kills you. I am Reikou Rakurai."

"In that case, it's only fair that you know my name. I am Kaizoe-Akaken Naruto. Well, officially I'm Shikyotenchi Naruto but that's just because that's how this system works."

"I don't need to know the name of a dead man! Raiton: Gotama no jutsu." A little chagrined, Naruto leapt out of the way of the lightning bullets.

"Oh, you want to use bullets?" He thrust his hand out. On pure instinct, Rakurai dodged down and to his right away from the cave. He glanced back, surprised to see that the tree and the rock behind it had holes in them.

"I guess I can't go easy on you. It's time you learnt why my name among our ninja is Raidoragon. Shinko Henge: Hito-doragon no Jutsu."

Naruto jumped back quickly as lightning began to crackle around Rakurai.


"Kai!" both of the Kumo nin in the cave cried.

Nothing happened.

From the shadows at one of their feet, a short blade flashed, hamstringing one of the ninja before vanishing.

"Sukai!" the uncut ninja cried, before Hinata appeared out of thin air behind him. Her claws already on her hand - she shredded his arms and vanished.

"Surrender, or we shall kill you," came a deep monotone which reverberated around the cave. In response, Sukai began making hand seals.

Only for Hinata to appear and shred his hands with her claws and then disappear again.

"This will be your final warning. You are both unable to perform hand signs or use kunai. At this point – surrender," the monotone repeated.

Both of the Kumo nin began to laugh. "Never! Our team-mate has only stayed behind for he is already at least high chuunin."

Shino appeared out of the shadows behind them, lightly cutting the back of their necks before Hinata tapped them with a Jyuuken tap to knock them unconscious. Then she tenderly left sterile pads pressed against their necks.

"That Jyuuken will keep them unconscious for a few hours," Hinata said.

"I laced the bandages with a poison which will speed the healing on their arms but leave them in a coma for a week. Do either of them have a scroll?"

"Yes. It's a ten scroll but since they won't be using it, it could come in handy."



Naruto looked up at Rakurai. His form had changed - eyes turning a whitish blue with a black slit down the centre, and he had grown large wings and a long tail of the same colour, launching himself into the sky.

"You really are quite thick, aren't you? Well, I suppose you can't really have known..." Saying that, Naruto tapped into his second magic reserve, allowing his wings to spread out from his back and joining Rakurai in the sky.

"I am a Wind-lord. The sky itself has acknowledged me as worthy of wielding some of its majesty. You, however, are trespassing. Something I cannot permit."

With that said, he created a strong updraft behind him and used his wind blade to cut off Rakurai's hands with his updraft.

"You have to concentrate too much to use that technique. It is useless on the battlefield! End it now, and I will not kill you."

Rakurai nodded, allowing the technique to end. Naruto caught him and glided gently down. Hinata bandaged his hands and placed him in the cave with his team-mates, for when the ANBU searched the forest after the exam.

"Which scroll did they have?"


"Could come in handy, I suppose".

At that point, a Kikai entered the clearing, flying straight for Shino. He studied its movements before speaking slowly. "Sasuke's team has been split up by someone with huge chakra reservoirs. Apparently they were larger even than Tsume-sensei's."

Naruto looked at him, wide eyed, before recovering. "Send a message to your father or one of the ANBU with your Kikai. We'll go and back Sasuke's team up - if it turns out to be an invasion, you've got the best chance of escaping and warning others..."

Shino nodded solemnly.



Mekakushi ------ Eye bandage

Ten -------------- Heaven

Makai ------------ Hell

Ame -------------- Rain

Oto --------------- Sound

Kusa -------------- Grass

Kumo ------------- Cloud

Suna -------------- Sand

Rakurai ----------- Bolt of lightning

Reikou ------------ Cold light

Kaizoe-Akaken – Second red blade

Gotama ---------- Five bullets

Raidoragon ------ Lightening dragon

Shinko Henge: Hito-doragon – True Transformation: Man-dragon

Sukai ------------- Sky

For anyone unclear, the Rookie Nine refers to Naruto, Sasuke, Shino, Kiba, Chouji, Shikamaru, Hinata, Ino and Sakura - only because they were fresh out of the Academy when they took the Chuunin exam.

The name change:

Since Naruto lives and is raised by Akaken and has largely kept himself separate from Konoha, he has adopted Akaken's naming system. Which is essentially like the Norse idea of acquiring names and will play a role later on - you have a name you are given when you are born (Naruto), and in Akaken's culture this is a true name and holds a lot of power until you gain another name. Akaken does not hide it as no-one in that world can use it against him; after that you acquire names based on deeds. The red sword accepting Naruto as its second master means that Naruto is worthy a name to accompany it (Kaizoe-Akaken).


Since everyone in Akaken's world had some element, titles such as Wind-lord hold no power. Only the top level holds any power, so the name Spirit-lord or similar hold no power over a person. However Akaken has earned the highest rank (Angel), so the name Shikyotenchi has some power over him.

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