A/N- My apologies go out to Cena fans on this one.


"We're sorry Cena, but we are going to have to let you go."

"Are you firing me, Vince?" John looked up in shock. How could this be happening.

"We are releasing you of your contract, effective immediately." John never suspected that when he was called in to the office, it was to be fired.

"But I'm the current Champion."

"You'll lose your belt tonight to Jericho, who will enter an immediate feud with Dave." Vince explained, trying to hurry this process up.

"Am I being signed to another movie?" John asked, with hope in his voice.

"No John, you are being released from World Wrestling Entertainment." Vince tried to explain again.

"Did I fail a drug test?" Cena asked.

"Is there a possibility that if I were to test you right now, you would fail?" Vince rarely tested Cena, who had never failed one in the past.

"No, no. Of course not. Not drugs. But those drug test, test for steroids too, right?"

"Yes John, they do."

"Cool, I was just wondering."

"So I need you to sign a few papers, then after your match tonight, you're free to go." Vince told him, placing a packet of papers in front of the young man.

"Mr. McMahon, why exactly am I being released again?" Cena asked, picking up the pen and scanning the papers.

"We just don't feel you are what is best for the company right now."

"I sell more merchandise then any other wrestler!" Cena protested.

"Raw's ratings have been at an all time low since you have been back as champion."

"That's not my fault."

"Ratings were in the sevens and eights when Chris was champion."

"And what are they now?" John asked curiously.

"The highest since you have been back has been a 3.1."

"Will I ever come back?"

"Maybe in fifteen or twenty years. Just add a few moves to your arsenal, and you'll be good to go."

"Are you trying to say I can't wrestle?" John couldn't believe this.

"John, just please sign the papers. You're free to do whatever afterwards. Maybe try your hand at something different." Vince suggested.

"Like what?"

"Definitely not acting, wrestling, or rapping. So maybe construction or something along those lines."

"What about my success in the Marine?"

"Did you ever wonder why we placed Teddy in the Marine 2?"

"Oh." It all made sense now.

"Just sign the papers John." Vince coaxed.

"Alright." John signed his name in three places.

And was officially released from the WWE.


"Just sign the papers John." Jess stood above her sleeping husband with a smile on her face. He had been talking in his sleep for the past ten minutes.

"Rating went through the roof when Chris was champ." Jess held back a laugh at Chris. She had to wake him up, but this was too good to pass up.

"Not wrestling, rapping, or acting. Let those up to Chris." Unable to hold it in anymore, Jess burst out laughing. It's been awhile since Chris had a wrestling dream. She sure missed those when he took two years off.

"Babe, wake up. You're going to miss you plane if you don't get up now." Jess said, shaking the sleeping man awake. Chris rolled over to face his wife.

"I was in the middle of the greatest dream that is soon to become real ever."

"I could tell. Mind telling me what it was about?"

"John Cena getting fired from the WWE."

"You just had that dream three nights ago."

"It gets sweeter everytime."