the voices of the youngest two of the crew echoed throughout the ship.

"Fay Fay, Ed found something for you!"


He just groaned and rolled over on the couch. 'would kill for a smoke...'

"Howdy ye all!" the man was trying for a Texan drawl, but missing it as there was no true Taxas anymore.

"No this is not a rerun, we are back on the air!" a perky female squealed. Spike peeled open an eye to see a half-dressed blond bounce up and down on the screen. "We are fully funded, and sponsored."

"And here is the company spokesman, Mr....Ahhh.."

the camera turned to a man is a black three piece, double breasted, suit, "Mr. Green. I am here to talk about the new rules of the bounty and hunter game. Full prize to the person or team to bring in the Bounty. Alive. 10 percent if dead. Must be able to speak and survive until court. Failure to meet this standard will result in the team only receiving the dead prize. 75 percent of the corpse is needed to receive any credits."

Then he grinned, "Now to the rules; One, All cowboys must have their badge, to collect their prize money. Badges are at your local Law Enforcement Office Complex. Anyone of the age to use a handgun is allowed to sign up. "

"Two, Cowboys are responsible for the damage that accrues during the collection, or attempted collection of any and all bounties."

"Three, when one picks up your badge, we will include a sidearm with 100 rounds on non-lethal ammo. This is part of the uniform of the cowboy, so you have little to no excuse for bringing in dead bounties." he bowed his head, "now our hosts have the first selection of bounties, Good luck, and good hunting."

the camera turned back to the black man and the blonde, "Okay everyone," the blond all but squealed, jiggling almost out of her vest, "First on our list is; Black-eyed Pete."

The black man tried to recreate the Texan drawl, "This Cyborg was last seen operating in the asteroid field just off Mars. Full prize is One Million Woolongs, but if you include the full gang alive, One Hundred Million, but it is over twenty members of this gang, each with a price on his or her respectfully head."

Spike snapped upright at the mention of the words 'One Million.'

His eyes glued to the screen of the telecom device. As the hosts started to detail the other scum on their lists, Spike wet his lips. "Ah, Ed. Record everything so we can replay it later." He then jumped the rail and trotted back to Jet's garden room.

"Hey Partner, we are going Mars, correct?"

"Yeah, we should be there in about two hours. Why?"

"Got a lead on a One Million bounty with a One Hundred Million if we bring in the whole gang of over twenty."

Jet set down his pruning shears, 'Okay, I am Listening. What is the catch?"

"Two, One we need Badges to collect, but we can get them on Mars. Two, every bounty-hunter who thinks they can get at Black-eyed Pete and his gang is going to try."

Jet stood and walked to the nearest wall mounted com unit, and 'speed-dialed' a number. when the party answered, it was a worn out LEO who just squinted at his screen, then grunted. "You asking about Black-eyed Pete?"

"No, more interested in these Badges. What is the story?"

"Oh, those. The Program is to regulate the Cowboys, to hold them accountable for the damage caused by the over zealous. They are trying to cut down on random out-breaks of massive damage. Shall I move the Paper work for the Bebop Team; that being you and that partner of yours, Spike?"

"Please, but include one Faye Valentine, List that we have two junior members who are not yet of age. Call when you have finished the Paperwork." he then cut the link.


She heard everything. So they thought of her as part of the team did they...

This could work to her advantage...


He awoke slowly, as he did every morning for the last two hundred years. Curled into his chest was he first wife, Nabiki, the brains of the outfit. Snuggled up to his back was his second wife and the private chef of the Outfit, and the bosses personal bodyguard, Ukyo.

"Morning lover," a sleepy voice whispered in his ear, "Feel up to earning your Breakfast?"

"Take it to the Shower." Grumbled Nabiki "I need the next twenty minutes."

Kissing Nabiki under the ear, "Join us when you can." Ranma rolled off the bed, then flipped Ukyou over his shoulder before padding naked into the 'Refresher.'

Left alone, Nabiki snuggled down and was soon dreaming about Ranma doing to her what he was now doing to her best friend...


hours later

Nabiki sat her desk, flipping through her files, noticed that Ranma's 'Cowboy' badge had come in. in the box was his badge, new sidearm with non-lethal ammo, and a file on who was in the top ten of the galactic most wanted.

She tapped the com, "Captain, set course for Mars. Best possible speed." then another button. "Ranma, My office."

Outside the window, the stars winked as the Tendo Akane engaged her engines and started pulling towards the 'Gate.