Cowboy 03


As the massive bulk of the star cruiser exited the Gate, the Computer built into the Gate, registered the toll, deducted it from the balance of the Bank Account, and notified the 'Proper' Systems, not all were legal, that the Tendo Akane was in Mars space.

In what was commonly called the Mission Room, three Operatives were dressing. their eyes caressing the curves and lines of each other. All three were close; friends, lovers, rivals, and Teammates.

There was 'Ducky'; a master of the small blade, 'Kitty' a fem-fetal, and 'Stud', the Strike team leader.

Ducky was dressed in deep blue flowing silk robes, his long silky hair was pulled up into a heavy braid that fell to the back of his knees, grey streaked through out. his half-moon glasses perched on his nose as his eyes stroked the female.

Kitty was dressed in a bright purple latex-leather synth, that held her still perky breasts to enticing effect, with a massive bore revolver strapped to her right thigh, and a long bullwhip hanging from her belt on her left hip. Her purple and blue streaked hair hung in three loose braids, one each temple as she wore in her youth, the rest pulled back and hanging to her waist. Her eyes roamed both males before her.

Stud was wearing a Synth- Leather vest, heavy silk kung fu pants, and Silk slippers. his hair was drawn back into a pigtail, that fell to mid back. He checked the replica desert eagle pistol, before sliding it into the quick draw holster in the small of his back. There was a 'whip matching the one worn by Kitty, on his left hip. He kept glancing between the door and the other male in the room.

The door slide open and in slunk the 'Boss' and 'Cook'. Both were walking temptation; One held the promise of 'Sex and Power' ,the other made the mouth more ways then just one.

Sliding into her seat, 'Boss' began, "Our Target is a Pirate Gang infesting a section of asteroids on the other side of Mars. We want the whole gang, and we want them alive." A glare at Kitty, "We also want the hideout," a glare at 'Stud', "In One Piece!"

"Hey! Ducky was the one who threw the grenade!"

"We have been over this. You have been warned." Boss glared at them all. "You have the non-lethal ammo, you have binders. No killing of the pirate gang. Odds are you will be facing off against other Cowboys. Leave them breathing. If you see any LEO personal, bind them, and bring them with you. they are either on the take, or taken." She pulled three shiny brass plates from a pocket on her suit. "These are your badges, if you leave this ship for any reason, you now wear your badge. Even if it is all that you are wearing, you wear this badge."

One on a heavy dress chain (about half inch thick) she tossed to Ducky who draped it over his head, to allow it to hang over his heart. One with a heavy clip she tossed to Kitty, who tucked it between her massive breasts, so that any male in the room would know she was wearing it. the Third she tossed to Stud, who caught it, and clicked it onto his belt buckle.

"Boss." the captain spoke over the intercom, "We are at navigation point Alpha. Full stop. The Fat Panda is fueled up and ready in Hanger One."

"Make Mamma Proud,"


The Bebop eased up to the 'back door' of the Pirate Lair. It was dark, the only light was the docking thrusters, that fired only in quick, short bursts.


Jet was gripping the pilot yoke, tightly, tapping the docking thrusters as lightly as he could. Behind him and to his left little Ed was tapping away on her computer, whispering to Ein about something that was beyond Jet. That was okay with Jet, those two would open the 'back door' and allow the Bebop into the Outlaw Captain's private hanger, where Spike and Faye could pop the his private airlock, and clap him in cuffs, and then they could slip on out, down to the Planet, and collect the 10 grand credit bounty.

"Ah oh! Team Tendo is already at the front gate!" Ed reported, as she rocked back and forth, typing on her keyboard.

"Just get the Doors open." Jet snapped , he tapped the com link, "Spike, Faye. Be warned, there is a team at the front gate."

The great metal doors slid open, and Jet guided the rusted hull into the dark crevasse. As her now silent thrusters cleared the entryway, Ed gave the command to close the doors


The Fat Panda

Not much of a name, but what would you call a bulk freight shuttle that had more armor and weapons then most Law Enforcement cruisers, more cargo room, and smuggler bins then most armored transports, and faster then anything not of the racer build. It was Ranma's one thing he had to remember his Father. A nod to the old man, in his life long hunt for the big score.

The shuttle cleared the hanger, then engaged its stealth field. For the five minute ride to the target, Ranma and Xain-Pu meditated while Mu-Su piloted the small ship.

Reaching the target, Ranma took the helm, while 'ducky' breached the main shuttle bay, disabled the heavy guns, and secured the airlock before the gang even knew they were under attack. As the strike team exited the shuttle, they met little in the way of resistance. They moved through the complex, subduing gang members in hand to hand combat, leaving them beaten, bound hand and foot, and gagged. When at last they came to the long hallway that led to the bosses office/quarters did they meet any real 0bsticles.

Four guys with shotguns behind a sealed door.

Ranma cloaked himself and Mu Su, while Xian Pu 'knocked' on the door.

"yeah? Who is it?" the voice was squeaky through the intercom, but if it was the intercom or the voice, Xian Pu did not know.

"Sexy Kitty, Kitty wants to play. You Play with Kitty? Nasty bad fun?" Xian Pu was playing the sex kitten a little two heavily.

The door irised open, and four quivering barrels were pointed at her. she walked in, strutting, knowing that she held the power...

the fat and sleazy pirate lord stroked his slimy bearded chin. he looked like a rotted cross between Genma and Happosai. he licked his lips, as his eyes were roving over her twenty something body...

"Kill her."

the two guys on the left went down, with cries of pain, as the two on the right, were suddenly bound with chains. Xian Pu was already moving, but still too slow, as the 'Rat' dropped into a hole that closed behind him.

Then there was a pop of an airlock blowing...

"Stud to Akane, chained the snake, but lost the Head. Watch the far side of the field for a runner." Ranma shook his head. "Rabbit burrow is clear, send in Cook." closing the comm channel, He turned to his team. "Good try. If you will drag the captives to the air lock, I will good greet Akane, and we can start loading everybody into the brig."

as the two 'Chinese' grumbled under their breath, they each grabbed a collar in each hand, and tromped into the tunnels.


things were not going his way.

first there was no decent loot these last few weeks, then there was that massive bounty on his head. And then to make matters worse, a walking sex toy shows up, and 'kills' his entire gang!!

he climbs from the chair-lift. good thing he had this 'back door' put in...

he was grabbed and hauled into a rusty barge by two shadowy persons, man -handled into a small cage, only to be mocked by a small dog and a child.

things were so not going his way.

an; sorry it was so choppy, but i need some help fleshing this out. any advise is welcome.